DGS 24 Recap: DGS Manga Feat. Dirty Pair & Animal Sidekicks

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 24 Recap & Selected Translations
by Arria Cross

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Ep. 24 Title: プラモは面白いポーズにされる運命ですよ (Puramo wa omoshiroi poozu ni sareru unmei desu yo / Plastic models are destined to be in amusing poses)

Credit: animelo.jp

Opening Talk

The 24th episode starts. They immediately recall last episode’s Durian Incident. They talk about how the durian stink remained in the site and its surrounding area even after the recording. They say that it felt like the stink was following them all the way to the elevator, lobby and restrooms. HiroC says that he wanted to wash the stink off his mouth but thought that just plain water wouldn’t be enough, so he drank coffee instead. But even with the coffee, his mouth still smelled and tasted stinky. They marvel at the durian fruit’s strong stink.

OnoD: It can be a weapon, right?
HiroC: It is a weapon. It’s an edible weapon.
OnoD: Ahahaha!
HiroC: Ahaha! It’s a weapon, but you can still eat it.

Then they hilariously talk about how destructive a durian as a war weapon compared to bombs. If you throw a durian at an army, they’ll immediately lose their fighting spirit and surrender because they wouldn’t be able to take the strong stink.

Episode Title

OnoD: Puramo wa omoshiroi poozu ni sareru unmei desu yo. (Plastic models are destined to be in amusing poses.)

Futsu Sto

HiroC scolds OnoD for playing with the plastic model figures. He also says that he bought the plastic model for Exia, rather than the mobile suit his character Tieria Erde pilots in the anime Gundam 00. HiroC plays the character of Tieria Erde, the Gundam Meister of the mobile suit unit Virtue. Exia is the mobile suit unit piloted by the character Setsuna F. Seiei played by Miyano Mamoru (宮野 真守).

It seems that the two of them, HiroC & OnoD, assembled the Exia plamo together, but it didn’t turn out that well. OnoD observes that DGS is becoming a show about Gundam and not for Dear Girls anymore.

Before they read the letters sent by their listeners, HiroC says that in previous episodes, they talked about releasing a DGS manga which they thought was just a big joke when they asked their listeners to submit their ideas. But it seems that people took them seriously and have begun to submit manga ideas. The letters they will read are the manga ideas submitted by their listeners.

Sent by Kaori, read by HiroC:

Good evening, HiroC-san & OnoD-san! I was thinking about different ideas for your manga. How about featuring an animal sidekick?

They immediately agree that an animal sidekick is a great idea. However, OnoD is adamant that it should be a dog because he dislikes cats. HiroC, on the other hand, is known as a big cat lover. This time, however, HiroC surprisingly doesn’t kick a fuss and agrees of having a big dog sidekick instead of a cat for the manga. Even OnoD notices this. HiroC explains that even if he loves cats, he isn’t obsessed with them and doesn’t mind other animals. OnoD tries to explain why he likes dogs, but HiroC shuts him up.

Sent by Ayumi, read by OnoD:

Good evening, Kamiya-san & OnoD! Congratulations on the approval of your manga. Speaking of manga, they should have villains, right? So I think that Sugita-san and Yukyan are perfect as leaders of an evil group for your manga. This way, it would be easier to turn the manga into a drama CD, right?

Sugita-san refers to Sugita Tomokazu (杉田 智和) who guested in the show before. Refer to Episode 18 and Episode 20. Yukyan refers to Nakamura Yuuichi (中村 悠一) who has not guested yet at this point in the show.

HiroC: I understand about Sugita-kun. Because he already guested here before, right?
OnoD: Right.
HiroC: I don’t understand why instead of Yasumoto-kun who has guested here before, she’d want someone like Nakamura-kun who has not guested here even once.
OnoD: Maybe because they’re from the same talent agency?
Both: They’re not from the same agency. He (Nakamura) is from the same agency as Angen-kun.
OnoD: I know, right?
HiroC: Why is Nakamura-kun so popular? I’m a bit annoyed.
Suwa: Ahahaha!
OnoD: Me, too. A little.
HiroC: I know, right?
OnoD: I worked with Yukyan for a show before and we were promoting it at this event. All of the girls were screaming “Yukyan!”
HiroC: WHY?!
OnoD: I have no idea.
HiroC: They’re going crazy for such a chubby guy?
OnoD: AHAHAHA!!! Well, yeah. He’s got that wagamama body.
HiroC: Ahahaha! (clapping)

Wagamama Body (わがままボディ): a term often used in gravure and men’s magazines. “Wagamama” literally means “selfish”, “egoistic”, or “self-indulgent”. But in this case, the phrase refers to the ideal figure for women according to men—a voluptuous, curvy figure with full breasts and hips. On the other hand, most Japanese women prefer the slim, slender figure.

