Pre-order Aoi Shouta’s Latest Album “Zero” NOW!!!

Hello. Any Shou-tan fan, raise your hand! This post is for you. Aoi Shouta (蒼井 翔太)‘s latest album, Zero (零), will be released tomorrow October 11. Yay yay! So exciting! You can pre-order it until today, and then purchase it normally when it releases tomorrow. Here’s a PV of the leading track and the namesake of the album, Zero (零).

Uploaded by: 蒼井翔太 YouTube OFFICIAL CHANNEL

The music video reminds me of Wagakki Band‘s music videos. Don’t you think so, too? The combination of colourful traditional and modern Japanese music is just awesome. And Shou-tan looks so pretty, as always. How can he look so pretty? How?! I want to know! Not to mention that beautiful voice! I love that he can pass for either sex both in looks and in voice.

I’m sure that you’re looking forward to his latest album, so don’t wait and get your own copy now.

Pre-order Aoi Shouta’s Latest Album NOW!!!

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The regular edition includes 1 disc containing 12 tracks with the album’s namesake song Zero (零 ) as the first track. If you buy the first press release from CDJapan, you’ll get an exclusive A3-sized bonus poster.

Zero by Aoi Shouta (Regular Edition)

The CD + DVD edition below includes the 12-track CD plus a DVD containing four music videos and a “making of” footage of the song Zero (零 ). It’s also wrapped in special packaging and includes a 32-page photo book. Like the regular edition above, you’ll get an exclusive A3-sized bonus poster if you buy the first press release from CDJapan.

Zero by Aoi Shouta (CD + DVD)

The CD + Blu-ray edition below basically offers the same features as the CD + DVD edition above, only the second disc is Blu-ray instead of DVD.

Zero by Aoi Shouta (CD + Blu-Ray)

Those album covers, so gorgeous! He looks gorgeous, as expected. What are you waiting for? Pre-order your copy of Aoi Shouta’s newest album,  Zero (零 ), now!

That’s all for today. Have a lovely day. Cheers!

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