DGS 15 Recap: Oranyan, not Tsundere!

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 15 Recap & Selected Translations
by Arria Cross

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Ep. 15 Title: お、浩史、髪切った? 俺も俺も. (O, Hiroshi, kami kitta? Ore mo, ore mo. / Oh, Hiroshi. Did you cut your hair? Me too, me too.)

Credit: animelo.jp

Opening Talk

The 15th episode starts. Immediately they greet everyone, purposely sounding excited and happy because it’s the start of summer break. Then they talk about some of their unforgettable summer memories.

OnoD shares that he doesn’t really like summer breaks, so he just used to stay at home and did homework. Kamiya starts sharing a summer break memory, but OnoD interrupts him with his over-enthusiastic tone. But Kamiya ignores him and continues his story, saying that when he was a first year high school student, he was hospitalized for appendicitis the first day of summer vacation. He ended up staying a week in the hospital.

OnoD continues his weirdly excited comments, causing Kamiya’s own enthusiasm to drop drastically. As a result, there is an obvious disinterested atmosphere when they read the program script. Of course, it’s for comedic effect…I hope.

Episode Title

OnoD: O, Hiroshi, kami kitta? (Oh, Hiroshi. Did you cut your hair?)

Kamiya: Ahaha!!!

OnoD: Ore mo, ore mo. (Me too, me too.)

Kamiya: Ono-kun too, right?

Futsu Ota

Sent by Apricot, read by Kamiya.

Kamiya-san & Ono-san, good evening. I enjoy listening to you at this time every week. Now then, Ono-san’s first mini-album just released, didn’t it? I bought myself a copy. All I do is listen to these great songs repeatedly all the time. This may sound too early, but I’m expecting more serious song lyrics from Ono-san on his next CD.

OnoD & Staff: Ahahaha!!!
OnoD: Yeah, that sounds too early!

How about you write some songs for Ono-san too, Kamiya-san?

OnoD: Oooooh. That sounds good.
Kamiya: What sounds good?
OnoD: Speaking of which, this kind of talk really is too early.
Kamiya: No no. Not at all. What are you talking about?
OnoD: What do you mean?
Kamiya: You should keep on pumping CD’s when you still have the opportunity.
OnoD: Eh? Eeeeeh? Why? But it’s too early.
Kamiya: No, because you’ll gradually….
OnoD: Why do you speak like that?
Kamiya: I’m just saying that you must hurry, Ono-kun! You must work hard on pumping CD’s while you still can.
OnoD: You mean because I’m at the peak of my career right now?
Kamiya: I didn’t say that! I’m just saying that you should keep on releasing albums after albums and promote them on live events after live events because…well…you’re…at your peak right now…and all that’s left after that….
OnoD: Is for my career to come crashing down? That’s what you’re saying, right? You’re planning my doom too early!
Kamiya: AHAHAHA!!!!
OnoD: I won’t give up that easily. I’ll work harder and harder. I’ll do my best and advance my career more and more, like always.
Kamiya: That’s right.

Then OnoD talks about wanting to release more serious songs in the future, so he’ll think about it. He also addresses Apricot’s request of Kamiya writing a song for OnoD. Kamiya agrees immediately, surprising even OnoD. Then Kamiya passes the responsibility to Suwa Masaru, the show’s main program writer and the guy you usually hear laughing in the background with them. This prompts OnoD to comment how sadistic Kamiya is. But it seems that Kamiya is serious about collaborating with OnoD.

Kamiya begins brainstorming about what kind of song he will write for OnoD. He suggests writing about OnoD’s everyday life. He plans to interview MamaD and PapaD to gather information about OnoD’s personal life, especially his past trauma. Kamiya teases OnoD about revealing OnoD’s address.

