DGS 28 Recap: Welcome Nakamura Yuuichi, (You Popular Bastard)!

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 28 Recap & Selected Translations
by Arria Cross

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Ep. 28 Title: あ、もうスタジオが油くさいっすわ、神谷さん (A, mou sutajio ga abura kusaissu wa, Kamiya-san / Ah, the studio already stinks of oil, Kamiya-san)

Credit: animelo.jp

Opening Talk

The 28th episode starts. A guest is joining them. They say that their guest is someone whose name is heard a lot in the show, a Nikumura-san. “Niku” means meat. You can hear the guest laughing in the background. Can you guess who it is? OnoD describes the guest as someone who is physically strong. HiroC calls the guest another nickname, “Nikumaru-kun”. These two are so naughty, making fun of their guest. Ahaha!

HiroC: We haven’t been informed that he’s coming, so we absolutely had no idea that he’s guesting. What did he come here for?
OnoD: Ahahaha! I wonder…
HiroC: I have no idea…
OnoD: I think he’s scheming something.
HiroC: Crap. This is bad. How about we talk for 30 minutes straight in this opening talk?
Both: AHAHAHA!!!
HiroC: So that he won’t get any turn to talk.

How mischievous. So funny! HiroC reveals that the guest with the “wagamama body” is sitting beside OnoD. Refer to Episode 24 for the meaning and context of this term.

Episode Title

OnoD: A, mou sutajio ga abura kusaissu wa, Kamiya-san. (Ah, the studio already stink of oil, Kamiya-san.)

HiroC: Ahahaha!! It can’t be helped. We have to feed Nikumura-kun.

Free Talk

It’s revealed that the guest is fellow seiyuu Nakamura Yuuichi (中村 悠一). Finally! I know we’ve all been waiting for his guest appearance in the show for the first time. Even before guesting in the show, he has been talked about often in DGS. Mostly they talk about how they’re baffled of why Nakamura is so popular. They also “good-naturedly” shaded his chubbiness in past episodes. I have a strong feeling that them calling him “Nikumura” is also a shade to his weight. What bad, bad boys. Ahaha!

They reveal that for Nakamura’s sake, the staff went to a Lawson’s convenience store to buy deep-fried food, including some croquettes and Frankfurt corn dogs. That’s why this episode’s title is about the whole studio smelling of oil.

OnoD: Everything stinks of oil!
Nakamura: It stinks.
OnoD: But you like the food, right? Right?
Nakamura: Not really.
HiroC: Nakamura, eat!
Nakamura: Thank you!
HiroC: It’s okay to pig out today.
Nakamura: My agency won’t get mad at me?
HiroC: They won’t.
OnoD: It’s alright. They’ll excuse everything today.
HiroC: Even your manager says it’s OK!
Nakamura: Well then. I’ll eat everything later. Thanks for the food!
HiroC: But I only heard the OK. I didn’t really witness it myself.
OnoD: Go ahead and take a bite now.
Nakamura: By the way, why did you invite me here today?
HiroC: I have no idea. Why are you invited here?
Nakamura: Hey, now. Wait. Oh, come on!
HiroC: It’s not only in this show, but somehow Nakamura, your name pops up a lot. I wonder why.
OnoD: I wonder about that, too.
HiroC: I just think that everyone seems to be talking about you.
Nakamura: I DON’T KNOW!
Nakamura: It’s not like I’m the one talking about myself. So I DON’T KNOW! It’s you who are talking about me, aren’t you?
HiroC: No idea. Nakamura-kun, aren’t you overexposed?
Nakamura: I even get mails saying, “I often hear your name pop up in the Zetsubou radio show that Kamiya-san is hosting.” Why do you talk about me so much?
HiroC: I wonder. I don’t think that I talk about you all the time.
Nakamura: But why does my name pop up in your show?
HiroC: I don’t know. I don’t think it’s me personally who’s talking about you.

The atmosphere is getting tense, so they just laugh everything off and apologized to each other for being too serious. As always, it’s HiroC who expertly moves on from the tense conversation, explaining that of course they’re going to talk about each other because they’re fellow seiyuu. They work in the same industry and they get to work together often.

They try to think when they first met each other. HiroC says that perhaps they met Nakamura while working in the anime Rockman or even Honey and Clover because most of the DGS storytellers so far have these anime in common. However, Nakamura says that he didn’t work for Rockman.