Nakamura Yuuichi & Yasumoto Hiroki (Angen) are both handled by Sigma Seven while Sugita Tomokazu is from Atomic Monkey.

Sent by Amate, read by HiroC:

Before he reads the letter, HiroC comments on their inconsistency of what to call the senders. Sometimes they call them “handle name”, sometimes “radio name”, and at times “dear name”.

Good evening, Sexy HiroC-san & Handsome OnoD-san! As for my manga idea, since it’s a detective story, I think that it should be a search for missing cats manga. Something like an excited, cat lover Detective HiroC and his nervous, cat hater assistant OnoD. What do you think?

HiroC: Oh! This is good. Ah, we’ll use this!
OnoD: It’s interesting, right? And it even includes what kind of characters we will be.
HiroC: Yeah. And the one stealing the cats would be Sugita-kun.
OnoD: He steals cats?
Both: Ahahaha!!
HiroC: Because he’s a villain.
OnoD: A catnapper.
HiroC: But now that I think about it, it doesn’t sound interesting.
OnoD: Ah, as for our detective characters, how about we model them based on Dirty Pair?
HiroC: Why are you so obsessed about Dirty Pair?

OnoD already talked about wanting to model their manga characters based on the Dirty Pair. Refer to Episode 17. Dirty Pair consists of the power girl duo Yuri & Kei.

OnoD: Who do you like?
HiroC: Which of them to choose. I like Yuri.
OnoD: Then I’ll be Kei.
HiroC: So you’re Kei. But we can’t have our characters wear such skimpy outfits like them, you know.
OnoD: But that’s what makes them fun, don’t you think?
HiroC: But it doesn’t have to apply to us too, you know.
OnoD: There should be panty shots, too.
Both: Ahahaha!!!
HiroC: But our characters are males, aren’t they?
OnoD: True.
HiroC: What the heck’s with this conversation? Why do you always turn our talks into perverted stuff?
OnoD: We’re gonna be dressed in skimpy female outfits and then show panty shots where tails come out.
HiroC: Your ideas are too much!
OnoD: And we’ll be synchronized in that pose, too.
HiroC: No way! And besides we’ll gonna get in trouble with the original creator Takachiho-sensei if we copy Dirty Pair.
OnoD: Uh, so we can’t?
HiroC: (asking the staff) Can’t we do it?
OnoD: Ahaha. So we’re taking this seriously now.
HiroC: Let’s listen to Ono-kun’s selfish requests once in a while, so can we do it or not?
(muffled voice of the staff)
HiroC: Too much similarities is not allowed, they say.
OnoD: So that’s what’s not allowed?
HiroC: Now I think I want us to try doing it. So up to what degree can we base our manga on it? About 50%?
(muffled voice of staff)
HiroC: Less than 50%? See, it’s no good, Ono-kun.
OnoD: Aaaaah. But it’s not 0%. Right?
HiroC: 0%…
OnoD: See? See?! Let’s ask for confirmation.
HiroC: This has become such a ridiculous conversation.

OnoD pushes his idea, even going so far as to combine his idea with some of the listener ideas: the 2 of them as Dirty Pair detectives with their animal sidekick and Sugita as the villain. HiroC states that while receiving manga idea submissions from their listeners, they should start looking for a mangaka who’ll actually draw the manga for them. OnoD counters that the two of them will write the story, but HiroC sounds noncommittal. OnoD says that he showed some of his kouhai his idea and they were telling him that it sounds amazing. I’m not sure if this is really true, though. He sounds like he’s joking, but maybe there’s a grain of truth. We don’t know. So funny.

HiroC still insists on making the search for an artist a priority. He says that they should perhaps look and consider 2 to 3 artists. OnoD suggests Hato. HiroC doesn’t sound so enthusiastic with the idea. They joke that they’re looking for artists who’ll draw their manga for them for free. So funny.

Dear Girl Jouhou

Animelo is developing a new chaku uta feature called “Chaku Uta Arrange”. You will be able to modify any popular song into these different arrangements:

ヒーリング = Healing: an elastic sound
オルゴール = Orgel or music box tune: a nostalgic sound
オーケストラ = Orchestra: a majestic sound
ピコメロ = Pico-Melo (Picopico Melody): a video game-y sound

You can create your own original tune by playing around with these arrangements according to your own preference. They try it using the song “Hare Hare Yukai” (ハレ晴レユカイ) from the anime Haruhi Suzumiya. OnoD is in the cast. They try Pico-Melo first, Orchestra after, and then Orgel (which OnoD comments sounds “erotic”; HiroC immediately shuts him down).

They uploaded photos of last episode’s Duriangelion in the site. I know you’ll want to see them, so I searched high and wide for you (wipes sweat). You’re welcome.

