Special DGS Interview Recap: DENGEKI 15×15 with Souguchi Akihisa

Special DGS Interview on DENGEKI 15×15 Recap & Selected Translations
by Arria Cross

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Credit: animelo.jp

This is an interview hosted by radio personality Souguchi Akihisa (荘口彰久) on DENGEKI 15×15 by MediaWorks, a month away from DGS’ very first public recording event as participant in Dengeki’s 15th Anniversary Festival in Makuhari Messe Hall on November 24-25, 2007. Enjoy!

Souguchi: Once again, this is Souguchi Akihisa of DENGEKI 15×15 by MediaWorks. Without further ado, let me introduce our guests, the personalities of the radio show Dear Girl ~Stories which is currently airing on Bunka Housou. Here they are!
HiroC: Hello! My name is Kamiya Hiroshi. Please treat me well.
Souguchi: Thank you!
OnoD: Yes. Good evening. My name is Ono Daisuke. Please treat me well.
Souguchi: Thank you. So you’re known as “HiroC” and “OnoD”.
OnoD: Yes~
HiroC: That’s right.
Souguchi: I’m sure that the two of you are feeling a bit uneasy right now because you weren’t told why you’re here today.
HiroC: True. We have no idea. We were told to come here and talk, so I wonder if we’d get in trouble if we’re not able to talk as expected.
Souguchi: I’ll explain everything to you, then.
OnoD: Yes.
Souguchi: On November 24 & 25, it’s Dengeki’s 15th Anniversary and the two of you are—
Both: Heeeeeh~
Souguchi: Oh wowohohoho. What’s up with that reaction, HiroC & OnoD?
Both: Ahahaha!
Souguchi: What does that mean?

Ahaha! HiroC & OnoD are so synchronized! So funny.

Souguchi: As personalities of Dear Girl ~Stories~, it’s been decided that you’ll have your own stage event and web radio booth on Sunday, November 25. (lone applause)
Both: (silence)
Souguchi: (awkward clapping) Wait—
Both: Heeeeeh~
Souguchi: What the heck’s with you, guys?
HiroC: Ahahaha! Oh, so that’s why we’re called here to guest today. I understand. Now we know. Thank you very much!
Souguchi: It’s good that you now understand but…
Both: Yes!
Souguchi: So what I’m saying is we’d like to hear from you what we should expect from your upcoming event.
HiroC: Aaah…
OnoD: I see.
Souguchi: There are people who’re still deciding whether to come and see the event or not, so the two of you should entice them with all your might!
Both: Aaaaah~
Souguchi: Sigh. What should I do with you two…
Both: Ahahaha!
OnoD: Yeah, I wonder….
Souguchi: What should we do…
OnoD: With all our might, huh…
HiroC: With all our might…
Souguchi: First of all, how about tell us what kind of show is Dear Girl ~Stories~?

They make a brief introduction of DGS: the time when it airs, the existence of different corners within the show, and that they feature Sylph Comics.

Souguchi: What kind of magazine is Sylph Comics?
OnoD: (exaggerated throat clearing)
HiroC: I’ll leave this to OnoD.
Souguchi: Go ahead, OnoD.
HiroC: Anything related to Sylph Comics, OnoD is the man.
Souguchi: I see. So what kind is it?
OnoD: I now cleared my phlegm.
Souguchi: Ah, no more phlegm? So tell us what kind of comics is this?
OnoD: Well, Sylph Comics is a comics for young women.
Souguchi: I see.
HiroC: Yeah.
Souguchi: And then?
OnoD: The protagonists mainly consist of girls. Virtually all are girls.
Souguchi: Most are girls? And then?
OnoD: And you know, there are bishounen everywhere.
Souguchi: So there are lots of ikemen?
OnoD: There are only handsome guys.
Souguchi: Only handsome guys, eh?
OnoD: Yes.
Souguchi: I don’t know why we’re talking in this kind of tone.
HiroC: He’s always like this.
Souguchi: Ah, I see.
OnoD: If I don’t speak like this…
Souguchi: Yes?
OnoD: If I don’t speak in a cool voice like this…
Souguchi: Ahahaha!
OnoD: I won’t be able to attract the ladies.

Oh my gosh. You’re so funny, OnoD. They instruct him to promote Sylph Comics and he does. He messes up the pronunciation of “Volume”, pronouncing it more like “Valium”. I have a feeling he does this intentionally for comedic effect.

Souguchi also reveals that the DGS event is heavily advertised in Sylph Comics using big words and promising all attendees that they will have so much fun. It also promises that HiroC and OnoD will be jumping out on the stage and make everyone go crazy. As a result, they’re a little worried that if they fail to live up to these big words, they’ll be in trouble.

Souguchi: So tell us some details of what you plan to do at the event.
HiroC: I wonder what we’re going to do…
HiroC: Oy oy!
Souguchi: Wait a minute.
HiroC: Don’t say we have no idea.
Souguchi: But on your radio show, you feature Sylph Comics, right?
OnoD: Yes.
Souguchi: So what kind of corner is it?
HiroC: It’s a corner where Sylph Comics manga artists send us their nayami.
Souguchi: Ah! What do you mean by that?
HiroC: And then we suggest solutions to their problems. But most of the time, things go crazy.
OnoD: It’s called Sylph Soudanshitsu.
Souguchi: What kind of nayami do they send you?
HiroC: Some examples of what we have received so far are: “What soba toppings are delicious?” Something like that. (Refer to Episode 17)
Souguchi: Wow.
HiroC: “My nasal hair grows very long. What should I do?” (Refer to Episode 8)
Souguchi: Wow!
HiroC: Sylph Comics‘ manga artists are mostly female…
Souguchi: I see.
HiroC: But they’re actually people like these.