Then HiroC says that perhaps they met at a game centre for the first time. They’re not sure, but they think HiroC met Nakamura via Sugita Tomokazu while at a game centre. OnoD reveals that it may be the case for him, too. It seems that OnoD and Nakamura met at a game centre for the first time via Yasumoto Hiroki. Holy. The connections here in DGS!

They played the game Romance of the Three Kingdoms (三國志 / Sangokushi) at the game centre. Nakamura shares that they decided to name their avatars according to the women they like, and OnoD named his Tanaka Atsuko (田中 敦子). She’s a fellow seiyuu with a sexy voice. After that, they hadn’t met each other for 6 months after.

HiroC asks them when OnoD and Nakamura worked together for the first time. At first, they couldn’t remember but then they say that they worked together on the anime Glass Fleet (ガラスの艦隊 / Garasu no Kantai). It seems that both of their characters appear at the same time, so that’s when they met at work for the first time. It seems that the director they worked with that time was a huge Do-S. They felt like the director was bullying them, especially OnoD who initially used an okama (gay) voice for his character. He defends himself saying that on his script, he read the word “Okama”, so he thought that his character is an okama. It turns out that “Okama” was the pen name of the character designer of the anime. HiroC calls OnoD an idiot for making this mistake. So funny!

HiroC laughs so hard at OnoD, calling him a “genius” of idiocy. It seems that OnoD kept on the okama acting, while everyone else was wondering why he was acting like an okama. In the end, OnoD realized his mistake and changed into a samurai-like voice.

Finally, they move on from the discussion to the next order of business. They tried Nounai Maker before. Refer to Episode 19. This time, they’re trying something similar called the Soukanzu Generator (相関図ジェネレータ) or the Correlation Chart Generator in English. If you can read Nihongo, I recommend that you try it. It’s so interesting like Nounai Maker. You can access it here.

It seems that they entered all 5 names of the storytellers in the show so far: Hiroshi, Daisuke, Hiroki, Tomokazu, and Yuuichi.

HiroC: When we entered all 5 names into the generator…
Nakamura: I bet it resulted in something terrible.
HiroC: The results are dreadful!
Nakamura: Then that means that when all 5 of us unite, a crime is sure to happen.
OnoD: Ahahaha!


1. HiroC & OnoD’s Correlation Chart

ひろしxだいすけ (Hiroshi x Daisuke)
不思議 (fushigi)

OnoD says it maybe possible, while HiroC says he doesn’t understand why they got this result.

2. Yasumoto & OnoD’s Correlation Chart

ひろきxだいすけ (Hiroki x Daisuke)
同志 (doushi)

OnoD says that he thinks the generator got his relationship with Angen right, but HiroC says they’re unsure what kind of comrades it’s referring to.

3. Sugita & Yasumoto’s Correlation Chart

ともかずxひろき (Tomokazu x Hiroki)
正義 (seigi) & 悪 (aku)
Justice & Evil

They’re laughing because it seems that if you meet Sugita, you’re not sure whether he’s a good or bad guy. Remember that he had similar results with Nounai Maker. Refer to Episode 19. But HiroC says that it makes Sugita easy to understand instead because you’ll be sure that he’s slightly evil. So funny!

4. HiroC & Nakamura

ひろしxゆういち (Hiroshi x Yuuichi)
盗聴仲間 (Touchou Nakama)
Peeping Comrades

They’re laughing because it’s the most dreadful result so far. OnoD calls it a crime.

4. Everyone except HiroC (OnoD, Yasumoto, Sugita & Nakamura)

だいすけxひろきxともかずxゆういち (Daisuke x Hiroki x Tomokazu x Yuuichi)

HiroC advises everyone to cover their ears when he reads the terrible results.

だいすけxともかず (Daisuke x Tomokazu)
ロリコン同士 (Lolicon doushi)
Lolicon comrades

They say that it’s terrible, that darkness oozes out when they’re all together.

だいすけxゆういち (Daisuke x Yuuichi)
いかがわしい (ikagawashii)

At first, Yukyan and OnoD says that this is not true but afterwards, OnoD says that maybe it’s true because all they keep on talking about lately is how to become popular with the ladies. HiroC then says that they want to learn from Yukyan how to be more popular. Then an argument ensues between HiroC and OnoD which of them have the stronger desire to become more popular with the ladies.

