DGS 19 Recap: Introducing Nounai Maker!

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 19 Recap & Selected Translations
by Arria Cross

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Ep. 19 Title: あ…お帰り! (A…Okaeri! / Ah, welcome back!)

Credit: animelo.jp

Opening Talk

The 19th episode starts. At first, we only hear OnoD and Mecha HiroC.

Mecha HiroC: Thank you for all the things you’ve done for me. I’m back.
OnoD: Ahahaha! Welcome BACK! Ahaha!

OnoD continues playing Mecha HiroC. So funny.

Mecha HiroC: I’m sorry for making you worry.
OnoD: What are you saying, HiroC? Ahaha! Hosting with Sugita-kun last week was difficult. Somehow, I now completely understand HiroC’s burdens.
Mecha HiroC: I would never have thought that you care about me so much. I’m so happy, you know. Thanks.
OnoD: Ahaha. Really, HiroC. You’re so cute! Mecha HiroC, you’re so cute!
Mecha HiroC: Shut up! Don’t call me cute!
OnoD: Ahaha! You’re really cute when you say “Don’t call me cute”.
Mecha HiroC: Shut up! Don’t call me cute!
OnoD: But that’s what’s so cute about you.
Real HiroC: Good evening, this is Kamiya Hiroshi.

HiroC is all business, praising everyone for working hard during his absence the last episode and saying that he had a cold, while OnoD continues playing Mecha HiroC over and over again in the background. So funny! And I’m so happy that HiroC’s back.

Episode Title

OnoD: A…Okaeri! (Ah, welcome back!)

HiroC: A, tadaima. (Ah, I’m back.)
Both: AHAHAHA!!!

Futsu Ota

OnoD dramatically notices that HiroC is back. HiroC explains that he was sick and jokingly coughs aloud to make the point, making OnoD protest not to cough at him and infect him.

It’s so cute when HiroC sounds like he’s sulking as he talks about Sugita Tomokazu filling in for him during the last episode. He says that OnoD sounds like he enjoyed himself more with Sugita than when he’s hosting with HiroC, so perhaps it’s better if HiroC takes another absence the next week and let Sugita fill in for him again.

HiroC: Isn’t it better for this show to be called “Ono Daisuke and Sugita Tomokazu’s Dear Girl ~Stories~” instead?
OnoD: Ohaha! Don’t get mad!
HiroC: Ahahaha!
OnoD: Don’t act like that. This show is “Kamiya Hiroshi and Ono Daisuke’s Dear Girl ~Stories~”!
HiroC: That’s right.

Aaaaw. OnoD’s so sweet! OnoD tells HiroC that the show went on normally last episode, exceeding his expectations. HiroC says that if the show runs smoothly without him, perhaps it’s better for him to leave and for them to ask Sugita to replace him for good.

OnoD: Can I say something frank?
HiroC: Sure. What is it?
OnoD: I’m very sorry!
HiroC: What for?
OnoD: I now completely understand Kamiya-san’s feelings.
OnoD: Dealing with someone who’s acting so foolish, I almost lost my temper many times.
HiroC: AHAHAHA!!! See, now you know.

OnoD explains what happened with him and Sugita during the last episode. He tells HiroC that when asked very normal questions, Sugita would provide over-the-top, non-serious answers that really challenged OnoD’s patience. It’s like HiroC dealing with OnoD, that’s why he’s saying the he now knows what HiroC must be feeling whenever they host the show together.

HiroC: At least something good resulted from my absence.
OnoD: And, uhm, you know…Sugita-kun was saying that, er, he wants to…uhm, guest again here next week.
HiroC: …what? He wants to guest here again next week?
OnoD: Yeah.
HiroC: Eeeeeeh! Well then. I’ll just be absent again next week.
OnoD: No way.

OnoD tells HiroC that he must come to work next episode when Sugita guests again because Kamiya Hiroshi is someone Sugita respects greatly. HiroC plays Mecha OnoD, teasing him. So funny! HiroC is so adorable acting all jealous of Sugita. Ehehe.

Finally, they read a listener letter.

Sent by Yuika, read by HiroC.

Kamiya-san and OnoD-san, good evening! This is sudden but do you know about the recent craze called “Nounai Maker”? I entered both of your names. As for the results…please check them out yourselves!

Suwa: AHAHAHA!!!
OnoD: What’s with that?

I’m sure that seeing the results with your own eyes would be super fun!

HiroC: Do you know about this Nounai Maker?
OnoD: Yeah. I actually already used it before.
HiroC: Really? Then….
OnoD: I already know my own results.
HiroC: Ah, same here. I also know my own results.

Then HiroC announces that the print-outs for their results are in front of them.

