DGS 17 Recap: Soba Toppings From Hell

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 17 Recap & Selected Translations
by Arria Cross

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Ep. 17 Title: 注目すんな!あんま見んな!再生すんな!ニコニコすんな! (Chuumoku sunna! Anma minna! Saisei sunna! Nikoniko sunna! / Don’t stare at me! Don’t look at me! Don’t record me! Don’t smile at me!)

Credit: animelo.jp

Opening Talk

The 17th episode starts. It’s the middle of summer and of course, Kamiya comments on OnoD’s excessive armpit sweat (again). OnoD agrees that his armpit sweat is troublesome because his T-shirts are always soaking wet. Kamiya says that since they talked about swimsuits last episode, they probably should talk about yukata in this episode.

OnoD teases that Kamiya has a very lewd expression on his face. Kamiya cutely denies it. OnoD asks which one is better: swimsuit or yukata? Without hesitation, Kamiya answers that swimsuit is better hands down.

Then they briefly talk about wearing yukata for the show. Refer to Episode 13 for the Yukata Special. Then Kamiya asks if OnoD has seen ladies wearing yukata for any events that summer. OnoD answers that he hasn’t seen them yet. Kamiya shares that he has already seen some, specifically when he went to a studio in Tsukishima for work. He saw some ladies wearing yukata, but they were drenching wet because it was raining so hard. They were huddled under an umbrella, but they still got wet. Kamiya says that they might have been attending some sort of summer event like fireworks. Hearing this, OnoD comments that seeing dripping wet ladies in yukata must’ve been a sight to behold.

Kamiya: What’s with this maniac talk?

OnoD attempts to defend himself.

Kamiya: Kimochi warui!

Episode Title

OnoD: Chuumoku sunna! Anma minna! Saisei sunna! Nikoniko sunna! (Don’t stare at me! Don’t look at me! Don’t record me! Don’t smile at me!)

Futsu Ota

Sent by Ayumi, read by Kamiya.

Kamiya-san & OnoD, good evening! I’m sure you already know this, but DGS has now surpassed one regular season of a show! Congratulations! I have an idea—it’s actually also a request—what do you think about making a CD for this show? I live in Hokkaido so the reception is quite bad whenever I listen to this show and I can’t hear you very well. I especially find it hard to hear OnoD’s voice. I’m anticipating that you will make a CD.

Kamiya: She says she can’t hear you, Ono-kun!
OnoD: Well, uhm…er. Our discussions in this show are usually so intense that I forget to check the clarity or the volume of my voice…and I tend to mutter so…this is very normal for me.
Kamiya: Speak clearly for Ayumi’s sake.
OnoD: For Ayumi? Hm. Let’s see. Uhm… (in a sexy but soft voice) Are you listening to me, Ayumi?
Kamiya: (chuckles) She just said that she can’t hear you. Why are you speaking softly?
OnoD: (more clearly) It’s me. It’s me, me.

Kamiya laughs at him. OnoD defends himself, saying that whenever he speaks on the phone or with his kouhai, he always uses the same tone. Kamiya reasons that since they’re at work for the show, OnoD has a responsibility to speak clearly and loudly for their listeners. OnoD tries to defend himself again, saying that if he changes the way he speaks, he won’t be himself anymore. He wants to show his true personality by speaking the way he normally speaks. Kamiya tries to correct him while slapping OnoD’s mini-album CD like he did during the last episode. Refer to Episode 16. Of course, OnoD stops him from breaking his beloved CD.

Then they talk about the possibility of doing a Talk CD for the show, suggesting the idea that “Megane” should plan and organize it. I’m assuming that the “Megane” is referring to Suwa Masaru, the show’s writer. He also wears glasses; thus, the “megane”. It seems that Suwa is open to the idea, even looks excited to do it.

They go further, saying that a drama CD and music albums are also possibilities. OnoD then says that a DGS manga should also be considered, something similar to Hato’s report manga of the show. Kamiya immediately complains that Hato appears too much in the show, with OnoD agreeing and saying that DGS has become Hato’s home. Kamiya adds that they’re scared of the possibility of making Hato angry at them. Then OnoD says that perhaps they start releasing merchandise at convenience stores like a DGS bento. Kamiya reveals that OnoD has already shared this idea before.

