DGS 32 Recap: I Love Myself More Than I Love You!

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 32 Recap & Selected Translations
by Arria Cross

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Episode Guide

Ep. 32 Title: 誰かが…僕らを写生している! (Dare ka ga…bokura o shasei-shiteiru! Someone’s…drawing us!)

Credit: animelo.jp

Opening Talk

The 32nd episode starts. They talk about last episode’s special guest, Bunka Housou’s exclusive big eater talent, Kobayashi Chanko Chanko. Refer to Episode 31. It’s thanks to Chanko Chanko that they were able to finish all 10 boxes of Pino, 60 pieces overall. And of course, they were able to find one of the rare star-shaped Pinos. A miracle, indeed.

HiroC is amazed how much the gods love the show for them to be able to find such a rare item. However, when they found the star-shaped Pino, they wanted to take a photo of it to commemorate the event, but they weren’t able to get a good photo because Chanko ate it quickly. OnoD says that in Chanko’s case, the Pinos weren’t just being eaten, they disappeared. They say that they bought and ate all those Pinos in order to find that one rare star-shaped one, but Chanko nonchalantly ate it like it was nothing. Ahahaha!

Last episode, Chanko wished for 1000 g of hayashi rice when they found the star Pino. It seems that his wish was granted and he was able to eat hayashi rice. A photo was even uploaded on the site. As a result, HiroC complains to Uchi-P and the rest of the staff why such a photo was uploaded to the site. He says that DGS is OnoD and his show, not Chanko’s. Ahaha!

Episode Title

OnoD: Dare ka ga…bokura o shasei-shiteiru! (Someone’s…drawing us!)

Futsu Sto

They start the corner using their cool, bishie voices because someone is sketching them in the studio. They refer back to the last last episode when the Editor-in-Chief of Sylph Comics dropped by. Refer to Episode 30. They were nervous and thought that they were going to be scolded and beaten up with a bat, but fortunately they were wrong. It turns out that the Editor-in-Chief came to announce the production of their DGS manga.

While talking, they both revert back to their usual voices, dropping the cool, bishie tones they used at the beginning of the corner. They laughed when they noticed this. They explain that the person quietly sketching them is observing them, in order to understand them for their characters in the DGS manga. So they’re going to do their best to work hard and make this a fun show, so that the artist can make a fun manga.

Then they start talking in cool, bishie voices again. Oh my g! Doki doki moment!

HiroC: The person who’s drawing us….
OnoD: What’s her name?
HiroC: What’s your name? Ah! Mmmm~
OnoD: What a nice name.
HiroC: So you’re Iwasaki Saya-sensei (いわさき砂也).
Suwa: Ahahaha!

Ah, be still my heart. HiroC’s on a roll with his seductive voice. Ehehe.

OnoD: Her face is all red.

I bet. Hang in there, Saya-sensei!

OnoD continues to read the announcements with his cool, bishie voice but HiroC tells him to read in his usual voice, so he does. They promote their upcoming public recording event and web radio booth as participant in Dengeki’s 15th Year Festival at Makuhari Messe Hall brought by MediaWorks, which according to OnoD, is Sylph Comics’ father.

They assure everyone that even if one can’t get a hold of a ticket, the event can still be viewed from afar. And it seems that even in front of the stage itself is a standing only space. HiroC jokes that for the unfortunate ones who are able to get tickets in front of the stage, they would be able to see OnoD in all his kimochi-warui glory. OnoD protests, saying that everyone’s going to see his coolness. Ahaha.

Their event is titled “Dear Girl ~Stories~ For Lovers Only”. The title is a constant butt of misnomer in previous episodes because the Japanese pronunciation for “lover” is the same as “rubber”. With this rubber joke, Suwa gives them a fake plan for the stage event.

HiroC: Kamiya-san and Ono-san makes their grand entrance while holding rubbers with their mouths.
OnoD: Hmmmm….
HiroC: Next is the second stage. They will let go of the rubber.
Suwa: Ahaha!
HiroC: Third stage. Opening talk.
OnoD: Isn’t that weird?!
HiroC: This is weird!
OnoD: Ahaha! Ahahaha!
HiroC: Why do we have to go around?
Suwa: AHAHA!!
HiroC: Don’t laugh!
OnoD: Ahaha!

HiroC demands an explanation for this plan and Suwa explains that he thought it would be hard for both HiroC & OnoD to talk if they don’t let go of the rubber for the Opening Talk, so he planned it so that they let go of the rubber before talking. Both of them call Suwa an idiot. If you’ll remember, he was the one who originally thought of “rubber” instead of “lover” when their event title was first announced.

