Best Posts Round-Up of the 12th Fujinsei Blog Carnival

Hello! I’m super excited to be back blogging. I missed you! Now that I’m back, allow me to pick up where I left before I went on a long holiday vacation. So without further ado, I hereby declare the 12th Fujinsei Blog Carnival officially CLOSED! It saw a total of 31 “approved” entries.

As always, my biggest thanks to all the participants and the wonderful people who, in spite of not submitting their own links, still participated by reading the entries. You’re all awesome. The following are my favourite posts from this carnival.

Arria’s Best Posts Round-Up of the 12th Fujinsei Blog Carnival:
(arranged alphabetically)

“5 Exciting Eras of Art Style in Anime” by Phi (Anime Athena) – an informative post summarizing the main eras in anime by art styles; must read!

“Androids in a Fictional Setting Compared to Reality” by Miandro (Miandro’s Side) – a fascinating comparison of the portrayal of androids in fiction compared to real life androids, plus theories of when androids become the norm

“Goku is Trash” by Lizzo (Soulcial Dreamin’ Ent.) – a short post featuring a vlog explaining why Goku is not as awesome as everyone thinks he is

“It’s Okay to be Gay” by Ruki (Wanimu) – an empowering post in support of the LGBTQ community, featuring gay characters in anime; my favourite post in this blog carnival, MUST READ!!!

“Popcorn and Skittles: Why Junk Food Anime Are Important” by Sam (Unsheathed) – a feel-good post for anime fans with a message that it’s okay to like shallow but enjoyable anime

“Seiyuu Fans Philippines Meet-up” by Jay Agonoy – a fun post documenting the blogger’s experience attending this fan event

“Tales of Symphonia Orchestrates Racial Harmony By Overcoming Great Tragedy” by Takuto (Takuto’s Anime Cafe) – an excellent, heart-touching post about acceptance of racial difference in Tales of Symphonia; participant in the OWLS “Colors” Blog Tour in April; must read!

“The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya in Real Life” by weeaboOtaku – a cool post documenting the blogger visiting some of the featured places in Haruhi Suzumiya in real life Japan

“The Upsides to Anime Blogging” by Scott (Mechanical Anime Reviews) – a helpful post for anibloggers reminding us of why we’re doing what we’re doing; MUST READ!

“Townsperson B: Hitoka Yachi” by Hazelyn (Archi-Anime) – an inspiring post to help yourself become a better person, featuring the character of Hitoka Yachi (Haikyuu!!)

Thank you so much to the 10 wonderful bloggers above for giving me the opportunity to read such great posts. Well done! Keep up the excellent work.

The next blog carnival will be on Monday (September 11). Please mark it on your calendars and take this time to prepare posts to submit. I hope that you join me again in this special event by promoting your own blog posts and connecting with our fellow bloggers. I’m looking forward to reading more awesome posts.

All otaku bloggers unite! Have a lovely day. Cheers!

/Wild Arria fled/

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  1. Well, I already said in on twitter, but some things can’t be said enough. Great to see you are back. As Karandi said, looking forward to the next carnival as well. It’s so awesome that you continue to host these 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks again, Raistlin! I’m so happy to be back actively blogging again. It’s been a long break. It’s always fun hosting these blog carnivals and reading such great posts from our fellow bloggers. Thanks as always for your support. Have a lovely day. Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

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