DGS 23 Recap: Duriangelion

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 23 Recap & Selected Translations
by Arria Cross

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Ep. 23 Title: このあと、異臭騒ぎ!! (Kono ato, ishuu sawagi!! / After this, it’s a stinky chaos!!)

Credit: animelo.jp

Opening Talk

The 23rd episode starts. They talk about the start of the long weekend holiday, and how they usually spend it. They talk about work. And then OnoD changes the discussion to holiday trips. HiroC says that he doesn’t really go on holiday trips. On the other hand, OnoD says that there’s a place that he really wants to visit.

OnoD: There’s a Buddha statue that I badly want to visit.
HiroC: Oh.
OnoD: It’s in Ushiku.
HiroC: Oh!
OnoD: There’s a 120-metre tall Buddha statue.
HiroC: Yes, there is.
OnoD: Right?
HiroC: So what of it? Heh~
OnoD: I really want to see it!
HiroC: So why don’t you visit it then?
OnoD: But it’s a bit far…
HiroC: Yeah, but it only takes 1 hour and a half by car, you know.
OnoD: Un, I really want to see it.
HiroC: You’ll be amazed when you see it with your own eyes.
OnoD: They say it’s the tallest in the world!
HiroC: Maybe.
OnoD: Well, I’ll verify this information.
HiroC: It’s basically a building.
OnoD: Eh…ahaha. It seems you can also enter and climb inside.
HiroC: Yes, you can.
OnoD: Ahaha. Wait a minute. Have you been there before?
HiroC: It’s my hometown.
HiroC: You know—
OnoD: Ushiku’s your hometown?!!
HiroC: Yes.

Ushiku Daibutsu (牛久大仏) is a giant Buddha statue in Ushiku, Ibaraki Prefecture. It’s 120-metres tall and is one of the top 3 tallest in the world.

HiroC explains to OnoD that just seeing the giant Buddha statue in pictures won’t really give justice to the scale of its enormity, so he encourages him to just go and visit so that OnoD can see it with his own eyes.

OnoD: Kamiya-san, let’s go together then.
HiroC: Unfortunately for you, I already went there when I visited our family grave.
Both: AHAHAHA!!!

Episode Title

OnoD: Kono ato, ishuu sawagi!! (After this, it’s a stinky chaos!!)

Futsu Sto

They’re still getting used to the new title “Futsu Sto” from the previous title “Futsu Ota”. HiroC jokingly calls it the “Futsuu Streetfighter” (Ordinary Streetfighter) corner.

Sent by Mikan, read by HiroC.

Good evening, Hiroshi-san & Daisuke-san. This is my first time writing to you. I have a request from Daisuke-san. I heard that you’re from Kochi Prefecture. Please say something in Tosa dialect. And by the way, I’m from Ehime Prefecture.

Tosa-ben (土佐弁) or Tosa dialect is spoken in the central and eastern regions of Kochi Prefecture. Ehime Prefecture is located in northwestern Shikoku while Kochi is on the south coast.

They reveal that Mikan-san wrote their names “Hiroshi” and “Daisuke” in alphabet. OnoD says it’s interesting because he thought that they’re already supposed to be known as “HiroC” and “OnoD”.

HiroC orders OnoD to speak in Tosa-ben for the entire Futsu Sto corner, but OnoD says that without any preparations, his Tosa-ben won’t come out. He even tries a little to speak in Tosa-ben while explaining, but as usual HiroC is unimpressed, moving on to the next letter. OnoD reads the next letter and it’s so interesting to hear him speak in another dialect. It’s still Japanese, but different sounding.

Sent by Sakuraya from Hokkaido, read by OnoD.

Good evening, Kamiyan-san & Ono-san. I downloaded Kamiyan-san’s chaku voice “Kawaii-tte iuna!” (Don’t call me cute!). But I had no idea how to use it, so I decided to try using it as my alarm clock tone instead. Let me just say that it’s a very strange way to wake up to. Do you have any recommendations on how to actually use chaku voices?

