DGS 21 Recap: Eco-Friendly DGS Against Global Warming?

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 21 Recap & Selected Translations
by Arria Cross

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Ep. 21 Title: 夏って…センチメンタルな気分になるよね (Natsu-tte…senchimentaru ni naru yo ne / Summer makes you feel sentimental, doesn’t it?)

Credit: animelo.jp

Opening Talk

The 21st episode starts. September begins. HiroC and OnoD talk about how the next day is the last day of summer vacation for students before they return to school. HiroC asks how was OnoD’s summer. At first, OnoD whispers that he didn’t do anything particularly memorable, but after a few seconds, he shares that he bought another yukata in addition to the one he used during the show’s Yukata Special July that year. Refer to Episode 13. He wore it for another show. OnoD shares another, saying that he watched a fireworks competition at Tokyo Bay. He comments that Black Snake fireworks are very smoky.

OnoD asks HiroC about his summer, but HiroC says that the season was “No Summer” for him because he got sick with a cold. He didn’t enjoy the summer at all, even though he usually loves the summer season.

Then in their seductive seiyuu voices:

HiroC: If you, our listener, had a great summer—
OnoD: —then the two of us would feel happy as well.
Both: This is DEAR GIRL ~STORIES~.

Ah, my heart. This two are adorably sinful, as always.

Episode Title

OnoD: Natsu-tte…senchimentaru ni naru yo ne (Summer makes you feel sentimental, doesn’t it?)

Free Talk

HiroC scolds OnoD for drinking canned cola while they’re in the middle of work. OnoD tries to defend himself, saying that he won’t burp while on air. Then he accuses HiroC of dropping the can because when OnoD opened it, it exploded and now the cola isn’t fizzing anymore. HiroC asks OnoD not to burp aloud on air. OnoD shares the he received a fan letter telling him, “Please don’t burp anymore.” So funny!

HiroC feels like it’s still August when it’s already September. He announces the DGS manga idea they previously talked about during the past episodes. It seems that there are a lot of people asking whether it’s really going to materialize. In Episode 17, they joke about how HiroC is going to write the original story while OnoD will draw it. In that episode, they reveal that Suwa Masaru has already written about 16 pages when they thought the plan was for a 4-panel manga.

HiroC announces that it seems that it’s going to really happen, and the two of them were ordered to demonstrate whether they are good at drawing. Remember in Episode 17 when OnoD bragged that he’d personally draw the DGS manga. Each of them had to draw each other’s likeness before recording. HiroC’s up first.

HiroC: Jajang! So this is my portrait of Ono-kun’s likeness.
OnoD: Ahaha! Ahahaha! That’s terrible!
HiroC: Terrible?!
OnoD: That doesn’t look like me…
HiroC: It looks good, doesn’t it?
OnoD: You’re treating yourself like an original. Ahaha!
HiroC: But I really think that it’s quite good…this kind of art style.
OnoD: That’s not portrait art all! More like a satirical one making fun of me. Ahaha! Rather than saying it’s good…
HiroC: Well, I think anyone will recognize it’s Ono-kun as soon as they see it.
OnoD: It’s a different kind of good. Rather than saying it’s good, it’s more like “it’s interesting”.
HiroC: No, no, no. This is very Ono-kun. I even used the characters “Ono” in the expression.
OnoD: …hmmm…well, maybe this might be interesting in a 4-panel manga.
HiroC: I know, right? It’s super easy to understand.

Next is OnoD’s portrait of HiroC.

HiroC: Why did you draw 3 pictures?!!
OnoD: I drew 3 pictures of you.
HiroC: Then show me the one that you’re most confident in.
OnoD: The one I’m most confident in?
HiroC: I mean the one that makes you say, “This is “the one”.
OnoD: Ah! It’s..ehehe…THIS.
HiroC: Ahahaha!
OnoD: This one’s good, right?
HiroC: Well…
OnoD: I’m super confident about this one.
HiroC: So you’re confident, huh? Unfortunately, even if you think that way…guys, why don’t you take a look at it? It’s comedic.
OnoD: Comedic? Why?
HiroC: It’s…it’s like Shi-shi–
OnoD: Huh? Hm?
HiroC: It looks like something Shibata Ami-sensei would draw.
OnoD: So I’m violating a copyrighted work?
HiroC: Yeah. This is like something that would appear in one of her copyrighted works.
OnoD: But the hair style matches you, doesn’t it?
HiroC: Yeah, the hair style matches, but everything else looks like how Shibata-sensei would draw a dog.
Both: Ahahaha!!! Ahahaha!!!
OnoD: Then this is no good.
HiroC: No good at all. Show me the next one.

Shibata Ami (柴田 亜美) is a mangaka. OnoD shows his next drawing of HiroC.

