DGS 29 Recap: Nakamura Yuuichi Graces You With His Presence Again, You Bastards!

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 29 Recap & Selected Translations
by Arria Cross

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Episode Guide

Ep. 29 Title: サードフェイズ…終了 (Saado Feizu…shuuryou / Third Phase…ends)

Credit: animelo.jp

Opening Talk

The 29th episode starts. They promote the show’s very first public recording as participant in Dengeki’s 15th Anniversary Festival by MediaWorks in Makuhari Messe Hall in November 24-25, 2007. The DGS event is titled “Dear Girl ~Stories~ For Lovers Only”.

The schedule is very tight, and HiroC is a little worried whether they’ll be able to perform their best with so little time to spare between. They also assure people not to worry about not being able to get tickets because it seems that even if someone isn’t able to purchase one, the event can still be watched from far away in a standing-only space. Only successful ticket holders would have access to seats in front of the stage.

Episode Title

OnoD: Saado Feizu…shuuryou. (Third Phase…ends.)

HiroC: That’s kind of embarrassing to say.

Futsu Sto

They make an important and exciting announcement. They will “probably” release the show’s first CD before the year is out. It will be a CD album with the two of them singing the songs. They give themselves applause, with OnoD sounding the most excited. HiroC demands why OnoD is so excited. OnoD says that he thinks they’re allowed to play around with the CD because it’s for DGS. HiroC says that perhaps it’ll contain about 4 songs. OnoD asks how many songs the CD should contain. HiroC jokes that perhaps 2 songs would suffice.

OnoD refers to his own mini-album, Hinemosu (ひねもす)which he just released during summer that year. The 6th and last song in the album is “Daisuki” (だいすき) which sounds like his own name Daisuke. So he suggests that for their first DGS CD, perhaps a song titled “K-A-M-I-Y-A or something” concludes the track list. HiroC isn’t into this idea because his name doesn’t really have any similar-sounding words that can be used as song titles. OnoD tries to suggest some but he couldn’t think of any, except “Kami-sama” which means “God”. HiroC is keeping quiet, making OnoD sound more awkward. So funny. HiroC then comments that perhaps he won’t talk at all this episode and let OnoD do all the talking. Poor OnoD. Ahaha.

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The first letter is read by OnoD. It’s about the series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 / JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken). The sender jokingly asks if DGS means “Dear GioGio Stories”, pronounce “Jiojio” to match the topic.

The discussion is a little difficult to understand for those who aren’t familiar with the series…like me. The sender is asking them if they like Jojo, to which OnoD answers that he loves it. HiroC also asks someone else in the studio and hmmm…that voice sounds very familiar. Is that you, Yukyan?! Well, Nakamura Yuuichi did say last episode that he’s going to return. Refer to Episode 28. Anyway, this person who sounds like Yukyan answers that yes, he likes Jojo as well. HiroC says that he’s familiar with only about 3 parts of the series. HiroC, not being very familiar with series, is schooled by both OnoD and the mystery guest about which characters star in which part of the series.

HiroC: (to the mystery guest) Who the heck are you?
Nakamura: I’m Nakamura.
Nakamura: Being asked “who the heck are you” is…
OnoD: We didn’t ask you to be here today.
Nakamura: I ended up coming here.
OnoD: You’re here again.
Nakamura: I have some business here at Bunka Housou, so I came.

Yay! Nakamura’s back! So fun! He jokes that the staff put out a notice outside the studio asking for Jojo fans to join in the recording, so he came. Ahaha! Since both OnoD and Nakamura are Jojo fans, they’re enthusiastically discussing all the characters while HiroC is feeling out of place in the discussion because he’s not very familiar with the series. He refers back to last episode’s Soukanzu Generator’s results of both OnoD & Nakamura, saying that they have an “indecent” relationship with each other. Refer to Episode 28. HiroC jokes that now he knows why. So funny.

HiroC: Go ahead and talk to your heart’s content, you two. I’m just gonna play with my Gundam Virtue plamo here by myself.