So funny. HiroC is laughing so hard. He calls out to the brains of these chaku voices to think of appropriate uses for these chaku voices. OnoD says that Sakuraya-san’s idea is actually pretty good. HiroC catches OnoD speaking in standard Japanese, so he reminds him to speak in Tosa-ben. OnoD tries to speak again in Tosa-ben. There is hesitation in his speech, evidence that he’s not used to it.

HiroC: Sounds so fake! Sound more authentic!
OnoD: Now, now. See here. Speaking in dialects in our field of work is no good, you know.
HiroC: But there are times that we’re required to speak in dialects, right?
OnoD: Well, when that time comes, then I’ll do it.
HiroC: No, no, no.
OnoD: (in Tosa-ben) Well, when that time comes, then I’ll do it.
HiroC: Besides even if there’s an opportunity and they’re hearing now that you can’t do it when told suddenly, you won’t get the job, you know.
OnoD: Hmmm, I see.

Then HiroC suddenly suggests that they call MamaD and have mother and son talk. Perhaps OnoD’s Tosa-ben will come naturally if he’s talking to his mom, which OnoD confirms that indeed, he ends up speaking in Tosa-ben when speaking with his “okkan”.

OnoD takes out his cellphone, commenting that it’s properly charged, with HiroC asking him if it’s usually low on battery. While OnoD is trying to contact his mom, Suwa asks him what he’s going to say. OnoD speaks in Tosa-ben (much better this time around) as he waits for MamaD to pick up.

HiroC: I wonder if MamaD will pick up. Not available?
OnoD: (in Tosa-ben) Not picking up.
HiroC: She’s not picking up? Not MamaD?
OnoD: Ah, No MamaD.
HiroC: Aaah! So No MamaD, huh. Unfortunately, No MamaD.
OnoD: Ah, I just got mail.
HiroC: Ah! A mail?
Staff: AHAHAHA!!!
HiroC: I don’t care about that.
OnoD: Ah, it’s unrelated to the call.
HiroC: So it’s not MamaD?
OnoD: Ahahaha. It’s not from her. It’s from Yasumoto. He’s confirming tomorrow’s drinking party.
HiroC: I probably received the same mail from him.
OnoD: Yeah. Ahaha! “This is where we’ll meet!”, he says.
HiroC: I’m done with him. He’s so annoying.
OnoD: “It’s a shabu-shabu place famous for its unagi. A crazy place,” he says.

They’re probably talking about fellow seiyuu Yasumoto Hiroki (安元 洋貴 ) who guested in the show before.

Dear Girl Jouhou

The Neo Romance Fiesta CD “Neo Romance Trillion Aromatic Autumn” (ネオロマンス トリリオン Aromatic Autumn) is available with chaku voices and chaku melodies brought by Animelo Mix.

They play “Okubyou na Mama no Pierrot” (臆病なままのPierrot) from “Neo Romance 15th Anniversary Neo Romance Live Angelique & Neo Angelique” sang by Takahashi Hiroki (高橋 広樹) as the character Rayne in Neo Angelique Abyss.





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Sylph Soudanshitsu

OnoD fails to synchronize with HiroC in saying the corner title. HiroC tells OnoD that he sucks. Remember that this already happened previously in Episode 22. HiroC notices that in both cases, OnoD is drinking a sweet chocolate drink.

They feature the manga Yui, 316-sai (ユイ、316歳 / Yui, 316 Years Old) by Hoshino Lily (星野リリィ).

They briefly talk about the upcoming release of Sylph Comics Vol. 4 which includes Hoshino-sensei’s manga. OnoD says that he’s very excited because Hoshino-sensei writes such a good story, and he somehow feels that the two of them have an affinity with each other. This is an attempt to sell himself if Hoshino-sensei’s work is adapted into a drama CD and wants to be casted in it. As usual, HiroC is unimpressed and cuts him off, moving on to sensei’s nayami story.

Hoshino Lily-sensei’s Nayami Story:
I was so surprised when Yasumoto-san guested the last time that you read my nayami story. Now then, I heard that you two don’t like raisins. So people have their own food dislikes, right? As for me, I hate durian. It’s so stinky, so scary, that I have no desire whatsoever to even try tasting it. Saying this, I want to overcome my fears but I just don’t have the courage to do it. That’s why I want Kamiya-san & Ono-san to give me courage and show me the good qualities of durian. Won’t you? Please give me courage!