HiroC: That—it looks like “Nantoka Ball” is written on it. (“Something Ball”, hinting that Dragon Ball is written on it without expressly saying the series name)
Both: Ahahaha!
OnoD: But you like this series, don’t you?
HiroC: Yeah.
OnoD: HiroC, you like it, don’t you?
HiroC: It’s “Nanigon Ball”, isn’t it? (Something -gon Ball)
OnoD: What Nanigon Ball was it again?
HiroC: Nanigon Ball!
OnoD: Nanigon Ball Z, was it? Or Nanigon Ball GT? This portrait of you is properly transforming into Something-yan jin. (Super Saiyajin or Super Saiyan).
HiroC: That looks like something Nani-yama Akira-sensei would draw. (Something -yama Akira; Toriyama Akira, the creator of Dragon Ball manga series)
OnoD: So this is another copyrighted work?
HiroC: That’s no good.
OnoD: No good again.

OnoD shows his final drawing of HiroC, which he says is the one that he drew the most seriously.

HiroC: So that’s the portrait of me that you drew when you’re serious? Ah, that’s so kimochi warui!!! So KIMOCHI WARUI!!!
OnoD: So this is it.
HiroC: I don’t look like that at all!
OnoD: Now see here..uhm, er…I know that it looks a little kimochi warui…
Both: Ahahaha!!!
OnoD: But this is for a 4-panel manga, you know!
HiroC: So you thought that it’s okay for you to draw that kind of crap when it’s for a 4-panel manga?
OnoD: Yeah! Ahaha!
HiroC: I don’t understand where your confidence is coming from.
OnoD: Please use this character drawing.
HiroC: In Sylph Comics? Kimochi warui!

To prove his point, HiroC grabs the latest copy of Sylph Comics. He opens it and puts OnoD’s last drawing comparing it against the pretty art of the manga Lilia and Treize (リリアとトレイズ / Riria to Toreizu) by Haruse Hiroki (晴瀬ひろき). HiroC exclaims in disgust that OnoD’s last drawing is too kimochi warui and totally unacceptable in a publication like Sylph Comics.

HiroC: This drawing is a curse!
OnoD: A curse?
HiroC: A curse, I’m telling you. Just now, our very own Suwa-san just said something good.
OnoD: Hm?
HiroC: He said that this looks like the tarot card that you would avoid drawing at all costs.
Both: AHAHAHA!!!

OnoD asks HiroC which of the 3 he liked the most. So funny! HiroC announces that the drawings would be available for viewing at the website for a short period of time, but warns that viewing the last one might put a curse on a person.

Seeing their lack of artistic talents, OnoD suggests that they should just commission a proper mangaka to draw the manga for them. They would think of the original story and ask a pro to draw it for them. HiroC teases OnoD of feeling overconfident again by saying that they’ll be in charge of the original story.

HiroC: For example, what kind of story would you think of?
OnoD: This is for a 4-panel manga, right?
HiroC: Yes.
OnoD: So “ki-sho-ten-ketsu”.
HiroC: Yes.
OnoD: Ki. For ki, a guy enters the shower.
HiroC: Ok.
OnoD: What a quick development. Uhm. For sho…yeah…I wonder what should be next…
HiroC: You’re taking too long! Do it over, or I’ll go next.
OnoD: Ah, then let’s make it a unit bath.
HiroC: The setting changed!
OnoD: After showering, the guy peed.
HiroC: Ah, on his way to the tub, right?
OnoD: That’s sho. For ten, the guy’s like, let’s shower one more time! Then when he’s about to shower again… (starts mumbling in a whisper)
HiroC: (laughs)
OnoD: Ah, blood comes out of the shower.
HiroC: Ahahaha!!!
OnoD: The blood goes BIYAAAA! Then the guy would scream NOOOOOO!!! The last panel, ketsu, would be kimochi warui.
All: (laugh)
OnoD: This is horror. There’s no horror manga in Sylph Comics yet, right?

Oh my gosh. This is so funny! They’re all laughing so hard. HiroC scolds OnoD, telling him that the original plan was to have the two of them as double protagonists in the manga. A horror story like OnoD just shared is nothing like their original plan. OnoD defends himself, saying that their original plan is impossible for a 4-panel manga. I’m laughing so hard.

A “unit bath” is a factory-produced bathroom module made of a single material, ideal for preventing leakage because there are no crevices.

Construction of a 4-panel manga is often divided into “ki-sho-ten-ketsu”, as follows:

1st panel: “ki” = introduction
2nd panel: “sho” = development
3rd panel: “ten” = climax
4th panel: “ketsu” = conclusion

Dear Girl Jouhou

The website will have a “Nyanko Special” featuring characters with cat ears and other cute animals. HiroC reads in an adorable cat voice, prompting OnoD to whisper that it’s HiroC’s specialty. They also promote Kamiya Hiroshi’s character song “Nikukyuu Bojou” (肉球慕情) with fellow seiyuu Nabatame Hitomi (生天目 仁美).