The last one below is a special card released by Sylph. It’s not included with the batch of uploaded photos above, but I’m going to include it here…just because. You’re welcome. 😉

The “Neko Nabe” DVD will be available on Niconico and Amazon. “Neko Nabe” are photos and videos of cats sleeping on cooking pans which became a big hit during this time.

Winners of the Seiyuu Award will be releasing a 5-part omnibus short story CD titled “Kowe kohi~ Anata no koe ni koishiteru~” 「こゑこひ ~あなたの声に恋してる~」 which will be released on October 19, 2007. The featured seiyuu are the following: Ishida Akira (石田 彰), Kakihara Tetsuya (柿原 徹也), Kano Yui (鹿野優以), Koshimizu Ami (小清水 亜美), Gotō Yūko (後藤 邑子), Park Romi (朴 璐美), Hirano Aya (平野 綾), Fukuyama Jun (福山 潤), Miyata Kouki (宮田 幸季), and Morita Masakazu (森田 成一).



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Sylph Soudanshitsu

Sylph Comics Vol. 4 is out. They celebrate noisily. They reveal that their program script literally orders them to shout “Wah! Wah! Wah!”. So funny. The front cover is S.L.H. Stray Love Hearts! (S・L・H ストレイ・ラブ・ハーツ!) by Shouoto Aya (硝音あや). The magazine includes an S.L.H. cellphone strap.

They feature the manga Awai no Mori (あわいの森) by Maeda Tomo (前田とも).

Maeda Tomo-sensei’s Nayami Story:
We found brown, crawly thingies at my workplace. I don’t like them, but it seems that one of my assistants is scared to death by them. If she sees them, her heart beats very fast and she freezes. As a result, she ends up locking herself in the toilet for more than 10 minutes just to calm down. If this continues, our work will suffer. If you can’t teach us how to exterminate these thingies, or even just to wring out any courage out of my poor assistant, can you at least convince me that these brown, crawly thingies have charm points that might make them cuter to us? Please help.

I’ll assume that these brown, crawly thingies are cockroaches. Or perhaps another kind of crawling insects. They don’t explicitly say what it is they’re talking about.

HiroC: Impossible!
OnoD: Ahahaha!
HiroC: That’s it. So what do you think, Maeda Tomo-sensei?
OnoD: Oy! We haven’t settled her problem at all.
HiroC: Sigh. But I’m telling you, it’s impossible.
OnoD: But…
HiroC: This type of problem has nothing to do with Dear Girl at all.
OnoD: Right~
HiroC: I know that it’s not the first time that we’ve received incompatible letters for this corner but nevertheless—
OnoD: They’re treating this corner like an unreasonable requests club.
HiroC: Why would she ask this of us? Are we expert exterminators?
OnoD: Not at all.
HiroC: She should’ve talked to real experts to begin with. If there are experts inside this studio, raise your hand!
Both: See, there’s NO ONE!!!

Initial D reference, for my fellow fans out there. Ehehe. 😉

HiroC reveals that their writer, Suwa Masaru, wrote suggestions to solve Maeda-sensei’s problem on their scripts. He suggests to make up names for the brown, crawly thingies to make them less scary. HiroC tells him that it’s a stupid suggestion. But OnoD somewhat agrees with Suwa, saying that names with lots of consonants sound filthy and related to criminals, so perhaps they should think of names that are soft-sounding.

Some of the name suggestions by Suwa are:
Chairoi Suisei (Brown Comet)
Twinkle Star
Yon-ban Batta– (4th Batter) = baseball reference

HiroC suggests “Kuroi Yatsu”, a reference to the original 1979 Gundam’s “Kuroi Sanrensei” (黒い三連星) team, or known as the Black Tri-Stars in English. The team consists of 3 mobile suit pilots: Gaia, Ortega and Mash. OnoD suggests that if sensei sees 3 of the pests, then she should name them Gaia, Ortega and Mash.

It’s so funny that they’re catching themselves turning everything into a Gundam discussion. HiroC says that the show is becoming Dear Gun-Ota Stories instead, a Gundam talk show. HiroC suggests to sensei that she should imagine herself like a Gundam mobile suit able to blast away the pests like nothing.

Ending Talk

Special info: DGS will be participating in Dengeki’s 15th Anniversary  Festival in Makuhari Messe Convention Centre on November 24-25, 2007.

They say that it might be the first public recording event for DGS, so they’re very excited to participate.

They invite you to e-mail them at dgs@joqr.net

This episode is so much fun, although a bit hard to translate because there are a lot of Gundam references. But I got all the terms for you. You’re welcome. 😉 As always, I can’t stop laughing when listening to them. I hope that you enjoyed this episode as much as I did.

And that’s it for the 24th episode of DGS.

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