OnoD then wonders who will be the one to let go of the rubber first. HiroC’s sarcasm and sadism shine again when he says that the two of them have a senpai-kouhai relationship. OnoD should know his place in the show by now, so this shouldn’t be a question anymore but is already decided by seniority. Ahaha!

DGS is also releasing its first PV (promotion video), specifically targeted to those who want to know what the show is about. HiroC tries to charm Saya-sensei again with his seductive voice, saying that there are rumours that the PV is going to feature an illustration drawn by her featuring the two of them. So they’re posing for her. Ahaha!

Sent by Ninenechin of Chiba Prefecture, read by OnoD:

Good evening OnoD & Kamiya-san! Congratulations on the upcoming release of your CD! I’m certain that all your fans will be overjoyed with the release of something like a CD of this show. I want to hear OnoD’s impromptu “Bring me Sylph Comics Song” again. I’d be very happy if you sing it again, OnoD.

HiroC announces that because Ninenechin-san requested it, the song will be included in the CD. OnoD thinks it’s a big joke, but HiroC insists that the show is all about YOU, who are listening to the show so when YOU ask them, they should do everything in their power to grant any request. Ahahaha! They joke that OnoD would be credited for the song in the CD and he’d receive the royalty for it, too. So funny.

HiroC clarifies that they’re serious when they say that they’re going to include the song in the CD. And yes, I can tell you…it is indeed included. Three versions of the song are included in the CD, actually. Way to go!

Dear Girl Jouhou

All songs from OnoD’s first mini-album Hinemosu (ひねもす) will be available on the website. HiroC calls it the “OnoD Matsuri” and OnoD calls it the “OnoD Fest”.

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Sylph Danwashitsu

They feature the manga Level 4 (レベル4) by Mikabe Sesuna (岬下部せす) from Sylph Comics Volume 4.

In response to Mikabe-sensei’s previous nayami letter, they sent her an actual soccer ball. Refer to Episode 16. They reveal that instead of sending it by mail, Uchi-P actually presented the ball to sensei himself. Here is a recording of the actual presenting of the ball:

(noisy background sound effects)
Uchi-P: Good afternoon.
Mikabe-sensei: Hello.
Uchi-P: I’ve brought something for a sports we recommend today.
Mikabe-sensei: Ok.
Uchi-P: It’s this. (sound of bouncing ball)
Mikabe-sensei: Thank you very much.
(laughing & speaking at the same time)
Mikabe-sensei: I actually was part of the soccer club during elementary. But only for 3 months.
Uchi-P: Really?
Mikabe-sensei: Yes.
Uchi-P: Then you’re experienced with soccer.
Mikabe-sensei: Yes, I’m actually good at it. (laughing)
Uchi-P: When we featured you on the show, OnoD did some ball lifting in response to your nayami. Were you able to listen to it?
Mikabe-sensei: Ah! Of course.
Uchi-P: What did you think about it? Please be honest.
Mikabe-sensei: Ah, I thought that I’m way better than him.

(in the studio)

Uchi-P and Mikabe-sensei play with the ball for a few moments, with Uchi-P praising Mikabe-sensei for her skills.

Uchi-P: Lastly, would you please give a message for HiroC & OnoD?
Mikabe-sensei: Eh, thank you very much! Because of you, I decided to write a soccer manga for my next work and model the characters after you. Please read it.

(back in the studio)

Both: Oooooh~

They laugh at Uchi-P for playing with sensei and acting like Captain Tsubasa. Ahaha!

Mikabe Sesuna-sensei’s Futsu Sto:
As seiyuu, the two of you acted a lot of anime characters. But in real life, which of you two is better in acting? Please have an acting showdown.

HiroC: Oy! What is the meaning of this?
OnoD: Wow.
HiroC: What does this mean?
OnoD: So sudden and unreasonable.
HiroC: Isn’t this too unreasonable for a request?
OnoD: (laughing awkwardly)
HiroC: And anyway, aren’t acting skills something that you can’t measure concretely? Look at it this way! What if someone asks you, who among the Sylph Comics artists is the best? Wouldn’t you say, “What is with that rude question?”
OnoD: I know, right?
HiroC: Right?
OnoD: It’s not something that you can measure concretely.
HiroC: You can’t measure it.
OnoD: Plus we have a senpai-kouhai relationship.
HiroC: I know, right?
Suwa: Ahahaha!
HiroC: Then why do we have to answer this kind of rude question?
Suwa: Because the artists are absolute in this corner.
Both: Ahahaha!

So because they have no choice but to do whatever the Sylph Comics artists ask them, the two of them are going to have an acting showdown called “Damemoto Etude” or “I’ll do it because I have nothing to lose Etude”.

