DGS 16 Recap: OnoD’s Excessive Armpit Sweat

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 16 Recap & Selected Translations
by Arria Cross

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Ep. 16 Title: 浩史さんへ, いつも応援してくれてありがとう! (Hiroshi-san e, itsumo ouen-shite kurete arigatou! / To Hiroshi-san, thank you for always supporting me!)

Credit: animelo.jp

Opening Talk

The 16th episode starts. They talk about the summer and how it’s almost over with the end of July. Then Kamiya comments about OnoD’s excessive armpit sweat. He reveals that OnoD’s armpits have been sweating profusely even before July started, calling it the “Waki-ase Jiken” (Armpit Sweat Incident). To his credit, OnoD doesn’t deny his excessive armpit sweating. However, he tries to defend himself saying that his armpit sweat is his own problem and has nothing to do with Kamiya. He also adds that his armpit sweat will be solved soon.

He shares that during a recent “Handshake Event” he attended in various places such as Osaka, Utsonomiya and Yokohama, some fans gave him presents. When he opened them, they contained armpit sweat pads. So funny! OnoD thanks his fans for giving him a very useful present.

Episode Title

OnoD: Hiroshi-san e, itsumo ouen-shite kurete arigatou! (To Hiroshi-san, thank you for always supporting me!)

Futsu Ota

There are clacking sounds and it seems that it’s Kamiya who’s making them. OnoD reveals that Kamiya is using the CDs of his mini-album to make the sound. OnoD tries to stop him, trying to protect his beloved CDs.

Kamiya: (slapping OnoD’s CDs)
OnoD: Oy! Oy, Hiroshi! Oy Hiroshi~
Kamiya: Guess what this sound is~
OnoD: Oy Hiroshi~! Don’t do that to my…to MY CDs!!! They’re going to break. They’re going to break!
Kamiya: The truth is, after last week’s episode recording, I bought his CD in front of him.
OnoD: True, true. You bought it using your phone. The stores ran out, so you had to order it, right?
Kamiya: Yeah, it’s because Ono-kun won’t give me a copy himself! Even just a sample.
OnoD: That’s true.

OnoD explains that his music publisher, Lantis, ran out of his CD. Meaning, his mini-album proved to be very popular that they already sold out. Kamiya insinuates in his tone that OnoD doesn’t think he’s important enough that OnoD didn’t even save a copy for Kamiya. Of course, OnoD denies this, saying that he’s surprised that his mini-album sold out so quickly. Kamiya, mischievous as always, starts making that clacking sounds again using OnoD’s CD.

OnoD: So which song did you like the best?
Kamiya: Huh? Uhm…
OnoD: You didn’t listen to them?!!
Kamiya: Uhm, I think my favourite one is the seventh track.
OnoD: It only has 6 tracks on it!!!
Both: Ahahaha!!!
OnoD: Ahahaha! Don’t mess around, you bastard.
Kamiya: I’m just kidding. Just kidding. The song that I like the best is “Shiawase na risu” (シアワセナリス).
OnoD: Thank you very much.

OnoD announces that he’s drinking cola and begins burping loudly, as Kamiya begins reading the first listener letter of the episode.

Sent by Higemossu, read by Kamiya.

Kamiyan—a cool alias—and OnoD, good evening!

Kamiya: Ah, Kamiyan, huh?… It sounds good.
OnoD: (burping)

It’s undoubtedly summer already, isn’t it? Speaking of summer, it’s the season of beaches and pools, but I feel like I didn’t really spend the past summers in these places the past years. By the way, I’m thinking of buying a new swimsuit this year. Do both of you have any particular swimsuits for females that you like the best? I’ll be using your suggestions as reference. LOL!

OnoD: Swimsuits, huh?
Kamiya: Yes, swimsuits.
OnoD: The excitement level just climbed up here, didn’t it?
Kamiya: It did.
OnoD: What kind of swimsuit do you like?
Kamiya: I wonder…. (clacking OnoD’s CD)
OnoD: Stop that! They’re going to break.
Kamiya: Hmmmm. (continues to play with OnoD’s CD)
OnoD: As for me, I still think that bikini is the best.
Kamiya: Yeah, bikini! What colour? 1..2! WHITE!