Kamiya even has a potential song title or theme: “Boku wa itsumo koko ni imasu” (“I’m always here”). OnoD says that he likes the sound of it. Kamiya teases him again about revealing OnoD’s address, but of course OnoD protests, prompting Kamiya to joke about going directly to Mausu Promotion (OnoD’s talent agency then) to ask for the address.

Finally, OnoD officially requests Kamiya to write a song for him and Kamiya promises to write one for him.

Sent by Shiowari, read by Kamiya.

Kamiya-san & Ono-san, good evening. Ono-san keeps on calling Kamiya-san “tsundere”, but it seems that when talking about men, it should be “oranyan”. By the way, it comes from “ora ora” and “nyan nyan”. So I would like to hear Ono-san using oranyan from now on.

OnoD is so confused about “oranyan”. He doesn’t know what it means. Kamiya eventually attemps to explain it, saying that the “Ora” must have come from “Ora ora”, an expression you use to intimidate others while “Nyan” comes from a cat’s “nyan” which is cute and sweet. So in short, “oranyan” is when you act all tough and intimidating but are actually sweet and cute.

OnoD: That’s so kimochi-warui!
Kamiya: Kimochi-warui.
OnoD: Ahaha.
Kamiya: But she says that she wants you to use oranyan from now on.
OnoD: Don’t wanna! Like I’ll do something like that.
Kamiya: It’s not “don’t wanna”. You should be “No way! Don’t mess with me!”
OnoD: Don’t mess with me! Ora ora ora!
Kamiya: Kimochi-warui!!!

They talk about how kimochi-warui OnoD sounds while trying to act oranyan.

OnoD: So does this mean that I should stop calling Kamiya-san tsundere and call him oranyan instead?
Kamiya: I don’t like being called oranyan or tsundere. (in a cool voice) Stop placing those kinds of stereotypes on me.
OnoD: So cool!

OnoD calls Kamiya so cool, so handsome, but Kamiya says that the handsome one is OnoD. OnoD immediately accepts the compliment without any protest. He reveals an Ishida-san giving him the advice to just accept compliments gratefully and try not to deny them. He may be talking about fellow seiyuu Ishida Akira (石田 彰). Not sure. Maybe, but very likely as Ishida Akira used to belong to Mausu Promotion with Ono Daisuke.

Dear Girl Jouhou

On July 27 that year, OnoD’s chaku voice will be featured on the Animelo Seiyuu Pick-Up Corner. Then OnoD dramatically announces a then upcoming special “oranyan voice” by “idol seiyuu” Kamiya Hiroshi starting from August that year, complete with dramatic sound effects. Kamiya can’t help but laugh and clap at OnoD’s dramatic effort.

Kamiya: Ahahaha!!! That was so interesting. So interesting!! Ahahahaha!!!!

They announce that the photos taken during the Yukata Special Episode are still on the site (that time). Refer to Episode 13. Finally, OnoD promotes “Nostalgia” (ノスタルジア), a song included in his mini-album Hinemosu (ひねもす).

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Sylph Soudanshitsu

They feature the manga Aomidori o nomi-hosu (青緑を飲み干す) by Kari Sumako (雁須磨子).

Kari Sumako-sensei’s Nayami:
I absolutely lack concentration. I can’t even work on a manuscript for an hour straight. Is there any way to increase my concentration? By the way, I can play Puyo Puyo for 3 hours straight.

Puyo Puyo is a puzzle video game, sort of like Tetris but a bit more interactive.

Just a side note, I just noticed it but the way the two are reading Kari Sumako-sensei’s name, it turns out that it’s based on the word “Charisma”. The “-ko” (子) means “child”, so her name literally means “charisma child” or charismatic child. Cool.

OnoD: How about it? Do you have any tricks to improve concentration, Kamiya-san?
Kamiya: None. I can’t concentrate for too long.
OnoD: You can’t? You’re too quick to answer.
Kamiya: I just can’t.
OnoD: Even for just an hour?
Kamiya: Well, just speaking with Ono-kun is already too tiring.
OnoD: Uh, well, that’s about me so….
Kamiya: Ahaha!!
OnoD: I understand, I understand.
Kamiya: 30 minutes with you is already enough for me.
OnoD: I actually understand what you mean. Whenever I imagine spending time with another me, I would also think that I’m annoying.
Kamiya: Ahahaha!!!