Ahaha! HiroC’s sulking. So adorable! Virtue is the heavy-assault Gundam in Gundam 00 which HiroC’s character Tieria Erde pilots.

Sent by “I really enjoy Gundam 00”, read by HiroC:

Your first public recording event is coming up soon. I think that I would like to see you two cosplay for the event. How about OnoD wear a Dirty Pair costume that he loves so much?

HiroC: What the heck is this?
Nakamura: OnoD, do you like Dirty Pair?
OnoD: I do.
HiroC: Ono-kun talks too much about Dirty Pair in this show.
Nakamura: Do you really want to dress up as Dirty Pair that much?
HiroC: He does.

HiroC shares with Nakamura what OnoD has been saying in the past episodes, where OnoD wants to model their characters for the DGS manga they’re planning to publish based on Dirty Pair. He says that OnoD even wants to crossdress and wear skimpy clothing of the Dirty Pair, like hot pants and mini-skirts. Ahaha!

HiroC feels so embarrassed that he refused to speak for a few seconds. OnoD then concedes that if they indeed cosplay as Dirty Pair and crossdress, then their everything would be exposed to everyone. Ahahaha! Then OnoD adds that he’ll compromise, saying that he’ll be open to wearing longer skirts instead to protect their goods. Ahahaha! HiroC tells OnoD that OnoD can crossdress by himself, or maybe take Sugita along instead of him. OnoD says that it’s not a bad idea. OnoD then suggests that perhaps he can still wear the Dirty Pair costume while HiroC can wear the male version.

HiroC wonders why OnoD is so obsessed with Dirty Pair and crossdressing. He’s also kind of amazed of OnoD’s intensity whenever he reveals some of his quirks, like saying he doesn’t need the “dere” part in Tsundere Cafés. All he wants is the “tsun” part. Refer to Episode 22. HiroC says that OnoD is scary when he’s like this. He tells all their listeners to look forward to their first public recording event, even if it’s not finalized yet what they’re going to wear. If OnoD really crossdresses, then they’ll know at the event itself.

Dear Girl Jouhou

At the Seiyuu Pick-Up Corner, Yusa Kouji (遊佐 浩二)‘s chaku voices are available for streaming and download.

The Neko Nabe DVD popular on Niconico is available for sale on Amazon Japan for ¥2,500.

Sylph Danwashitsu

They feature the manga Anonymous (アノニマス) by Imamura Yoko (今村陽子) from Sylph Comics Vol. 4.

Imamura Yoko-sensei’s Futsuu Story:
Last time I asked you to think up of character names for me. Thank you for recommending such a terrible—I mean wonderful name—Gyokuro Zaburou. Until the day I actually use your recommendation, I’ll treasure it. Anyway, my hand joints are bony so they hurt whenever I draw manga. Waiting for them to get better before I wash my hands to eat is too much trouble. My friends told me to knit Lillian gloves. What’s a Lillian? Please tell me.

Refer to Episode 9 for Imamura-sensei’s previous nayami story.

HiroC gives a quick answer saying that Lillian is a yarn you use to knit handmade products. Then he tries to end the corner as quickly as possible (as usual), making them laugh, but of course they still need to actually “discuss” Imamura-sensei’s letter because this is what the corner is about.

OnoD: Issues with the hands plague manga artists, right?
HiroC: True. For us seiyuu, our voices are our life. For manga artists, it’s their hands.
OnoD: Aaaaaah….
HiroC: To protect those hands is our mission because we are…
HiroC: Even when it isn’t written on our scripts, we were still able to say it together perfectly.
OnoD: I know, right? It’s because both of us are just too cool.
HiroC: Ahaha!
Nakamura: You’re saying that with such nonchalance.
HiroC: Ahahaha!
OnoD: Oh, you’re still here?
Nakamura: I’m here, I’m here.
HiroC: Ah, Nikumura-kun is still here.
OnoD: It’s Niku…
Nakamura: Yes! I honour you of my presence, you bastards.
OnoD: Oy, oy.
HiroC: Ahahaha!