Nakamura: The truth is Ono-san is popular with the ladies.
OnoD: Then why don’t I have any proof of that?
Nakamura: Uhm, well. Because I’m blocking them.
OnoD: Don’t block them!
HiroC: You’re blocking them with your wagamama body?
Nakamura: Yeah. The truth is that there are some female seiyuu who wants to get in contact with Ono-san.
HiroC: Isn’t that problematic?
OnoD: Heh~
Nakamura: I don’t talk about this, but they often ask me, “Does Ono-san have a girlfriend?”
OnoD: Aaaaah.
Nakamura: I don’t answer them right away, but I’m like, “Oh no. I can’t let this happen.”
OnoD: Hey, don’t say that.
Nakamura: No, I say it in my mind. I’m like, “Letting Ono-san have a happy ending is unforgivable!”
HiroC: Ahahaha!

OnoD calls Nakamura NEET-kun. Nakamura obviously complains. OnoD asks for the conversation to stop because they’ll end up hurting each other.

OnoD: But you know what the opposite is also true. When Nakamura-san isn’t around, I often hear people saying, “Nakamura-san is so wonderful. He’s so cool!” And I’m like, “Like hell I’m going to say that, idiot!” Ahaha! So I guess I’m the same in blocking.
Nakamura: (whispers) How about Kamiya-san?
OnoD: Kamiya-san?
HiroC: You hear people complimenting me when I’m not around too, right? Even just one or two people? Saying I’m wonderful and things like that?
Nakamura: Ahahaha.
OnoD: Uhm, I wonder. They say that you’re…interesting.
Nakamura: AHAHAHAHA!!!
HiroC: You…
OnoD: They say that you’re interesting and kind.
HiroC: Don’t lie to me! I don’t want to hear lies. I DON’T NEED LIES!
OnoD: I hear people say that you’re someone who can style your hair with oil well, and that makes you attractive.
Nakamura: Ahahaha.
HiroC: That makes me sound like a pervert.
OnoD: Your gleaming hair makes you—
Nakamura: Very stylish.
OnoD: Yes, stylish.
Nakamura: Oh no.
OnoD: I think we’ve gone too far. What should we do? Uhm. Your wristwatch looks stylish?
HiroC: (sulking) We should move on. I think we have some mails to read today.

Oh my gosh. This is so funny! HiroC’s so cute, sulking. He even comments that he doesn’t think that they need guests in the show. Ahaha!

Like I said, if you can read Nihongo, I recommend that you try Soukanzu Generator for yourself. It’s very fun and interesting. You can access it here.

Dear Girl Jouhou

A voice drama adaptation of the cellphone novel Yougenzaka Fudou-san (妖玄坂不動さん) is available on the website. The lead is played by Kaida Yuki (甲斐田ゆき). Other cast members include Takahashi Hiroki (高橋広樹), Minagawa Junko (皆川純子) and Honda Chieko (本多知恵子). And of course, HiroC just needs to add that the 3 of them (HiroC, OnoD & Yukyan) aren’t included in the cast.

The Neko Nabe DVD popular on Niconico is available for sale on Amazon Japan for ¥2500.

Sylph Danwashitsu

They feature the manga Makanai Komusume (まかないこむすめ) by Zachio (ざちお) from Sylph Comics Vol. 4.

Zachio-sensei’s Futsuu Story:
Thank you for featuring my nayami story last time. I haven’t told my mother yet that I’m working as a manga artist. I thought that we would go to a family onsen trip, enjoy ourselves, and confess everything but that didn’t happen because I’m poor. Anyway, last time you pronounced my name “Sajio” but unfortunately the correct reading is “Zachio”. But it’s not like I’m mad at you for butchering my name, so don’t worry about it. The truth is that there are many people who mispronounce my name, reading it as Sachio or Chisao or Jizao and other incorrect names. I’m in despair! There have been a lot of readers and even three of my editors who have mispronounced my name. It’s depressing! That’s why I’m thinking of changing my pen name once and for all. So for someone like me who has zero naming sense, won’t you think of a new pen name for me? Please think of something that fits perfectly with my manga Makanai Komusume. Something catchy and preachy, if you don’t mind. If you think up of a name for me and I like it, I’ll make sure to credit you 3—HiroC, OnoD & Kyan-D—on Sylph Comics. So please help me!