OnoD takes an anime recording by seiyuu like them for example. On average according to him, a recording takes about 3-4 hours. Of course, they are given breaks but he thinks that during those moments, they are still capable of concentration. Then they talk about how they are still surprised by themselves, especially when they are given lines that they normally would never say in normal everyday life, but end up saying with gusto as characters. Kamiya then talks about how unlike mangaka, anime recording is not a one-person effort. There are a lot of seiyuu recording their different lines at the same time.

Then they talk about the information about Kari-sensei being unable to concentrate on her manuscript but being able to play Puyo Puyo for 3 hours straight. OnoD then has an epiphany: how about play Puyo Puyo while writing her manuscript?!

Kamiya then suddenly takes out a PSP and starts playing Puyo Puyo to test OnoD’s theory. Kamiya concludes that it can’t be done.

Kamiya: I know! How about work on her manuscript for 1 hour straight and then play Puyo Puyo for 3 hours?
OnoD: So she’ll do that cycle?
Kamiya: Yeah.

They conclude that this kind of cycle might make Kari-sensei tire of Puyo Puyo, so OnoD suggests another game for when that happens.

Dear Letter

Sent by Anemone, read by OnoD.

Dear, to the future me of March 2008,
Are you well? The me right now is, to be honest, very exhausted. The reason is, of course, the stress of deciding my future career path. No matter how I beg my parents to let me go to Tokyo, they won’t allow me. Of course, it’s sad to be separated from mother and father and suddenly living in a place where I have no friends or people I know makes me uneasy. But I still believe that Tokyo is where my future is. It’s shocking to say that I want to be a cameraman, isn’t it? I wonder if you, the me of March next year, will be able to say goodbye to mother and father and my friends with a smile on my face. You, the me in the future, should know, right? The me right now will do my best and work hard to make a firm decision, so I hope that you, the future me, will be a brighter person and someone who is optimistic about the future. Let’s both do our best!

The two agree that being a student is very stressful when it comes to deciding what kind of future career they want to pursue.

Ending Talk

Kamiya: Today’s episode is supposed to be a “Summer Break Special”, but I don’t see what’s so special about today.

So funny. Kamiya then says that it seems the show is deciding the episode is a special episode every week because it’s such a special show. So freaking funny. But of course, we all agree that DGS is special, don’t we?

They invite you to e-mail them at dgs@joqr.net

This episode is so enjoyable, as usual. I hope that you enjoyed this episode as much as I did.

And that’s it for the 15th episode of DGS.

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  1. Thank you for the translation as usual!
    Akira Ishida said that to OnoD – I’m surprised. Since we’re talking about the humble Ishida.
    I really miss him doing more animes. The Rakugo one was amazing with him and some others. But well, it’s not as if I don’t understand why he doesn’t want to do more animes.^^”
    By the way: Did you watch Natsume Yuujinchou – the new season? Apparently in the next episode, Ono Daisuke is going to voice a character (Aoi). So there goes another anime with Kamiya and Ono together : )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! And you’re very welcome. I enjoy doing these translations. I wish I could do more per week, but I have my limits.

      Hmmm. I’m not really sure if it was Ishida Akira OnoD was talking about. He just said Ishida-san, so I just took a guess. I may be wrong, but given that they were in the same talent agency, I think perhaps I got the correct Ishida. Not 100% sure, though.

      You mean the Natsume anime that is currently airing this season? I have not. I’m waiting for all of the eps to be released because I plan to marathon the whole season. I watched until Go, though. Oh my gosh. That’s so exciting! They will be together again! As they should be.


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