DGS 26 Recap: Dear Girl ~Stories~ is Ending?!

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 26 Recap & Selected Translations
by Arria Cross

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Ep. 26 Title: あ、そのオノDの時計って、空き缶の裏みたいだね (A, sono OnoD no tokei-tte, akikan no ura-mitai da ne / Ah, OnoD’s wristwatch looks like the butt of a tin can, right?)

Credit: animelo.jp

Opening Talk

The 26th episode starts. They’re both very excited because it’s October, and they’re glad that DGS survived this long. HiroC reveals that there are rumours flying around that made them very uneasy. He reads some of the mails sent to them by their listeners.

Sent by Miku, read by HiroC:

Is it true that Dear Girl is ending by September? I always enjoy listening to the show every week. HiroC-OnoD combi is also very interesting. I don’t want the show to end! Please continue the show!

Sent by an anonymous sender, read by OnoD:

Is it true that it’ll be the final episode soon? Is it true that you two will be replaced as the storytellers?

Oh my gosh. This is so funny! Both HiroC & OnoD are laughing so hard.

A letter titled “This is a request!”, read by HiroC:

Please let Kamiya-san & Ono-san to continue as storytellers in the show!!!

Both HiroC & OnoD wonder why the rumour that the show will be ending soon has spread this much. It seems that the show has received a lot of concerned fan mails like the ones they just read begging the show to not end.

OnoD reveals that he checked the Wikipedia page for Dear Girl ~Stories~ because he wants to know what kind of information is written about it. Then he reveals that in the duration section, it says that the show is scheduled to end on September 2007. HiroC calls Wikipedia “Usopedia” because of the false and unverified information. “Uso” means “lie”. OnoD says that he was so shocked when he read it. HiroC calls it “Horrorpedia” for scaring everyone with its false information.

Then HiroC says that perhaps people took his previous words seriously when he said before that he thinks the show won’t last. That’s why the Wikipedia page for the show says that it’s schedule to end in September. HiroC asks everyone not to take every word he says as facts.

Both of them were so shocked and confused, especially since they were already scheduled to have their first public recording event on November as participants in the 15th Anniversary of the Dengeki Festival. They thought that they were being the targets of such a cruel prank.

Episode Title

OnoD: A, sono OnoD no tokei-tte, akikan no ura-mitai da ne (Ah, OnoD’s wristwatch looks like the butt of a tin can, right?)

HiroC: Ahahaha! I didn’t say that! It was Suwa-san who said that!
OnoD: Suwa!

Futsu Sto

OnoD sulks because the title made fun of his wristwatch. HiroC tells him to sound more excited.

OnoD: Whatever. This kind of watch is fine as it is!
HiroC: AHAHAHA! Indeed, looking at your watch, it does look like a tin can. It looks fake.
OnoD: Yeah…the material looks thin.

HiroC changes the subject and moves the pace along. Poor OnoD. So funny!

They talk about their upcoming manga. All they have are ideas at the moment. They requested for the Sylph Editorial Department to look for ghost artists who can draw the manga for them. Their reply: “If you can’t give us a definite genre for your manga, we can’t choose an artist for you!”. HiroC thanks the Sylph Editorial Dept. for giving such a straightforward answer. So funny! But they agree that they have to determine the genre first because each manga artist have their own unique style, so they can choose the right artist with the right style to match their manga.

OnoD says that if they go ahead and do a 4-panel manga, then it would end up as a gag manga. He throws some suggestions including cyberpunk genre like Akira. HiroC observes that OnoD is really obsessed with Dirty Pair-like stories.

HiroC thinks that retaining the original set-up of the show in real life is good, but since it’s a detective story, it will be something like the “Bunka Housou Murder Incident” where one of their staff members, a Nara-san, is murdered and it’s their job to solve the case. OnoD says that this type of suspense-mystery story is too complicated for a 4-panel manga.

Then HiroC adds that the manga can be both comedy and mystery at the same time. He also suggests hiring seiyuu Hirano Aya (平野 綾) to be in the cast. OnoD teases him saying that HiroC only wants to talk to Hirano Aya. HiroC sulks and says never mind. So cute!

They received some letters with suggestions of what the manga should be about.

Sent by Serjio Ichigo from Tokyo, read by HiroC:

HiroC scolds the sender, shouting “Oy!” because Serjio Ichigo used the term “Zetsubou name” instead of “Dear Name”. I’ll assume that the former is used in HiroC’s other radio show for the anime Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei.

I may not like the idea of a 4-panel manga, but I think it’s a good idea to have a signature line that your characters say every time. It would be easier to adapt into a chaku voice, as the image for goods; something that even adults can enjoy.

All of them are laughing because Serjio Ichigo has planned so far ahead. She was already thinking beyond the manga with the release of chaku voices and even goods based on the manga, when the manga isn’t even finalized yet. HiroC scolds her again for using the wrong term “Zetsubou Name” instead of “Dear Name”. But they both agree that having a signature line is a great idea. Some of the suggestions are:

HiroC’s Idea:
“Nara-san is murdered again this week!”