As usual, it’s HiroC who moves the pace along. He announces that they’re giving something to solve Imamura-sensei’s hand problems. Their present is:


OnoD complains that giving out haramaki and gloves to the manga artists isn’t very Dear Girl-like. Refer to Episode 26 where they gave haramaki to Nakamura Asumiko-sensei for her stomach issues. HiroC answers that they’re giving out this kind of items because they’re very cheap, so they don’t cost the show much. OnoD scolds HiroC for being too frank.

HiroC: Let me be frank for a bit more. The truth is, there are actually two sets of these gloves.
OnoD: Oh, like a two-disk CD.
HiroC: That’s why, this pair of gloves have a brother. They’re a set of two brothers.
OnoD: So there was another pair of these?
HiroC: Yes, it was an older brother. We used the older brother before in the show. Now guess when we used it!
OnoD: Ehehe. During the Duriangelion.
HiroC: Correct!
OnoD: No way!
HiroC: Ono-kun gets 1 POINT!
Nakamura: Way to go! You got 1 point.

Refer to Episode 23 for the hilariously crazy Duriangelion episode.

HiroC: The first set was used when we cut the durian.
OnoD: But the durian was creamy, so it seeped inside the cotton gloves.
HiroC: Unfortunately, the older brother died in battle during Duriangelion.

Ahahaha! Then like in the haramaki episode (Refer to Episode 26), each of them has to write special messages on the gloves to give strength to Imamura-sensei’s hands.

HiroC lets them choose whether to write on the left or the right gloves. OnoD chooses the left, while HiroC appoints the right one to Nakamura. Both OnoD and Nakamura tells HiroC that he should write too, and not just the two of them.

HiroC’s Special Message:
(written in purple ink)

They comment that it’s a very Jojo-like sound effect. OnoD asks whether sensei will really get strength from this word, and HiroC insists that of course, she will. It’s also a very fitting word, a sound effect, especially for a manga artist like Imamura-sensei.

HiroC: Doesn’t it sound very strong?
OnoD: Yeah, it’s cool! Cool!

HiroC notices that their producer (#1 Most Important Person in DGS), Uchi-P, is taking pictures of them, so he invites everyone to check out the website for the uploaded photos.

OnoD’s Special Message:
(written in light blue)
Life on royalty sales

It’s all about the money. How practical, OnoD! OnoD says that if Imamura-sensei focuses on earning high royalty from the sales of her manga, then of course she’ll be very motivated to work harder.

HiroC tells everyone to write their names alongside their messages, so that they can tell whose messages is from who.

Ending Talk

Since Nakamura wasn’t finish writing his special message for Imamura-sensei’s gloves, they do it after the commercial before the show ends. Both HiroC and OnoD repeat their own messages before Nakamura reveals what he wrote.

Nakamura’s Special Message:
Life on the Hills

HiroC: What the heck?
OnoD: I wonder if that’d really motivate sensei.
Nakamura: Once she gets her royalty earnings, she can move to the Hills.
OnoD: Aaaah. I see.

HiroC tells them that they don’t know how to dream. OnoD denies.

I’m assuming that the Hills is referring to Roponggi Hills, a mega-complex in Roponggi and one of the largest integrated property developments in Japan.

They thank Nakamura for coming again. HiroC asks him how was it to join them again. Nakamura answers that he had fun. Everything is thanks to Jojo. Since HiroC isn’t really familiar with the series, Nakamura invites him to his house after work because he has copies of the manga. HiroC calls his house the “Nakamura Café”.

They invite you to e-mail them at dgs@joqr.net

It’s so exciting that Yukyan actually returned immediately after his first ever guesting in the show last episode. It’s just a bit disappointing that he didn’t get that much air time here, perhaps because he just dropped by the show. It’s a fun episode, as usual, but a little underwhelming (at least for me). Perhaps I felt like HiroC, a little out place with all the Jojo-focused talk that I can’t relate to. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t enjoy this episode as much as I should. I hope that you enjoyed this episode more than I did.

And that’s it for the 29th episode of DGS.

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