HiroC immediately whines. So cute! So funny! HiroC says that he doesn’t want to do it because he heard that it smells like raw waste. And because durian is supposed to be really stinky, they’re not allowed to eat it inside their usual Bunka Housou studio. They have to record at another place for the first time, which they call the “Durian Studio” or “Duri-Sta” for short.

They arrive at the so-called Duri-Sta, which is in fact just a space outside the Bunka Housou building. OnoD observes that it’s not a “studio” at all. As usual, HiroC is more concerned about the quality of the show, asking the listeners whether they could hear everything properly. They comment that they didn’t imagine that their first outside location recording would be in a place like this.

HiroC takes control of the show, announcing that OnoD will now try the durian fruit, even leading an applause. Poor OnoD.

HiroC: We have a lot of staff with us right now.
OnoD: Ahahaha! Ahahaha! But, but (HiroC’s) Aoni manager and my manager just ran away. They escaped.
HiroC: My manager Takeuchi just ran away. You bastard!

The staff made a special “Durian Field” just for the occasion. OnoD observes that it’s just an umbrella with plastic covering that OnoD needs to enter to eat the durian. As expected, he starts to whine and tries to back out but HiroC guilts him, saying that the staff worked hard in making the Durian Field. OnoD is forced to accept the challenge. Poor him.

HiroC: Alright. Please unfold the Durian Field over Ono-kun now. And we’re holding the mic.
OnoD: Durian Field—unfolded!

HiroC acts as the commentator, describing everything that’s happening.