Nounai Maker is a Japanese online generator where you enter a name and then it tells you what that person is thinking most of the time. It’s super fun! If you’re able to read Nihongo, then I recommend that you try it for yourself here. It’s super fun!

First up is HiroC’s Nounai Maker results.

Inside Kamiya Hiroshi’s Head
悩 (nayami) – worries
食 (shoku) – food
嘘 (uso) – lies
H (ecchi) – perverted stuff

HiroC: It turns out that my mind is only made up of 4 things. I’m too shallow, apparently. Humans are too shallow.
OnoD: Yours are all related to desire, aren’t they?
HiroC: Desire? Worries, lies, ecchi. Well, it turns out I’m just a shallow human being. How about you?
OnoD: Well, mine is a bit similar to yours.

Inside Ono Daisuke’s Head
酒 (sake) – alcohol
嘘 (uso) – lies
H (ecchi) – perverted stuff
愛 (ai) – love

OnoD: Mine says sake…
HiroC: Sake?
OnoD: …and then uso, ecchi…
HiroC: Ah, yeah. We’re similar.
OnoD: …and ai.
HiroC: Ai?! Your last one is love?!!

Afterwards, HiroC says that in addition to the regular Nounai Maker, there’s also a compatibility Nounai Maker where you can enter at least two names to find out what kind of images these two people have for each other.

*Note: Unfortunately, this feature is not available anymore at the nounai maker website so I can’t give you the link. I know, right? 😦

Kamiya Hiroshi x Ono Daisuke Compatibility

1. Kamiya Hiroshi’s Mental Image of Ono Daisuke
思 (omou) – think

HiroC: It’s omou…100%.
OnoD: Oy! Ahahaha! Eh?! So you’re always thinking about me?
HiroC: I know, right? I wonder why. This is pretty rare, don’t you think so?
OnoD: Yeah.

2. Ono Daisuke’s Mental Image of Kamiya Hiroshi
A bit lower than 50% 思 (omou) – think
A bit higher than 50% 欲 (yoku) – desire

HiroC: What the hell does this mean?! What the hell?!!
OnoD: Desire…Your results say that Kamiya-san thinks about me 100%, while I think about you only 50% of the time and the other half says I desire you. Ahaha!
HiroC: Yeah, it says you desire me.
OnoD: Ahahaha!
HiroC: What the hell does this mean?!
OnoD: I wonder what kind of desire it is. For money?
HiroC: I wonder if it’s for money.
OnoD: I wonder if it’s me desiring Kamiya-san’s small change of coins. Ahaha!
HiroC: Hey! I have quite the small change, you know!
OnoD: Ahaha!! Well, I’m always desiring your small change.

Next, they enter last episode’s guest storyteller Sugita Tomokazu (杉田智和) into the Nounai Maker.

Inside Sugita Tomokazu’s Head
悩 (nayami) – worries
悪 (aku) – evil

HiroC: So Sugita-kun’s results are…a bit lower than 50%, nayami. Well, that’s pretty normal since all people have worries.
OnoD: Uh-huh.
HiroC: And then, a little bit higher than 50%, it says EVIL.

I’m crying and laughing at the same time. This is too funny. Then they do the compatibility nounai maker.

Ono Daisuke x Sugita Tomokazu Compatibility

1. Sugita Tomokazu’s Mental Image of Ono Daisuke
思 (omou) – think

OnoD: Ooooh.
HiroC: There are many people thinking about you, Ono-kun.
OnoD: Thank you very much!

2. Ono Daisuke’s Mental Image of Sugita Tomokazu
好 (suki) – like
嫌 (kirai) – hate

HiroC: Your first mental image of him is suki.
OnoD: Eeeeeh. Ah, it’s the character of (joshi) 女子 as in (suki) 好?
HiroC: Yes.
OnoD: Ooooh. Eeeeh. I wonder why.
HiroC: And then, the other half is…kirai.
OnoD: That’s like I have an “otomegokoro” (maiden heart).
HiroC: What the heck’s with you two?! This is so embarrassing.

I’m laughing so hard. Aaaah. This is too funny!

Kamiya Hiroshi x Sugita Tomokazu Compatibility

1. Kamiya Hiroshi’s Mental Image of Sugita Tomokazu
愛 (ai) – love
H (ecchi) – perverted stuff

OnoD: Oh! Ahahaha! This is awesome. I wonder how should I go about this. Let’s start with Kamiya-san. It’s 50-50. 50% is love.
HiroC: Love?
OnoD: Yes, love. This is good. A senpai’s love for his kouhai. The other half is…ECCHI!
HiroC: Aaah, is that so? So it’s like that, huh. BAKA!!!

