DGS 22 Recap: Nurses in Pink & Tsundere Cafés

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 22 Recap & Selected Translations
by Arria Cross

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Ep. 22 Title: 最後のチョコクロ誰のもの? (Saigo no choko kuro dare no mono? / Who does the last chocolate croissant belong to?)

Credit: animelo.jp

Opening Talk

The 22nd episode starts. It’s September. They talk about how it’s starting to feel like summer is finally ending. HiroC states that since he loves summer, he hates autumn. He doesn’t like the days getting shorter.

Then they talk about how September is the time when anime from the summer season are ending. HiroC says that for seiyuu like them, September feels like business closures. OnoD argues that for him September feels like they’ve reached the “end goal” of the anime they’ve been working on instead. HiroC tells him that OnoD is just putting a positive spin on the matter. OnoD asks why he’s being so pessimistic. HiroC says that it’s always the same for seiyuu around this time, unsure of whether they’ll be contacted for another job or not.

OnoD tells his partner not to worry because HiroC still has Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei but HiroC reveals that all recordings for the anime are already finished, that’s why he’s feeling anxious and pessimistic.

There’s an upcoming anime October 2007, and OnoD pretends to think hard of what it is. HiroC cuts him off and moves the pace along, while OnoD exclaims “Gundam!”

Official Episode Title

OnoD: Saigo no choko kuro dare no mono? (Who does the last chocolate croissant belong to?)

Futsu Sto

They laugh at the sudden change of the title from “Futsu Ota” (Futsuu Otayori) to “Futsu Sto” (Futsuu Story). HiroC says that it sounds like “Futsu Streetfighter” now.

Yagitan of Tochigi Prefecture, read by OnoD:

Good evening, HiroC-san & OnoD! HiroC-san, congratulations on starring in a Gundam anime! I love Gundam and you so much that I’m so happy I could fly. The two of you both have Gundam experience, so how does it feel? Is it really something that all guys dream of? Please tell us more. Finally, always take care and all the best!

Kamiya Hiroshi plays the character of Tieria Erde (ティエリア・アーデ), one of the four Gundam Meisters in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (機動戦士ガンダム00 / Kidō Senshi Gandamu Daburu Ō) to be released October that year. They joke that DGS will become a Gundam talk show instead and change the title to “Dear Gun-Ota Stories”.

OnoD: So how was it to ride a Gundam?
HiroC: Happy, of course.
OnoD: I thought so.
HiroC: You’ll gonna be happy too if it was you, won’t you?
OnoD: Happy, right? It’s such a precious experience, isn’t it?
HiroC: Most say that it’s a dream for guys, but I don’t think it has something to do with gender. I think that it’s a dream for both males and females. Especially for seiyuu like us, there are a LOT who dream of being a part of a Gundam series.
OnoD: Even females?
HiroC: Even females. There are a lot of us who are just waiting for an opportunity to star in a Gundam series. If you think of Gundam, the first thing that you want to do is ride a robot, isn’t it? Don’t you think so?
OnoD: Yeah, that’s true. We all want to ride super robots and to become part of a G series is definitely something to be happy about.
HiroC: And this is the first time for me to ride a Gundam.
OnoD: To ride?
HiroC: I’ve been on other Gundam series before but this is the first time for me to actually “ride” a Gundam robot.
OnoD: Ahaha! It’s amazing how you make it sound like it’s so common.

HiroC says that it’s a really different feeling to play just any character in a Gundam anime versus playing a character who actually pilots a Gundam robot. He’s very thankful for the opportunity. He also shares the moment that he received the news that he got the role of Tieria Erde that he only had a short moment of “Yes, I did it!” because immediately afterwards, he felt tremendous pressure to do well, especially since Gundam is such an important and influential franchise.

HiroC explains that of course he feels happy whenever he gets a role, but it’s only at the end when he knows that he has done well that he feels really free to be happy. OnoD praises him, telling him he’s such a “pro”. HiroC asks OnoD in turn how is it for him. OnoD shares that of course he’ll always feel happy to get a role, but he needs to tone it down and not talk too much about it, even if in reality he’s so happy deep inside. So funny.

October that year, Ono Daisuke will be playing the lead character Kamishina Jin in the anime Dragonaut -The Resonance- (ドラゴノーツ -ザ・レゾナンス- Doragonōtsu -Za Rezonansu-). OnoD is still talking about the anime, but HiroC interrupts him by reading the next letter.

Sent by Asuza, read by HiroC:

Good evening, Kamiya-san & Ono-san. I went to a maid cafe for the first time the other day. It was my first time even if it’s a ladies-only maid cafe. They were all kind, attentive, and treated me like a lady of the house, calling me “onee-sama”, so I enjoyed myself very much. Do the two of you have any interest in maid cafes?

Instead of talking about maid cafes, OnoD describes the anime Dragonaut instead. HiroC teases him by first pretending not to know anything about it, but then eventually gives OnoD a chance to promote it. OnoD announces the day it’s going to premiere but he doesn’t know the time. So funny.

HiroC: Let’s return to the mail. Do you have interest in maid cafes?
OnoD: None!
HiroC: None?
OnoD: None. More than maids…I love nurses more.
HiroC: …you’re a maniac, aren’t you?
OnoD: I like nurses dressed in pink.
HiroC: Heh~
OnoD: Other than white and air blue nurse uniforms, I choose pink.
HiroC: Heh~
OnoD: How about you, Kamiya-san?
HiroC: I’m not interested in maid cafes.