Oh my gosh. So funny! Both of them defend their choices.

Kamiya: White should be the best.
OnoD: Wait, wait. When it comes to bikini, shocking pink is better, don’t you think so?
Kamiya: And why is that?
OnoD: Because it’s such a flashy colour. A bright colour. Ah! But white is a bright colour, too.
Kamiya: White is absolutely the best.
OnoD: Is that so…
Kamiya: Pink is such a perverted colour…it feels like.
OnoD: Ahahaha! But that’s the point.

OnoD stands by his shocking pink preference, but admits that white bikini looks good, too. Then they suddenly talk about what colour of swimsuit men like them wear in order to be more popular with the ladies.

Kamiya: Is there any popular guys here? Any popular guys here in the studio? None? Ah, what a useless show this is.
OnoD: Then how about we conduct our own research about this matter? At the pool.
Kamiya: …I don’t wanna.
OnoD: Why not? You’ll see a lot of ladies wearing white bikini, you know.
Kamiya: Well, of course I want to see them but…
OnoD: Why don’t you want to? Let’s go!
Kamiya: Eeeeh…I’ll think about it first.
OnoD: Why do you suddenly sound so uninterested?
Kamiya: Well, because it’s embarrassing. I’m not going to admit to things like this.

Then OnoD suggests that the two of them wear fundoshi: shocking pink for OnoD and white for Kamiya. Fundoshi is the traditional Japanese loincloth for males. Kamiya doesn’t sound very interested, prompting OnoD to tell him to sound more excited.

Dear Girl Jouhou

OnoD’s chakushin voices are now available at the site’s Seiyuu Pick-Up Corner. Then they announce Kamiya’s upcoming chaku voices. They play some samples, including one with Kamiya sounding super cute with his adorable cat voice, complete with “Nya~”. So CUTE!!!

OnoD: So cute! That cat voice is so cute!

Mecha HiroC: Urusai! Kawaii-tte iuna!!! (Shut up! Don’t call me cute!!!)

OnoD: Ah, sorry.

Kamiya observes that this chaku voices are quite convenient. He says that even when he’s not around, OnoD can talk to Mecha HiroC instead. This prompts OnoD to ask Kamiya to still actually come to work.

Mecha HiroC’s chaku voices will be available for download and streaming August that year. Another exciting bonus is that fans have the chance to get Kamiya’s autograph through the site.

Animelo’s Scary Summer Special is open for scary true-story submissions. The winners will get autographs from their favourite seiyuu personalities, including the two from DGS.

OnoD promotes the song “Shiawase na Risu” (シアワセナリス) from his mini-album Hinemosu (ひねもす).

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Sylph Soudanshitsu

The feature the manga Level 4 (レベル4) by Mikabe Sesuna (岬下部せすな).

Mikabe Sesuna-sensei’s Nayami:
I’m worried about becoming fat because I’m just in my house drawing manga everyday. I’m thinking of starting some exercise. Please tell me which sports that the two of you are most fond of.

Kamiya observes that they have received another very mangaka-like problem today. The two of them do their best to try to come up with solutions to these mangaka’s nayami, but they admit that the only thing that they’re doing is just listening and not really solving anything. Kamiya adds that most of the mangaka they feature like Shouoto Aya-sensei submit very mangaka-like problems, and it’s only Hato who is the weird one among them, sending them a nayami letter about her nasal hair. Refer to Episode 8 for Okachimachi Hato-sensei’s Nayami letter about her growing nasal hair. Then they return to discuss Mikabe Sesuna-sensei’s nayami.

Kamiya: I did 3 years of karate from elementary to high school, although I took a break during middle school.
OnoD: Karate?!
Kamiya: Yeah.
OnoD: Oooh. That’s so cool.
Kamiya: I took the karate mentality of “I’m strong” until I was in my twenties. I was like, I’m not going to lose to others.
OnoD: That’s so cool! So awesome. So manly!
Kamiya: But today, I won’t even dare stand in front of any scary or strong-looking guys.