2. Sugita Tomokazu’s Mental Image of Kamiya Hiroshi
About 80% 友 (tomo) – friend
About 10% 好 (suki) – like
About 10% 敵 (teki) – enemy

OnoD: About 70-80% is tomo.
HiroC: Ah, tomo?
OnoD: Yes, as in friend. And then…ehehehe! Uhmmm, next about 10% is suki.
HiroC: Ah, as in like.
OnoD: And the last 10% is ENEMY.
HiroC: That’s so like Sugita-kun!
OnoD: So he’s like, Tomo Tomo Tomo Tomo Tomo Tomo! Suki Suki, Teki Teki!
HiroC: Ahahaha! He has quite a lot of thoughts about me.
OnoD: Yeah. While you only have two: love and ecchi.
HiroC: Although I’m giving him my love and my body, it seems I’m an enemy to him.

They invite you to try out the Nounai Maker. I tried it myself. Here are the results. It seems that depending on how I type my name, it gives me different results.

1. Arria Cross
About 50% 食 (shoku) – food
About 40% H (ecchi) – perverted stuff
About 10% 休 (yasumu) – rest

Well, this is so me. I think about food a LOT. As for ecchi, hmmm…maybe? I do like BL manga, so perhaps that counts? As for rest, I think it should be a larger percentage than 10% since I like to take a break whenever I have the chance.

2. arria cross (all lower case)
About 99% 友 (tomo) – friend
About 1% 嘘 (uso) – lies

I just changed my name to all lower case and the results changed completely. It seems that I think about my friends 99% of the time while I only think about lies 1%. I don’t think this is very accurate, but I’m quite happy with the results. Maybe.

3. ARRIA CROSS (all upper case)
友 (tomo) – friend

When I enter my name in all upper case, I apparently think of my friends 100% of the time. Now this is super inaccurate. It’s a nice result, though. Sorry, friends. I don’t really think about you ALL the time. Only sometimes. Don’t worry, though. I still love you!

4. アリアクロス
About 20% 食 (shoku) – food
About 80% 悩 (nayami) – worries

Now when I enter my name in katakana, the results change again. I must admit that this may be accurate, too, but…oh well. Ahahah! But if I admit about this, it seems that I’m a walking stomach. The most interesting thing is that food surrounds my worries. So does this mean that I’m protecting myself from worries with food? Like stress eating? Now THAT’S accurate. I often eat a lot when I’m stressed, although when I’m SUPER stressed, I end up not eating at all. Hmmm. Something to think about.

5. アリア・クロス
About 80% 愛 (ai) – love
About 10% H (ecchi) – perverted stuff
About 10% 秘 (himitsu) – secret

Finally, I enter my name another way…still in katakana but separating my first and last name. Hmmmm. I think this is my favourite result so far. I won’t say that it’s the most accurate, but it’s still accurate in a way. Again, it’s interesting that ecchi and secret are surrounding love. So does this mean that I’m hiding my love with pervertedness and secrecy? AHAHAHA!!!

So you see, depending on how you write your name, you’ll get different results. Try it. It’s super fun! You can enter the names of your friends, pets, family members, or whatever name you want. Once again, if you can read Nihongo, I highly encourage you to try Nounai Maker here.

Anyway, my apologies for the long digression. Now let’s return to this episode’s recap. Here we go.

Dear Girl Jouhou

HiroC’s new chaku voices will be available August that year at the Seiyuu Pick-up Corner on the website. HiroC plays Mecha OnoD, teasing him.  HiroC will be doing a cat chaku voice that is guaranteed to be cute, while HiroC continues to mess around with Mecha OnoD.

Animelo Uta Corner is up for a site renewal into a new corner where they will feature and stream anime seiyuu artists’s CM movies. It will be called Animelo Movie. A CM of OnoD’s first mini-album Hinemosu (ひねもす) will be available there.

*The links below are affiliate links. Read Disclosure Policy to learn how Fujinsei uses affiliate links. Thank you.






Animelo’s Scary Summer Special is still ongoing where scary chaku voices by your favourite radio seiyuu personalities will be streamed. They’re also still accepting submissions for scary summer stories.

Finally they play HiroC’s character song which will be released August that year. It’s for the character Tatara Phoron titled “Way to Go”. The vocals is not the best, but the song is quite good.

Sylph Soudanshitsu

They feature the manga Lilia and Treize (リリアとトレイズ) by Haruse Hiroki (晴瀬ひろき).

Haruse-sensei was featured before in the show where he shared that he’s been frequently mistaken as female even though he’s male just because his work is serialized in a girls’ comics. Refer to Episode 6.

