Order Kikan S July 2017 Magazine Issue Featuring Yuri on Ice in Midsummer Night’s Dream!

Hello, fellow Icers. I bring you good tidings today. I’m sure some of you have already seen this floating on the web, especially on Twitter and on your favourite aniblogs. When I first saw this on Twitter, it put a big smile on my face and set a bright mood for the entire day. Insert shameless self-promotion: follow me on Twitter @ArriaCross. ūüėČ As you can see below,¬†Yuri!!! on ICE¬†is featured in the illustration magazine¬†Kikan S¬†for their July 2017 issue ala Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Order Kikan S July 2017 Issue Featuring Yuri on Ice NOW!!!

Kikan S July 2017 Issue [Cover & bonus] Yuri on Ice!!! [Feature] Boy’s Blue
Release Date: June 15, 2017


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Long-haired Victor is back! Gorgeous! Of course, short-haired Victor is still as handsome as ever. Did you see cutey-patootie Yuuri and Yurio? Oh my gosh. Especially Yurio! So ADORABLE!!! Baby boy!

The magazine is written in Japanese language, but I think that even if you can’t read Nihongo, I think that this is worth purchasing because of the (I’m sure) beautiful art illustrations inside of fairy Victor, Yuuri and Yurio.

It has been available for order since June 15, so what are you waiting for? Order your copy now!!!

That’s all for today, fellow Icers. Have a beautiful day. Cheers!

/Wild Arria fled/

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