DGS 25 Recap: OnoD to Ono-Muu? Dear Girl Stories Dokkiri?

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 25 Recap & Selected Translations
by Arria Cross

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Ep. 25 Title: だって…やや甘かったんだもん (Datte…yaya amakattan da mon / But…it was a little spoiled)

Credit: animelo.jp

Opening Talk

The 25th episode starts. They talk about how September is finally ending and October starting the next week. HiroC notices OnoD sighing and asks why. OnoD explains that he was just thinking that they’ve been working hard because DGS is now on its second season. They give themselves well-deserved applause for this achievement. And of course, they thank their listeners, or rather “YOU”, the Dear Girl, who are listening to them for always supporting them.

Speaking of October, Gundam 00 will air the following week. HiroC plays Tieria Erde, a Gundam Meister in the anime. They’ve been talking about this “dream come true” role for some episodes now. OnoD observes that HiroC is playing a character who wears eyeglasses. He says that HiroC seems to be playing a lot of “megane” characters, which HiroC says is not really the case, but admits that yes, maybe he’s receiving a lot of “megane” roles recently. OnoD tells him what if HiroC wears eyeglasses, too. HiroC says that perhaps he’ll start wearing fake eyeglasses the next week…if he remembers.

Episode Title

OnoD: Datte…yaya amakattan da mon. (But…it was a But…it was a little spoiled.)

HiroC: It’s about last week, isn’t it? I’m sorry. My bad. It was my fault.

I’m really not sure about the context of this episode’s title and why HiroC is apologizing. That’s why it’s hard to translate the title into English accurately. My apologies. However, after a little researching, it seems that they’re talking about an incident where a lewd word was uttered, presumably by HiroC when they were reading some lines from the manga Awai no Mori (あわいの森) by Maeda Tomo (前田とも) in Episode 24.

I’m not entirely sure which word it was exactly, but it seems that HiroC mispronounced something to sound like a lewd word while reading. At least, that was how I understood it. That’s why I translated this episode’s title to “But…it was a little spoiled” to mean that they let go of the mistake and pretended that nothing was amiss until some listeners actually noticed it. If someone can clarify this part for me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

Futsu Sto

Sent by Kikuchinsuko of Chiba Prefecture, read by HiroC:

Good evening, Kamiya-san & Ono-san. I was just thinking that wouldn’t it be better for Ono-san’s nickname to be Ono-M instead of OnoD? It’s written as Ono-M but pronounced as “Ono-Muu”. It sounds good and easy to say. What do you think?

HiroC tells OnoD to seriously think about this. OnoD says that it sounds cute. HiroC explains that since Episode 22 when OnoD was talking about Tsundere Cafés and exclaimed “I don’t need the dere part”, it seems that people have begun to think that he’s a Do-M.

M (or Do-M): masochist
S (or Do-S): sadist

HiroC asks OnoD what he thinks of Ono-Muu. OnoD says that it makes him sound too kind and gentle, while OnoD is just regular OnoD.

OnoD: Rather than Ono-Muu, maybe M-suke?
Both: Ahahaha!!!
HiroC: M-suke?!
OnoD: Yeah. But you know…OnoD is something that I decided by myself, unbelievable I know.
HiroC: I thought S-sa Kozi gave you that nickname?
OnoD: Who’s Kozi?
HiroC: I said didn’t Yusa Kozi give you that nickname?
OnoD: Ah! No.
HiroC: No? Ah, so S-sa Kouji asked you what do you want to be called and you told him “OnoD”, or did it go something like that?
OnoD: Yeah. And S-sa Kouji was like, “Well, call me Yucchi, then!” I was like, “Uwah!”
Both: Ahahaha!!!
HiroC: So you were like “uwah!”?
OnoD: Then I was like, “What’s with this old guy?”

They were talking about fellow seiyuu Yusa Kouji (遊佐 浩二). They were intentionally mispronouncing his name because they don’t want to refer to him directly. “S-sa” is a play on sadist and his last name, suggesting that Yusa is an S while OnoD is an M.

Afterwards, OnoD says that he doesn’t really mind whatever others want to call him. If they want to call him “Ono-Muu”, then they can but he still prefers the original “OnoD”.

Sent by DS-DS (or “OnoD to Suwa-san to dewa docchira no hou ga yori sadisto nan desu ga?” / Which is more sadistic between OnoD and Suwa-san?), read by HiroC:

Good evening, Kamiyoung-san & OnoD-san. This is sudden, but I think that doing a dokkiri will make the show more exciting. Either Kamiyoung-san or OnoD will go to the other’s house early in the morning and wake the other up. The show will follow the dokkiri format. It will show your real “sleeping faces” plus your “just woke up faces” plus your “idiot faces” that I’m sure your fans will love. This is just an idea, but I think that it will be super exciting. Please take it into consideration. I personally want to see OnoD’s “idiot face”.

Dokkiri is a popular hidden camera format in shows, where the “targets” are pranked while unknowingly being filmed for everyone to laugh at their reactions.

HiroC says that since they know that they’re going to be in a dokkiri, then they won’t be surprised anymore. Then he says that if ever he became a target of the dokkiri and he suddenly wakes up and OnoD was there, he would probably beat him up.