Haruse Hiroki-sensei’s Nayami Story:
Kamiya-san and Ono-san, good evening. Thank you for such a wonderful discussion last time. For this time, it’s now summer and to cool down, I like eating tomatoes with sugar at home, but my friend tells me, “You’re unbelievable! You shouldn’t be doing that!” So what I do is not normal? What do the two of you think? If you haven’t tried it yet, how about try eating it?

Of course, as usual, tomatoes and sugar are placed in front of them to try. Against their expectations, they say sugared tomatoes taste delicious. It seems that all of them, including the staff, tried them. They like it!

HiroC: Haruse-sensei, this works!

Dear Letter

Sent by Suzuka, read by HiroC.

Dear my precious mother,
I’m sorry for always worrying you. I have already said “thank you” to you before but since I feel embarrassed, I don’t always say it. I was so surprised that I cried when you got ill five years ago, but you warmly embraced me into your arms to make me feel better. I still remember that moment. I look forward the most to the day that you’re completely recovered and I can finally tell you “thank you”. Until that day comes, please wait.

So heartwarming. HiroC & OnoD think so, too.

Ending Talk

They promote Animelo Summer Live 2007 at Nippon Budokan. Three DVD’s will cover the entire event. HiroC shares that he participated in the event and agrees that it needed three DVD’s to cover the entire event.

The DVD for the Animelo Summer Live 2007 is now out of print and I think you can only buy them second-hand or from specialty stores. But the theme song of the event titled “Generation-A” can still be bought from CDJapan.

*The links below are affiliate links. Read Disclosure Policy to learn how Fujinsei uses affiliate links. Thank you.


Animelo Summer Live 2007 Theme Song: Generation-A [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]


You can watch the MV for “Generation-A” sung by various artists here. It’s quite good.

Then HiroC reads the show’s title, forgetting OnoD’s name, so it’s Kamiya Hiroshi’s Dear Girl ~Stories~ instead. OnoD protests, of course. So funny. OnoD says that he can’t read because of the tears in his eyes, so HiroC reads his part as well.

Once again, HiroC jokes about taking an absence next episode because Sugita is coming again to guest. OnoD cutely tells him to come to work.

They invite you to e-mail them at dgs@joqr.net

This episode is super fun. Very interactive especially with the Nounai Maker. Don’t forget to try it, alright? This episode definitely makes my personal favourite episodes list. I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did.

And that’s it for the 19th episode of DGS.

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  1. Haha, I really loved how OnoD played with Mecha HiroC at the beginning. I thought it was funny, when the real HiroC played with Mecha OnoD: “Do you want to date?” and HiroC was all like: “With Sugita?” Real OnoD was so surprised.
    Mecha OnoD: “I wish…” HiroC: “You wish, huh??”
    Real OnoD immediately protested and said that the voice shouldn’t be used for evil things like these! So funny!
    And the results for Sugita sounded so much like him!
    Hm… When I write my name in Katakana, I got a little bit of “Food”, almost 80% desire lol and a bit of doubt.
    In Hiragana; 100 % worries lol Since I don’t know how to write in Kanji, can’t really compare that.
    Your result is so different and funny

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, right? They’re always so funny. They’re even funnier together.
      Sugita is so adorable. He’s hilarious. What name did you enter into the maker? Is it kanahagino?
      Your results are funny, too. 100% worries. Ehehe. And the other one, 80% desire. I’m laughing.


      1. Sugita is hilarous, I don’t think he’s adorable though. I personally think character-wise, Nakamura is more adorable 🙂
        No, tbh I typed in my real name – to see if it makes sense somehow!
        I was already wondering about Ono’s desire. They were talking about desire for money. Desire can really mean so many things! lol I wonder what it is for me…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I think both are adorable, but I agree that Nakamura is more adorable. He’s also more charismatic whereas Sugita has that awkward feel around him. But both of them are great. Sugita is a little bit more unfiltered when speaking his mind, though. Nakamura is a bit more careful.

        So what did you get for your Nounai result? Did it get you right?

        Ahaha! I was thinking the same thing. They ignored sexual desire or other kinds of desire. So funny.


  2. I just did the maker thing. With my nickname, I got about 40% secrets, 40% worries, and 10% money. With my name = 100% evil. Maybe that’s why I go by my nickname, otherwise I’ll just spend the day plotting to take over the world or something?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahaha! Oh my gosh. That’s awesome. 100% evil? Ahaha! That’s so funny, my tummy hurts. Oh my gosh. That’s funnier that Ono, Kamiya and Sugita’s results. This Nounai Maker is so much fun, isn’t it?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahahaha! You can’t hide anything from the Nounai Maker. I’m sad that it seems the compatibility maker was discontinued. It was still working a few years ago when I checked. Sigh. It would be more fun if we could play with it, too.

        Liked by 1 person

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