Kamiya: How about us writing manga?
OnoD: Ah! I see.
Kamiya: Even if the credit is just for the original story.
OnoD: “An original story by Kamiya Hiroshi”.
Kamiya: No no no. By the two of us.
OnoD: Ah, by the two of us?
Kamiya: Yeah.
OnoD: “An original story by Kamiya Hiroshi. Illustrated by Ono Daisuke.”
Suwa: Ahahaha!
Kamiya: Eh? Illustrator? You’re going to actually draw?
OnoD: Yeah.
Kamiya: That’s also fine.
OnoD: So it’s fine?
Kamiya: What do you mean “so it’s fine?” Are you serious? Why are you suddenly so pumped?
OnoD: Ahahaha!
Kamiya: That’s so kimochi-warui.

Then they talk about Suwa Masaru’s idea of a DGS manga story where Kamiya and OnoD stars as the double protagonists. Their characters are seiyuu detectives. Then Kamiya asks Suwa how much progress he has made in the story so far. They discover that there are already 16 pages. They are amazed, laughing and clapping by how motivated Suwa is in writing the DGS manga. OnoD comments that he only has an idea for half a page of a 4-panel manga, not even 1 page yet. As for Kamiya, he says that he’ll be alright because he’ll have a ghostwriter (Suwa). A ghostwriter will work on Kamiya’s credit for the original story, while OnoD says that he’ll work hard to actually draw. So funny.

Kamiya: So what else can we do?
OnoD: Hmmm. Something for Media Mix.
Kamiya: Yeah, something Media Mix-like. Maybe a public recording of the show? Or songs?
OnoD: An anime!
Kamiya: An anime?!!!
OnoD: Yes, yes.
Kamiya: What kind of anime?!!
OnoD: Well, uhm. Er. Something like…something like us as allies of justice against evil…sort of like Dirty Pair.

Dirty Pair (ダーティペア) is a sci-fi light novels, anime and manga series starring two sexy heroines known as the “Dirty Pair”.

Kamiya: No way! Like I’m going to do an anime like that!! What would our guests say when they learn about this kind of story?!! They’re going to be like, “what the hell are you two doing this kind of story?!”

So freaking funny! Kamiya insists that they should start with Drama CD first before they make an anime. He says that an anime will be harder for them to do at this point in time. He also says that perhaps they should stream the drama CD via the mobile website, and perhaps also make the manga available through it. He also adds that OnoD should sing Opening and Ending melodies for the show that they can play in every episode. OnoD protests, saying that Kamiya should also sing with him, but as usual Kamiya jokingly ignores him.

Kamiya: All of these ideas are because of Ayumi. Thank you very much, Ayumi! Are our voices reaching you? Especially Ono-kun’s voice, is it reaching you?
OnoD: (whispering) Ayumi…
Kamiya: We’ll gonna do lots of things in the show, you know!
OnoD: (still whispering) Thank you.

Dear Girl Jouhou

August that year, they’re going to have a “Moe Anime Special” intended for male audience. There’s going to be a Male Character Pick-Up Special.

There’s also going to be 4 new chaku voices in the Seiyuu Pick-Up Corner.

The Scary Summer Special is also still ongoing. Scary chaku voices and melodies are available for streaming. Submissions for the contest is also still ongoing. Winners will win autographs from their favourite seiyuu radio personalities, including from both Kamiya and OnoD from DGS. They reveal that they already did the autograph.

August that year, Kamiya is releasing a character song with fellow seiyuu Nabatame Hitomi (生天目 仁美) for the characters Inugami Tsurugi and Nanjou Misao respectively, titled “Nikukyuu Bojou” (肉球慕情). Kamiya complains that he only has this song for the summer. OnoD tries to make him feel better by saying it’s still awesome.

It’s not the best song, but Kamiya is as adorable as ever with his cat voice here and then, in addition to his singing voice.

Sylph Soudanshitu

They feature the manga Omamori no Kami-sama (おまもりのかみさま) by Kosugi Mayu (小杉繭).