Sylph Soudanshitsu

OnoD hesitates starting the corner. HiroC immediately pounces, asking him if that was a burp. OnoD says that he didn’t think he would, especially in this corner. HiroC tells him to do things properly and not burp since this is the important Sylph Soudanshitsu Corner. OnoD tries again, but he’s laughing so hard.

OnoD: Well, you know. My new manager is so hardworking that when I said, “I’d like to drink a cola,” she immediately ran to the convenience store downstairs of the Bunka Housou building and bought, not a Diet Coke or a Zero Calorie Coke, but the proper regular Coke. I have no choice but to drink it. I have to drink it.
HiroC: So what?
Both: Ahaha!
HiroC: I don’t care about that. Continue with the corner!
OnoD: Ahaha. Okay.

Finally, OnoD gets his bearing and continues the corner. So funny.

They feature the manga Bijene! Beat Punk Generation (ビージェネ!-Beat Punk Generation-) by Hayashiya Shizuru (林家 志弦).

Hayashiya-sensei’s Nayami:
The hot weather continues everyday. I work at home, so the air conditioner is running nonstop. On one hand, I’m concerned about global warming and I don’t want it constantly running, but on another hand, I just can’t turn it off because of the heat. So this is my question. Do the two of you do anything to prevent global warming?

HiroC immediately remarks that this sounds more appropriate for the Futsu Ota Corner than than the Nayami Corner. But he admits that this is also an acceptable cause for concern.

OnoD says that he understands Hayashiya-sensei’s problem because he also loves air conditioners. He loves it when it’s super cold and he has to cover up. HiroC says that he doesn’t really understand because he’s okay whichever way.

OnoD: Eeeeh. But it’s not like I feel cold everyday.
HiroC: True. Because your armpits sweat, don’t they?
OnoD: They do.
HiroC: And you burp, don’t you?
OnoD: I do.

Then they talk about being seiyuu.

HiroC: We’re seiyuu, aren’t we? In this industry, the most wasteful of all is definitely Ono Daisuke.
OnoD: Huh? HUH?!
HiroC: Just look at all your wastes. You have 3 plastic bottles in front of you. How about trying to be a good example for a change?
OnoD: You. Return my cola that you took!
HiroC: Speaking of an eco-friendly writer. How about follow Suwa-san’s example?
OnoD: Ah, right.

Suwa Masaru, DGS program writer and usually the one you hear laughing in the background. HiroC shares that months ago, Suwa started bringing his own refillable bottle instead of buying drinks in disposable plastic bottles.

HiroC rants that seiyuu are very wasteful, so as seiyuu, they should think of more ecological ways to help stop global warming. HiroC suggests that they walk to work instead of taking the taxi. Then OnoD says that he doesn’t really like taking taxis anyway because he had a bad experience with a driver who irritated him.

HiroC: That’s why Ono-kun, you must not ride any more taxis.
OnoD: Fine. I’m fine with that.
HiroC: Starting today.
OnoD: Eeeeeeh?!!!

The next issue that OnoD puts forward is the seiyuu industry’s wastefulness in paper. Scripts use a lot of papers, and they also fax a lot. He suggests that instead of using papers, seiyuu should just completely memorize their lines the first time they’re shown the script. HiroC doesn’t think this is realistic. He asks OnoD if he can do it. OnoD is quiet for a few seconds before admitting that he can’t.

Then HiroC says that he thinks that the most effective way among these suggestions is limiting the use of air conditioners. He says that especially in a studio where they work where there are a lot of people together in one place, so the AC is set colder and colder until everyone has to wear sweaters. HiroC orders OnoD that when he works at a studio, no matter which senpai he works with, he should turn up the AC to become a little hotter every time someone enters. And when someone gets angry or complains, he should say that “it’s all for the sake of our Earth!”

Ending Talk

HiroC reveals that there was an incident involving Suwa. He says that Suwa forgot to think up a title for this episode beforehand. Usually, Suwa would meet OnoD before the recording and coordinate the title. OnoD would know what the episode title is, while HiroC won’t. But this time, it seems that Suwa completely forgot about it and OnoD had to improvise. HiroC demands an answer from Suwa himself, and we can hear Suwa actually speaking, explaining that yes, he completely forgot. So funny.

They invite you to e-mail them at dgs@joqr.net

This is an enjoyable episode, as always. I’m just a little disappointed that they didn’t read any listener letters for the Futsu Ota corner. But overall, I laughed at every single banter of theirs. I hope that you enjoyed this episode as much as I did.

And that’s it for the 21st episode of DGS.

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