Zachio-sensei has been featured in Episode 10. That time, they pronounced his name “Sajio”. In that episode, I assumed that sensei is female but in this episode I’ll assume that he’s male because he used the pronoun “ore” in the letter. I may be wrong, of course.

Nakamura: Why am I a D?
All: Ahahaha!
OnoD: I don’t know, I don’t know. It isn’t written here so I had to ad lib. My bad.
Nakamura: Just Yu is fine. Just Yu!
OnoD: Ah, Yukyan, right?
Nakamura: Why do I have to be based on you, OnoD? Why do I have to be a D, too?
All: Ahaha!
Nakamura: You’re spouting things randomly. And besides my name doesn’t have a “kyan” either.
All: Ahaha!
OnoD: Now, now.
HiroC: Nakamura, somehow it feels like you’ve always been working with us in this studio. You’re so comfortable.

OnoD says that Nakamura is overshadowing him in the show. Nakamura tells him not to cry about it. So funny!

To move things along, HiroC (as usual) returns their focus to Zachio-sensei’s request. Each of them has to think of a new pen name for sensei. HiroC orders OnoD to go first. OnoD complains, saying that it’s always him who has to go first. Ahaha!

OnoD’s New Pen Name Suggestions:
麦人 (Mugihito) = Straw Man
竹虎 (Taketora) = Bamboo Tiger
ピザ人 (Pizahito) = Pizza Man

OnoD says that he likes names that consists of only 2 kanji. They laugh at OnoD’s first 2 suggestions. HiroC tells him they’re no good. With Pizahito, they tell him that it no longer consists of 2 kanji. HiroC asks Zachio-sensei to forgive them for such idiotic suggestions.

Nakamura’s New Pen Name Suggestion:
さじお (Sajio)

Nakamura: I think just Sajio is good.
OnoD: Hey now.

HiroC’s New Pen Name Suggestion:
小谷中 (Kotani Ataru)

HiroC asks them to give one kanji from their names and combine the kanji together. At first, OnoD wants to give the “dai” (大) in his name, but HiroC quickly comes up with the combination on his own.

“ko” (小) from Ono (小野)
“tani” (谷) from Kamiya (神谷)
“ata(ru)” (中) from Nakamura (中村)

As you know, the majority of kanji characters have multiple readings.

Both OnoD & Nakamura are amazed by HiroC’s creativity in thinking up of a new pen name. For your information, Zachio-sensei was delighted by the suggestion and really began using it. However, the writing for “ata(ru)” (中) is changed from kanji to hiragana, so the pen name became Kotani Ataru (小谷あたる) instead.

Ending Talk

They ask Nakamura how his experience with the show was. With hesitation, he says that he enjoyed it. OnoD tells him to eat more, but he says that the fried food stinks of oil. HiroC calls him “Nikumura” once again, and Nakamura quickly corrects him. Ahaha!

Then they tease him again, saying that they should have suggested Kotani Niku (小谷肉) as Zachio-sensei’s pen name instead. Nakamura calls them terrible for even suggesting it.

HiroC: Nakamura-san, do you have some announcements you want to make?
Nakamura: None.
HiroC: None?
Nakamura: I just want to say that I laze around and sleep at home everyday.
OnoD: That’s not true.
HiroC: You mean you’re so busy, so booking you is very difficult.
Nakamura: That’s not true.
HiroC: Are you coming back here again?
OnoD: Yeah, come again.
Nakamura: Well then. I’ll come back again next week.
All: Ahahaha!

They promote the show’s very first public recording as participant in Dengeki’s 15th Anniversary Festival by Media Works in Makuhari Messe Hall in November 24-25, 2007. The DGS event is titled “Dear Girl ~Stories~ For Lovers Only”. It will be about rubbers! Just kidding! Ehehe.

They invite you to e-mail them at dgs@joqr.net

I love this episode. Finally, Nakamura Yuuichi makes his first DGS guesting! So hilarious, and it gives insight to each of the 3’s different personalities. There may been some tense moments—although I’m hoping those were for comedic effect—but overall, this is definitely one of my favourite episodes. It took me longer to finish this episode recap because I had to listen to 3 voices all speaking at the same time, and also to hunt for the working link for the actual Soukanzu Generator and get the same results as in this episode. I hope that you enjoyed this episode as much as I did.

And that’s it for the 28th episode of DGS.

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