HiroC: Bring out the durian!!!
(bad-ass intro music plays)
HiroC: Ah, it’s here! The durian just arrived!
OnoD: Uwah!
HiroC: Ah, we’re bringing the durian in…The durian just entered the durian field!
OnoD: It’s thorny.
HiroC: Right? Don’t forget to describe the durian, ok? Like what it looks like and stuff.
HiroC: What is it? What what what??
OnoD: Huh? Huh? What the hell is this?
HiroC: Have you cut it already? Not yet?
OnoD: It’s pungent so…how do I say this…
HiroC: Did you cut it open already?
OnoD: It’s a smell that I haven’t experienced before yet.
HiroC: Really? Please be careful when using the knife.
OnoD: I will.
HiroC: Okay.
OnoD: I’m now using the “Progressive Knife Thingy”!
HiroC: Call it the Durian Knife.
OnoD: The Durian Knife!
HiroC: Is it soft?
OnoD: Ah. It’s unexpectedly—stinky!
All: (laughs)
HiroC: Eh? So it’s soft?
OnoD: Yeah, it’s unexpectedly—stinky!
All: (laughs)
HiroC: So it’s soft. Heh~
OnoD: But I’m still okay.
HiroC: So you’re still okay?
OnoD: Yeah, I’m still somehow holding up. (groans)
HiroC: Ahahaha!
OnoD: (groans)
HiroC: Do you give up?
OnoD: I give up!
HiroC: You give up. Just wait. Hang in there!
OnoD: (starts to sing to pump himself up)
HiroC: I really don’t want to get closer. Why do you have to call me there?
HiroC: You see. It still has this fruity smell, but I think it’s a kind of fruit that you shouldn’t eat. How is it going, Ono-kun? Ahahaha! I don’t think there is any meaning in using this durian field at all. It’s useless. Let me in? Please let me in? Let me in? Oh! What does its innards feel like?
OnoD: It’s very soft.
HiroC: Soft? So how do we eat this thing? Don’t we have any spoon or something?
OnoD: That’s filthy!!!
OnoD: Filthy! Yuck. Ahahaha!
HiroC: We don’t have any spoon, so—ahahaha!!! Hey hey, guys. Don’t you run away. Don’t run! But you know—
OnoD: (vomiting sounds)
HiroC: Ah, wow! Wow wow wow!!! Don’t run away. Don’t you run away. Come back here, everyone. Hurry up. Closer. Ono-kun, are you still alive? Aha, oh wow.
(garbled noises)
OnoD: You know, I got it!
HiroC: What is it?
OnoD: Let’s think it’s just a fruit.
(garbled noises)
HiroC: So are you eating it? Are you?
(garbled order from staff)
HiroC: Eh? Wait, I’m eating it?! Not OnoD?
(garbled noises)
HiroC: Ah, he ate it! How is it? How is it? How is it? How is it?
OnoD: (whispering)
HiroC: Eh? It tastes bad?
OnoD: It’s awful!
HiroC: I think that the durian field has reached its limits. It’s no longer working. Durian Field—CANCELLED! Ahahaha!!!
OnoD: (coughing and groaning)
HiroC: Ahaha–(coughs). Ahaha! Ono-kun now stinks. Ono-kun…we are seeing Ono-kun in a state that we have never seen him in before.
OnoD: (vomiting, groaning, and coughing)
HiroC: Please don’t look at me and say “ah”!
(feeding HiroC the durian)
HiroC: Eh…eh…eh…(coughs) I can’t, I can’t!!! I caaaaaan’t!!! (whining)
OnoD: It’s ok. You can do it. It will go down, trust me.
HiroC: (whining) This tastes BAD! Tastes bad, tastes bad. Tastes so BAAAAAD!!! Ohooooh.
All: Ahahaha!!!
HiroC: This tastes so bad!! Ugh! Oooh! Where can I spit this out? I can’t do this.
(garbled noises)
OnoD: The durian field stinks!
HiroC: Uwah! Please give me my water. Ah! Where is it? Ah, there it is. Give me that Vittel!
All: Ahahaha!!!
HiroC: Ah, wait! Don’t run away with it!
All: Ahahaha!!!
HiroC: Aaaaah! So stinky! My mouth’s stinky! (coughs)
OnoD: (barfing sounds) This exceeds our expectations. This…what the hell is with this smell?
HiroC: I don’t know! Ah, ah! What in the world is this?
OnoD: I wonder what…
HiroC: I think it’s like a tonic or something.
OnoD: Right? So it’s not something that we’re supposed to eat.
HiroC: Like garlic. Or like chives.
OnoD: So it stinks like chives.
HiroC: Yeah, it’s like chives or garlic. Something like these. It’s like a chivy smell in the mouth. The smell permeates all over the mouth.
OnoD: Ahahaha! Uwah! Stinky!
HiroC: The stink is all over.
(garbled reactions)
HiroC: Hoshino Lily-sensei, what do you think? We staked our own lives just to check this durian for you. How was it, OnoD?
OnoD: Eh? Ahaha! You ask how was it…even if you say that, I really don’t have anything to say…Ah! It’s creamy.
All: Ahaha!
HiroC: So the result is that it stinks like chives.
OnoD: (reading the ending lines for the Sylph Soudanshitsu corner)
HiroC: (complaining that they have to do this and then coughs)
OnoD: (in the middle of reading) STINKY!! STINKY!!!

Vittel is a brand of water. And this line uttered by HiroC will be one of DGS’ famous lines.

Ending Talk

They’re relieved to smell fresh, clean air again after walking about 15 metres away from the durian site, but they’re still at the Duri-Sta. They joke that in front of them lies a good, “romantic” view but behind them lies the durian horror show.

Now they know why the episode’s title is “Ishuu Sawagi” (Stinky Uproar). They ask everyone to scold their producer for forcing them to go through this torture. They also invite everyone to try making their own handmade durian field.

They invite you to e-mail them at dgs@joqr.net

This episode will forever be one of my most favourite DGS episodes ever. It’s so funny that translating it is such as blast. I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did.

…And just so you know, I actually like durian… Why don’t you try it?

And that’s it for the 23rd episode of DGS.

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  1. One of my favorite episodes!
    It was so funny how OnoD then accidentally said, while reading the script: “Sylph … STINKS. I mean Sylph etc. the radio show… STINKS”
    lol The radio show stinks! That sentence could’ve been misunderstood so easily. And I think Kamiya breathed on OnoD in the middle of the show after eating the durian, because OnoD complained about him! So cheeky of HiroC! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me, too! One of my favourites, too! So funny! I couldn’t stop laughing no matter how many times I listen to it. Indeed, there’s a part like that but I didn’t translate it here. Good observation!
      These two are so funny! Thanks for dropping by.

      By the way, have you tasted durian before?


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