So funny! Then Kamiya talks about his favourite karate techniques and admired karate idols. OnoD then asks Kamiya about his most memorable karate fights. Kamiya says that there’s no way he would have something like that because he’s never been in real karate fights.

OnoD: As for me, I did soccer.
Kamiya: Oh! Soccer, huh.
OnoD: I played soccer from when I was in elementary. One of the students from my old soccer school is now a pro player for Gamba Osaka named Yamaguchi Satoshi (山口 智).
Kamiya: Eeeeh…
OnoD: He’s a defensive midfielder.
Kamiya: Eeeeeh…
OnoD: He was also chosen for the Japanese national team.
Kamiya: Eeeeeh?!!!
OnoD: He’s awesome, you know.

OnoD shares that he and Yamaguchi-senshuu used to play together when they were students. Kamiya was impressed and then suddenly, a dramatic background music plays, and Kamiya orders OnoD to demonstrate his soccer skills. It seems that he’s given a real soccer ball in the studio to play with.

Kamiya orders OnoD to do some soccer ball lift ups while he’s answering Mikabe-sensei’s nayami. The sound of bouncing ball can be heard in the background.

While playing with the ball, OnoD recommends bowling to Mikabe-sensei. Remember that he revealed that he plays bowling with fellow seiyuu Chiba Susumu (千葉進歩). Refer to Episode 8. However, OnoD says that he’s not really good at bowling and that it hurts his arm whenever he plays it.

Kamiya orders OnoD to think of a possible sports or exercise for Mikabe-sensei other than bowling. OnoD continues to play with the ball. Kamiya observes that OnoD isn’t really doing a good job with it and questions whether OnoD is telling the truth about his soccer experience. After a few more moments, Kamiya orders OnoD to sit down and speak properly to the microphone as they’re already running out of time for the corner. The dramatic background music continues.

Kamiya: How about trying Billy’s Bootcamp? What do you think, Mikabe Sesuna-sensei?
OnoD: (continues to play with the soccer ball)

Billy’s Bootcamp is a work-out program created by American fitness guru Billy Banks. The program became super popular in Japan in 2007.

Kamiya reminds OnoD to read his part of the script. OnoD is now out-of-breath. Kamiya questions OnoD’s soccer skills again.

1-Phrase Story

OnoD begins to read the corner’s intro but he runs out of breath, so he needed to start again, making Kamiya laugh. It seems that OnoD needed to drink some cola after playing with the soccer ball so much.

Sent by Yuki from Tokyo, read by Kamiya.

Jinjou ja nai yo, sono ryou…
(That’s not normal, you know. That kind of excessive amount…)

Both: Ahahaha!!!
Kamiya: There’s no doubt that Ono-kun’s armpit sweat is excessive.
OnoD: True. So my armpit sweat is the only example we can apply to this phrase?
Kamiya: What a timely coincidence.

Sent by Sakuraya, read by OnoD.

Ikioi makase ka!
(no exact English equivalent but the closest English counterpart would probably be “Like heck I’m going to leave it to chance!”, but more like “Like heck I’m going to entrust it to the power of the universe” or something like that.)

Ending Talk

OnoD complains that they haven’t really solved Mikabe Sesuna’s nayami. Kamiya disagrees, saying that he suggested Billy’s Bootcamp. OnoD protests that he worked so hard playing soccer, and it wasn’t even chosen as a solution to sensei’s nayami. So he suggests that they send the soccer ball to Mikabe-sensei so that she can do some lift ups as an exercise.

OnoD: She could do some lift ups while drawing manga.
Kamiya: If she could do that, that would be amazing. Perhaps if she could do lift ups while drawing, then she could be chosen as a representative for the Japanese national team!
OnoD: Like a pro!
Both: Ahahaha!!!

They invite you to e-mail them at dgs@joqr.net

This episode is so hilarious! It’s also amazing to hear about the connection between OnoD and soccer player Yamaguchi Satoshi-senshuu. They’re soccer schoolmates! It’s also awesome to hear about Kamiya’s karate experience. As always, these two are freaking funny. I love this show so much. I hope that you enjoyed this episode as much as I did. I surely enjoyed translating it into English for you.

And that’s it for the 16th episode of DGS.

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