Kosugi Mayu-sensei’s Nayami Story:
Thank you very much for helping out with my previous problem with my eating last time. Since you recommended shabu-shabu to me, I began eating more shabu-shabu and kimchi lately. By the way, it’s now summer so it’s kind of hard to eat foods like nabe. I like eating udon and soba. What do you recommend for the toppings? I always ask you about food, don’t I? /Sweats/

Kamiya: By “sweats”, she means armpit sweat, right?
OnoD: That’s not it.
Kamiya: Aaaah.
OnoD: Poor her. Don’t lump her with me.

So funny! Kamiya agrees that all Kosugi-sensei asks are about food. Refer to Episode 5 for Kosugi-sensei’s previous nayami story about food where Kamiya reveals his standing shabu-shabu practice. Kamiya is glad that it seems that Kosugi-sensei has followed his suggestions for standing shabu-shabu. The two also agree that since it’s summer, eating hot soups like nabe can be quite difficult.

Kamiya then quickly “recommends” topping for pasta-like foods like udon and soba which according to him are spaghetti-like. So he recommends things like meat sauce with any deep-fried food. He was going to finish answering the nayami letter when OnoD interrupts him, revealing that in front of them, there are various ingredients laid out. Kamiya says that he has a bad feeling about it and he’s feeling irritated at their writer, Suwa Masaru, for forcing these ridiculous tasks to them. OnoD says that the two of them are supposed to test out these ingredients themselves to determine which ones are the best toppings for soba. Kamiya clearly doesn’t want to do it, but they have to since it’s work and since they’re men and it’s the “manly” thing to do.

The first one they try are quail eggs. You can hear them slurping loudly.

OnoD: Yum!
Kamiya: It’s delicious, as expected.
OnoD: (slurping loudly)

Then OnoD suggests that the two of them play janken (rock, paper, scissors) to determine which ingredient to eat. The loser will eat the ingredient which the winner chooses. Kamiya loses the first round.

Kamiya: But before anything else, let everyone know what ingredients are in front of us.
OnoD: We have yogourt, kimchi, cafe au lait, something that looks like jelly, honey-black vinegar diet, vegetable juice, all sorts of dressings, umeboshi, watermelon, and Jagariko potato snack.
Kamiya: (in uproar) This show’s staff are always messing with us, aren’t they?! What are they doing buying all of these crap?!! Why would you go and buy these at the convenience store?!!! Are you in elementary?!!!!
OnoD: Alright, alright. Kamiya-san, please eat the yogourt with the soba~
Kamiya: Eeeeeeh. Why so sudden?!
OnoD: Please go ahead.
Kamiya: Eeeh. How do I eat this? Do I dump it on the soba? Or do I dump the soba on it? Aah. Hoooow?!! Why?!!!
OnoD: Wait, they just dumped the soba on the yogourt! The topping’s not the yogourt anymore but it’s the soba which is the topping! Go ahead. Hurry up and eat!

Kamiya does his best to prolong the moment of not eating, but OnoD persists.

Kamiya: Maybe I won’t come to work next week. (eats)
OnoD: Ahahaha!!!
Kamiya: (whines) ….It’s surprisingly good.
OnoD: Really?
Kamiya: (coughs) Why don’t you try it, too? (coughs)
OnoD: Ok. (slurps and coughs) Liar! Don’t lie!

Oh my gosh. So funny! They do another one of the weird toppings.

Kamiya: Since it’s summer, why don’t we try watermelon?
OnoD: Watermelon? I love watermelons.
Kamiya: (getting the watermelons)
OnoD: Please don’t crush them. Please don’t crush them.
Kamiya: But I have to or they’ll be too hard to eat.

They try eating it as a soba topping, and OnoD says that the scent of watermelon is so strong, but it looks like a tomato salad in appearance. Kamiya says that it doesn’t taste that bad, but OnoD says that the taste of watermelon and soba don’t go well together. Then OnoD tries to make Kamiya eat cafe au lait with soba.

Ending Talk

Kamiya makes OnoD try the Honey-black Vinegar diet with soba. OnoD opens it and makes a gagging sound because of the strong smell, but he relents and eats it with the soba. You can hear Suwa laughing in the background. Suwa’s so EVIIIL~

They invite you to email them at dgs@joqr.net

I’m laughing so hard in this episode. It’s so much fun translating. I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did.

And that’s it for the 17th episode of DGS.

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