HiroC shares that he went around Akihabara before with two of his senpai seiyuu Onosaka Masaya (小野坂 昌也) and Matsuki Miyu (松来 未祐). He says that Matsuki Miyu is interested in maid cafes, so the three of them looked for maid cafes. At the first one, they were turned away because it was already full. They became curious after that, so they searched for another one. At the second maid cafe, they were also turned away for the same reason. HiroC says that even though they weren’t able to get in, they were able to see what maid cafes are like. OnoD asks him how was it, but HiroC says that he doesn’t really remember. HiroC says that he doesn’t personally understand the appeal of maid cafes where customers are treated like masters and called “goshujin-sama”.

OnoD: There are also Tsunde Kissa, you know?
HiroC: They’re gonna be like, “What the hell are you doing here?!”
OnoD: Yeah. “What do you want?!”
HiroC: Coffee.
OnoD: Even though you asked for coffee, they’re gonna give you their worst-tasting Miracle Mix Juice.
HiroC: Ahaha! You’ve been to one before?
OnoD: No, but I watched it on TV before.
HiroC: Ah, is that so?
OnoD: I was like, I think I should try going to one. Ah! And when you ask for iced coffee, they’re gonna give you a glass packed tightly with beans.
HiroC: Is that really fun?
OnoD: I think it would be fun.
HiroC: I don’t really understand things like that.
OnoD: And when it’s time for you to leave, they’re all like, “I-I’m so sorry for…bullying you. Come again, ok?” Then the “dere” part comes at the end.
HiroC: I still don’t understand the appeal.
OnoD: And I’ll probably shout “I don’t need the dere part!”.
HiroC & Staff: AHAHAHA!!!
OnoD: So they’re gonna get angry at me and say, “Go home, baka!!!”
HiroC: You’re really kimochi-warui, Ono-kun.
OnoD: Thank you very much!

*tsunde kissa = short for “tsundere kissaten” (tsundere cafe)

Dear Girl Jouhou

Fukuyama Jun (福山 潤)’s extra chaku voice will be available on the Seiyuu Pick-Up Corner. Neo Romance Fiesta CD “Neo Romance Trillion Aromatic Autumn” (ネオロマンス トリリオン Aromatic Autumn) begins release.

They play the character song “Kagayaki wa Diamond” (輝きはダイヤモンド) by Taniyama Kishou (谷山 紀章), Itou Kentarou (伊藤 健太郎), and Miyano Mamoru (宮野 真守) from La Corda D’Oro (金色のコルダ / Kin’iro no Koruda).

Sylph Soudanshitsu

OnoD fails to synchronize with HiroC when they were saying the corner title “Sylph Soudanshitsu”. HiroC calls OnoD “the worse”. It’s actually cute.

HiroC: Aren’t you being careless, Ono-san?
OnoD: Only in this corner.

They feature the manga S.L.H. Stray Love Hearts! (S・L・H ストレイ・ラブ・ハーツ!) by Shouoto Aya (硝音あや).

OnoD: What the heck is with her? She’s been featured here 3 times already! Enough already. You Shouoto.

Shouoto Aya-sensei’s Nayami Story:
I would like all the texts in S.L.H. to be read aloud one by one. Please do all of the characters. LOL. Please also do Hiyoki (the female lead). Please do everything from the sound effects, to all the texts and scene directions.

OnoD: Sigh.
HiroC: This is NOT a nayamiiiiiii!!!!
OnoD: Sigh.
HiroC: This is totally not a “problem”.
OnoD: She’s really pushing it, being here 3 times already.
HiroC: What an unreasonable request.

They conclude that this is not a “problem” but just sensei’s personal unreasonable wish. But then they realize that this request might be good for them because if S.L.H. is to be made into a drama CD, then the two of them will already have a headstart into trying out the lines, giving them an advantage when it comes to character casting.

HiroC asks for a copy of Sylph Comics Vol. 3 to be brought over to them, so they could read S.L.H. He orders OnoD to sing an impromptu “bring it over” song which also serves to promote the magazine. Afterwards, they all clap with HiroC saying that the impromptu song sounded better than he imagined.

Overall, there are 6 characters they need to play. The female lead, Hiyoki, plus 5 guys. They first decide from which part to start and end reading. Then they play janken to decide which lines to read. OnoD loses, so HiroC decides.

Then they begin reading. Oh my gosh. It’s so funny! HiroC is so cute reading the sound effects. Since OnoD’s voice is so distinguishable, it’s so hard for him to change it up. So funny, especially when he starts reading in an old man voice. Just so you know, there’s no old man character. HiroC tells OnoD that he sucks, saying that seiyuu should play according to the character rather than play randomly.

Ending Talk

In order to make up for his horrible acting during the S.L.H. reading, OnoD acts in different voices. And yes, he’s definitely better the second time around. Still the variations he can do are severely limited, prompting HiroC to comment that OnoD is nothing because he could only do okama, old men, and foreigner voices. So funny.

They invite you to e-mail them at dgs@joqr.net

This episode is so much fun and light-hearted. I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did.

And that’s it for the 22nd episode of DGS.

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