As for OnoD, he says that he’s most interested in the dokkiri method of waking up. Perhaps waking up by a rodeo bed, or a bed that moves wildly like a rodeo. HiroC agrees, suggesting that maybe they can do it during their upcoming November live event. At the hotel where they will be staying, the bed will suddenly buck wildly like a rodeo and they will fall down a water slide into a pool.

OnoD: Let’s do it!!!
HiroC: You just want to experience being pranked, don’t you?
OnoD: Yeah, but…I think that…it’s also time that Kamiya-san should experience being on the receiving end.
HiroC: …Ah. No way. I sleep very early, so I’ll probably wake up way before the prank team arrives.
OnoD: …uhm. Then how about we drug you to sleep…
Both: AHAHAHA!!!
HiroC: You can’t do that. Are you an idiot?
OnoD: Calling me an idiot. Yes, I’m an idiot!

They say that they will consider this idea.

Dear Girl Jouhou

Sugita Tomokazu (杉田 智和)‘s chaku voice is now available for streaming and download at the Seiyuu Pick-Up Corner. They play a sample of Sugita’s chaku voice and it was very intense and long with Sugita dying at the end. So funny. They talk about how the other mecha voices of other seiyuus matches with the seiyuu’s image, but as for Sugita, he’s always surprising them and always unexpected.

The “Neko Nabe” DVD will be available on Niconico and Amazon. “Neko Nabe” are photos and videos of cats sleeping on cooking pans which became a big hit during this time.

Winners of the Seiyuu Award will be releasing a 5-part omnibus short story CD titled “Kowe kohi~ Anata no koe ni koishiteru~” 「こゑこひ ~あなたの声に恋してる~」 which will be released on October 19, 2007. The featured seiyuu are the following: Ishida Akira (石田 彰), Kakihara Tetsuya (柿原 徹也), Kano Yui (鹿野優以), Koshimizu Ami (小清水 亜美), Gotō Yūko (後藤 邑子), Park Romi (朴 璐美), Hirano Aya (平野 綾), Fukuyama Jun (福山 潤), Miyata Kouki (宮田 幸季), and Morita Masakazu (森田 成一).



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Sylph Soudanshitsu

They feature the manga S.L.H. Stray Love Hearts! (S・L・H ストレイ・ラブ・ハーツ!) by Shouoto Aya (硝音あや).

HiroC: Huh?
OnoD: Aya.
HiroC: Huh?!
OnoD: This person…she has been featured lots of times already.
HiroC: Does she have that many problems that need solving? Isn’t this strange?

This time, HiroC is tasked in reading the nayami story for the first time since the show started.

Shouoto Aya-sensei’s Nayami Story:
I’m so disappointed by Ono-san last time. To be more specific, he sucked so much that it was cute. Last time was so interesting, that I can’t think of a new nayami to submit this time. So because of Ono-san’s failure of acting by himself last time, I thought that he can redeem himself by acting together with Kamiya-san. Make sure to make Hiyoki’s heart go kyun-kyun, ok?

Refer to Episode 22 where Aya-sensei demanded them to read every line in her manga. OnoD has to play a lot of roles by himself. And yes, he sucked.

HiroC: Oy.
OnoD: Ahaha!
HiroC: Isn’t this just like the last one?
OnoD: Ahaha!
HiroC: She’s as unreasonable as last time.
OnoD: Exactly. And in the first place…
HiroC: What?
OnoD: D-don’t say I’m a failure!
OnoD: I was a big success, you know!

HiroC says that on the positive side, it looks like Aya-sensei is giving them another chance to have a shot in the casting if her manga is adapted into a drama CD.

They read from the manga’s release in Sylph Comics Volume 4. And as usual, HiroC orders OnoD (without warning) to sing the Volume 4 promotion song. He sucks (again) this time with HiroC saying that he thought OnoD is getting better since he did a good job the last time.

HiroC starts off playing the character Yamashina Minemitsu while OnoD plays Kumoide Cain. It started out so well with both of them using their best bishie voices, but then OnoD begins speaking in this weird voice he says is his “girl voice”. Both of them begin changing up their voices, but HiroC does it so cutely while OnoD just sounds weird.

They did an excellent job as Yamashina Minemitsu and Kumoide Cain, but then everything goes downhill after OnoD’s girl voice. So funny! They laugh at each other for acting in foreign accents when there are no foreigners in the story. HiroC blames OnoD for infecting him with his ridiculous gaijin accent.

Dear Letter

Dear everyone from my former third-year Class A,
Are you all well? It has been 7 years since we graduated but please let me convey what I always wanted to tell you. During our last chorus singing competition in middle school, I was always sick so I couldn’t join you in practice regularly. But still you came to me and said, “Why don’t you sing together with us?”. You told me, “You’re a member of our class, so it’s a no-brainer that you should also sing with us!”. Your words made me so happy. That time, I was in pieces so I couldn’t tell you how I feel then, so it’s only now that I’m letting you know about my true feelings. Thank you. Singing and graduating together with all of you—these are happy memories that I treasure even now.

They briefly discuss the letter in serious tones. They hope that the feelings of the letter reach the classmates.

Ending Talk

DGS will have its very first public recording as a participant in Dengeki’s 15th Anniversary Festival by Media Works in Makuhari Messe Convention Centre in November 24-25, 2007.

They invite you to e-mail them at dgs@joqr.net

This was a fun episode, as always. I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did.

And that’s it for the 25th episode of DGS.

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