OnoD: Does he get killed every week? Eh?! What the heck? Is he immortal? This sounds like Higurashi. So we’ll be like, “We couldn’t save Nara-san again this week.”
HiroC: “We couldn’t save him again!”
OnoD: “This is the 53rd time already.”

*refers to Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

OnoD’s Idea:
“Your body isn’t just yours anymore.”

HiroC: What the hell’s that?

Doki-doki! ( fan girls squealing)

They ask everyone to continue sending in their suggestions for the upcoming manga.

Dear Girl Jouhou

There will be 4 new varieties of “Odemukae Voice” to choose from at the website. Lots of rare odemukae voices are available by your favourite seiyuu.

Sylph Danwashitsu

The title changed from Soudanshitsu (相談室) or “consultation room” to Danwashitsu (談話室) or “lounge”. They’re laughing because this time the corner allows for any kind of letters. In Soudanshitsu, the original plan was for the manga artists to send their nayami stories or problems to be discussed and hopefully to be solved. However, both HiroC & OnoD have been constantly complaining that many of the letters they were receiving from the manga artists aren’t suited for the corner at all. Perhaps that’s why it was decided to change the name into “Danwashitsu” so that the manga artists can send whatever they like.

They feature the manga Shakuyaku Botan Yuri no Hana (しゃくやく・ぼたん・ゆりのはな) by Nakamura Asumiko (中村明日美子).

The letter sent by the manga artists are also changed from “Nayami Story” to “Futsuu Story”.

Nakamura Asumiko-sensei’s Futsuu Story:
I often have stomach troubles. What should I do?

HiroC: What the hell is this? There’s nothing new here.
OnoD: There is zero sense of renewal here.

They demand an explanation. Suwa says that since they only just changed the corner now, the manga artists has not caught up with the change.

As usual, HiroC gives a quick answer. He says that Nakamura-sensei should go to the hospital if she continues to suffer stomach troubles. OnoD, of course, encourages a more in-depth discussion and reveals that they got Nakamura-sensei a special item to ease her stomach troubles. The special item is:

*a band of cloth that covers the stomach

OnoD shares that HiroC also uses haramaki. Ever mischievous, HiroC says that he didn’t notice that it was a haramaki at first. He thought it was a hip head band which makes the wearer feel like saying “Hey yo!”. It seems that HiroC wears the haramaki on his head. OnoD says that it suits him.

The two are also ordered to write special magic words that can help Nakamura-sensei with her stomach troubles.

HiroC’s Magic Word:


HiroC: I wrote the character “dan” with a red pen. It gives off a warm feeling, doesn’t it?
OnoD: “Dan”? Isn’t it “on”?
HiroC: Yes, it’s “on”. Ahahaha!
OnoD: Ahahaha!
HiroC: It’s “on”. My bad. But you know what? Since it’s written in red ink, it looks like the character for “blood”. It’s a bit scary. (血 / chi).
OnoD: It looks more like a dying message.

OnoD’s Magic Word #1:


HiroC laughs because OnoD writes his name using the same red ink, it looks more like a dying message. He says that he originally thought that red feels “warm” so he used red ink, but when he was done writing, it looked like blood so his decision was a big failure. So funny!

To avoid HiroC’s mistake, OnoD uses blue ink to write his magic word. OnoD takes a long time to think up of a magic word. Finally he writes.

HiroC: What the hell is that?
OnoD: “Dog”.
Suwa: (laughing)
HiroC: And why did you write that?
OnoD: Because I like dogs.
HiroC: Sigh.

HiroC orders OnoD to change it and to think of another one, but OnoD couldn’t think of another quickly enough. HiroC takes over and writes one for him.

OnoD’s Magic Word #2 by HiroC:
Ono Inusuke
Ono Dog-suke

It seems that HiroC just wrote additional characters around the 犬 character OnoD wrote. So funny!

OnoD: Oy! Don’t mess with me.

1-Phrase Story

Sent by Mipporini, read by HiroC:

Mata yatte shimatta…
(Oops, I did it again…)

Both: Oooooh~
HiroC: Oops, Ono-kun is throwing unfunny jokes again. I’m so sorry on his behalf.
OnoD: But that’s my main selling point!
All: Ahahaha!

Sent by Nan from Tokyo, read by OnoD:

Nani, kono kuuki?
(What’s with this atmosphere?)

HiroC observes that it’s a great follow-up from the first phrase, referring to OnoD’s inability to read the atmosphere as he carelessly cracks unfunny jokes.

Sent by Apple Fritter from Chiba Prefecture, read by HiroC:

Mou…kanben-shite yo!
(Give me a break already!)

HiroC continues to refer all of these phrases to Ono-kun. So funny!

Ending Talk

DGS will have its very first public recording as a participant in Dengeki’s 15th Anniversary Festival by Media Works in Makuhari Messe Hall in November 24-25, 2007.

Another 15th Anniversary will be celebrated that October: The Akibahara Enta Matsuri (Akibahara Entertainment Festival). It will feature various video games, and seiyuu and mangaka signing events.

They invite you to e-mail them at dgs@joqr.net

These two are hilarious, as always. I love their banter, and they really know how to make fun of each other. So cute! I hope that you enjoy this episode as much as I did.

And that’s it for the 26th episode of DGS.

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