Ahahaha! So funny. But it’s true. Most of the crazy and hilarious events in the show occur in the Sylph Soudanshitsu/Danwashitsu corner.

Then Souguchi promises that they’re going to know what to expect during the upcoming DGS event after the commercial break, but OnoD repeats that they still have no idea what they’re going to do. Ahahaha!

(CM Break)

Souguchi reintroduces his guests, HiroC & OnoD. And then asks them again if they can share even just some ideas of what people can expect from their upcoming event.

Souguchi: They say that it’s going to be a stage event and a web radio booth.
Both: Heeeeeh~
Souguchi: I’ve had enough with that reaction.
Both: Ahahaha!
Souguchi: Let’s talk about the web radio booth. This will be a public recording, right?
HiroC: Well, if you think about it, it’s just a normal public recording.
Souguchi: Right?
HiroC: Yes, yes, yes.

Then they repeatedly talk about how this will be a “normal” and “expected” public recording event and web radio booth. Getting tired of the repetitive discussion:

Souguchi: Just go ahead and say that you haven’t decided on anything yet.
Both: Ahahaha!
HiroC: But we have decided on the event title, you know.
Souguchi: Ah, so you already have a title?
HiroC: Yes. It’s For Lovers Only (Subject to Change).
Souguchi: What does it mean?
OnoD: You mean it may change?
HiroC: I don’t know. What can it mean? Just from the title alone…
OnoD: It’s about lovers.
Souguchi: So something about romantic love?
HiroC: It’s like it’s saying only couples can attend.
OnoD: Yes yes yes.
Souguchi: Wow. That’s kind of an irritating event for singles, isn’t it?
HiroC: Right?
Souguchi: I’m feeling kinda lonely hearing that.
HiroC: It’s a ladies-only event, so it’s like the two of us are going to be your lovers for a day during the event.
OnoD: Your lovers.
Souguchi: Aaaaah…
HiroC: Kimochi-warui!
Souguchi: Why would you mess it up at the end when it was getting good?
HiroC: Well, DGS is that kind of radio show. Sorry!

They talk about how DGS is supposed to be a radio show for the happiness of young women, but the things they’re making HiroC & OnoD do can’t really be called proper entertainment for ladies.

HiroC: For example, the one with the durian. (Refer to Episode 23)
OnoD: This is a recent one.
Souguchi: Durian?
HiroC: Recently on the Sylph Soudanshitsu Corner, Hoshino Lily-sensei wrote something like, “Go try and eat durian.” I mean, it’s not even a nayami.
OnoD: It’s not a nayami.

They share what a horrible experience it was for them to eat such a stinky fruit. It stinks like rotten egg or chives, they say. And the slimy texture is disgusting. Souguchi tells them that it actually sounds like something young women would find entertaining. The two asks him if this is true, which Souguchi says yes. Next, he asks what kind of other things happened in DGS.

HiroC: We had a guest in the show, or more like someone filled in for me when I took a sick leave because I had a cold.
Souguchi: Ah!
OnoD: Yeah, that happened.
HiroC: So Sugita-kun filled in for me, and he & Ono-kun hosted the show together.
Souguchi: So Sugita came? Eh?
HiroC: And the two of them did such a great job, so I said, “I don’t think I’m needed anymore.”
Souguchi: Ah, so something like that happened. Then what else?
HiroC: What else…Ono-kun called home.
OnoD: Oh! Yeah, I did that.
HiroC: He called his mom, MamaD. Alias MamaD. (Refer to Episode 23)
Souguchi: MamaD?
HiroC: Yes. OnoD’s mother. We call her MamaD on the show.
OnoD: Ahaha. They started calling her like that by themselves.
Souguchi: Your mother is alright being given that kind of character?
HiroC: We called her, but she didn’t pick up the phone.
Souguchi: She didn’t pick up?
HiroC: She didn’t.
OnoD: The oba-san in the neighbourhood who my mom often talks to…we call her Oba-D. I hear that she’s quite a character.
HiroC: Well, then. Why don’t we ask Oba-D & MamaD to attend our upcoming event?
Souguchi: You’ll call them to Makuhari?
OnoD: No way!
Souguchi: I have an idea for what you’re going to do at the event. Ask Sugita and Ono-kun’s mother to eat durian.
HiroC: I see!
OnoD: Ahahaha!
OnoD: I don’t think my okkan would be able to take it. Her body’s starting to weaken with age, you know.
HiroC: Ahahaha!
OnoD: Asking her to eat something that strong is just….
Souguchi: I just think that it will be such a huge hit and everyone will go crazy as a result.
HiroC: Right.
Souguchi: So in the end, it’s going to be a durian-cutting event starring OnoD’s mother.
OnoD: It won’t be suitable for ladies anymore!
Souguchi: Ahahaha!
HiroC: Well, we won’t make it into something too kimochi-warui.
Souguchi: Right. But no matter what you have in store for us, if we’re guaranteed to go crazy, then I’ll definitely come too.
HiroC: Yes. We’ll work hard.

They also hint that DGS might make a big announcement during the event, so they invite everyone to come and discover it during the event itself.

The show is about to end. It’s so much fun listening to them being interviewed this time in another show instead of being the interviewers on DGS.

Souguchi: Kamiya Hiroshi-san, aside from “HiroC”, it seems that you’re also called “Kamiyoung”.
HiroC: Ahaha!
Souguchi: Why is that?
OnoD: “Young” evokes a “fresh” feeling, doesn’t it?

So funny! The show ends. Such a fun interview.

And that’s it for this special interview on DENGEKI 15×15. I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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