They’re given a scenario and it’s up to them how to act them out. The etude stops when they hear the chime bell ringing. OnoD starts singing “Bring me the chime bell”, similar to his “Bring me Sylph Comics Song”.

Scenario 1:
OL (Office Lady) and copier

OnoD will play the office lady while HiroC will play the copier. HiroC observes that OnoD looks so happy to play an office lady.


OnoD (OL): Well then. The boss told me to, uhm, make copies of this Dear Letter. Uhm..uhm. So first, please make copies of this Dear Letter. How many? 10 copies, I think! Switch on!
HiroC (copier): Ah, I can’t do that.
OnoD (OL): Why?
HiroC (copier): I can’t do that because we haven’t done Dear Letter for a while, right?
Both: Ahaha!
OnoD (OL): It’s weird, right?
HiroC (copier): We haven’t done that corner for a while, right?
OnoD (OL): I wonder if Dear Letter is no good. Then, how about 1-Phrase Story? 25 copies, please.
HiroC (copier):That’s also not possible. We also haven’t done that corner…what’s it called again? That short something phrase story? See? I even forgot what it’s called.
OnoD (OL): You can’t do it even if you’re the copier?
HiroC (copier): I’m sorry.
OnoD (OL): What should I do now?
HiroC (copier): Because I haven’t made copies for those corners for a while, I don’t really remember them anymore.
OnoD (OL): Then please fax this to Aoni. It’s a letter of complaint about Kamiya Hiroshi—-
HiroC (copier): Don’t you dare send that!


HiroC: I’m a copier so I don’t fax things!
OnoD: Copiers can fax now, too, you know.
HiroC: Ah, they can now? It’s because all I heard was the letter of complaint about me, so yeah.
OnoD: Ahaha!
HiroC: Stop it, okay?
OnoD: I understand.

Scenario 2:
HiroC’s Aoni Manager & OnoD’s Mausu Manager Dating


OnoD as his female Mausu manager: This is a problem, you know…
HiroC as his male Aoni manager: (in his seductive voice) What is?
OnoD (Mausu manager): We work in different companies.
HiroC (Aoni manager): But isn’t it good that we work in different companies?
OnoD (Mausu manager): No, what I’m saying is….
HiroC (Aoni manager): If we’re working in the same company, our office love would be more difficult for us. But since we’re working in different companies, isn’t it great? And we can also be the bridge between our two companies.
OnoD (Mausu manager): We can be the bridge?
HiroC (Aoni manager): We can! Our love for each other can transform into a love between Aoni and Mausu too, so…
Suwa: Ahahaha!
OnoD (Mausu manager): I see.
HiroC (Aoni manager): So don’t go saying such negative things.
OnoD (Mausu manager): I understand. So if I say “Come work for Mausu instead”. Will you do it?
HiroC (Aoni manager): That’s a different story. Didn’t we talk about transferring Ono to Aoni before?
OnoD (Mausu manager): Right.
HiroC (Aoni manager): Since he was complaining about Mausu’s treatment of him, saying that he’s tired of the company…
OnoD (Mausu manager): But he’s working so hard under Mausu.
HiroC (Aoni manager): So it would be great if both you and Ono transfer to Aoni instead.
OnoD (Mausu manager): That sounds good. But what about our earlier talk about transferring Hiroshi to Mausu?
HiroC (Aoni manager): Kamiya?
OnoD (Mausu manager): Yeah.
HiroC (Aoni manager): That’s impossible.
OnoD (Mausu manager): Why? Don’t you love me?
HiroC (Aoni manager): Well, because he…
OnoD (Mausu manager): If you really love me, you’ll give him to me, won’t you?
HiroC (Aoni manager): No…what’s impossible is impossible….
OnoD (Mausu manager): Well, you know what? I actually love Hiroshi!
HiroC (Aoni manager): Eh? Wait a minute. Wait.
OnoD (Mausu manager): I actually love Hiroshi more than I love you.
HiroC (Aoni manager): Then let me speak my mind then.
OnoD (Mausu manager): Eh? Go ahead and speak your mind then.
HiroC (Aoni manager): I love myself more than I love you!


HiroC: This type of scenario is difficult!
OnoD: It’s too difficult. But you did great. As expected.
HiroC: But the talk about Ono-kun’s transfer might be possible. I wonder if it can be done. That he’s tired of working for Mausu—
OnoD: Don’t mess around!

Ending Talk

They talk again with using their cool, seductive, bishie voices because Saya-sensei is apparently still observing and drawing them. They ask her to show them her illustrations of them after.

They invite you to e-mail them at dgs@joqr.net

What a fun episode! That acting showdown was hilarious. I love it! I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did.

And that’s it for the 32nd episode of DGS.

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