DGS 33 Recap: DG5, a Group of Seiyuu Oddballs

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 33 Recap & Selected Translations
by Arria Cross

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Ep. 33 Title: 浩史、やっぱスネ毛はイっといた方がいいっスかね? (Hiroshi, yappa sunege wa ittoita hou ga ii-ssu ka ne? / Hiroshi, as I thought it’s better to have said something about my leg hair, right?)

Credit: animelo.jp

Opening Talk

The 33rd episode starts. In 12 hours, their first public recording event will start as participant in Dengeki’s 15th Anniversary at Makuhari Messe. HiroC asks OnoD for confirmation whether he’s going to crossdress. OnoD replies that he’s not feeling hesitant at all to the possibility of crossdressing. HiroC observes that OnoD’s expression whenever they’re talking about crossdressing is “kimochi warui”.

HiroC asks whether OnoD crossdressing is alright with his talent agency, Mausu. OnoD replies that he still doesn’t know because his manager went home early and isn’t with him at the moment. As for OnoD himself, since he doesn’t mind crossdressing, it’s all a matter of whether Mausu gives him a go sign or not. Then he goes into sharing that in previous events whenever they put make-up on him, he often receives comments that he has white skin and questions like whether he’s interested in crossdressing. But before he could continue his story, HiroC pushes a bell to stop him and ends the opening talk.

Episode Title

OnoD: Hiroshi, yappa sunege wa ittoita hou ga ii-ssu ka ne? (Hiroshi, as I thought it’s better to have said something about my leg hair, right?)

HiroC: Ono-kun, I’ve been saying since before that you’re kimochi-warui.

Futsu Sto

HiroC reads the corner’s intro in an old man’s voice, while OnoD doesn’t follow suit and just reads in his normal voice. HiroC calls the sender “Futsu Sto D Name” rather than the usual “Dear Girl Name”.

Sent by Hitomi, read by HiroC:

Good evening Piroshi-san & OnoD-san. This might be unexpected, but do the two of you use perfume? I hope you don’t mind but I want to use your answers as reference, so please share what brands you use. By the way, my image of what kind of perfumes you use are as follows. Piroshi-san uses the citrusy scents while OnoD-san uses sickly-sweet scents. So how about it?

OnoD says that he’s moved by the letter because it feels very Dear Girl-like, unlike the others they’ve been reading for the past episodes. HiroC agrees and says that he almost forgot how it feels to receive a Dear Girl-like letter because they haven’t received one for so long.

HiroC: Well, Ono-kun. What kind of perfume do you use?
OnoD: (in an exaggerated accent) I use Dolce & Gabbana’s…
Suwa: Ahahaha!

OnoD’s first pronunciation sounds more like “Dolcheh and Gaburna”. HiroC tells him that his pronunciation is weird, meaning that their listeners might not understand what he’s saying. OnoD tries several times to pronounce the Dolce & Gabbana brand more clearly. So funny!

OnoD: Taitem-san gave it to me.
HiroC: Eh? Taitem gave it?
OnoD: Yes, Taitem did. I told him once, “You smell kinda erotic.” And he was like, “It’s my perfume.”
HiroC: (imitating Taitem’s low voice) “It’s this scent.”
OnoD: “Smells erotic, right?” Ahaha! Such a sweet smell.
HiroC: Sweet smell. Tobacco.
OnoD: Tobacco.
HiroC: (imitating Taitem) “This is what I use.”
OnoD: So he gave me a sample of the perfume.
HiroC: (still imitating Taitem) “It’s just a sample, but I’ll give it to you. Want some tonkotsu soup?
All: Ahahaha!!!
HiroC: It’s the oil, the oil.
OnoD: You know, Taitem-san? He’s listening to this radio show.
HiroC: AHAHAHA!!! (clapping)

So funny! Taitem is fellow seiyuu Kusunoki Taiten (楠 大典). OnoD shares that Taitem stopped him once before and told him that he listens to the show. Taitem specifically talked about the Hokkaido bear episode where his name was mentioned, telling OnoD, “Don’t talk about me!”. Refer to Episode 27.

OnoD asks HiroC whether he uses perfume. HiroC says that he doesn’t normally put on perfume, but there’s one time that someone gave him a perfume. He found that he liked the smell, so he ordered it online. The brand is 212. Just so you know, 212 is a cologne brand by Carolina Herrera.

Sent by Niku-san, read by OnoD:

Good evening Kamiya-san & OnoD! This is just an idea, but how about the two of you form a unit of 5 with three of your guests so far in the show: Angen-san, Sugita-san, and Nakamura-san. I’m sure that a unit born from DGS will be super popular.

OnoD: Wow! (whispers) I can smell money from this idea.
HiroC: Eh?!
OnoD: How about it?
HiroC: Wait a minute. Ono-kun, tell me in percentage how much you’re looking forward to this idea.
OnoD: In percentage? Hmmmm…
HiroC: What an expression.
OnoD: About 70%.

They say that having the five of them form a unit make them very easy to understand in terms of image. Then HiroC lists each of their own distinctive characteristics.

HiroC: We have a normal person, a delinquent, a genius, a hot-blooded one, and a shota.

I’ll leave it to you to figure out who HiroC thinks fit these characteristics. As for me, I have several ideas for who is who.

Theory 1:
Normal person – Yasumoto
Delinquent – Sugita
Genius – HiroC
Hot-blooded one – Nakamura
Shota – OnoD

Even I’m a little unsure with this first one because I don’t think HiroC will purposely call himself a genius…but who knows?

Theory 2:
Normal person – HiroC
Delinquent – Nakamura
Genius – Yasumoto
Hot-blooded one – Sugita
Shota – OnoD

What do you think?

They talk about how they would have a macho and delinquent image.

HiroC: The five of us are all kimochi warui!
OnoD: Angen-kun is the only respectable one among us.
HiroC: That’s right but just so you know, our show writer Suwa just now has been writing distinctive words to describe each of us five. And the things he wrote are horrible!
OnoD: Hey, hey.

HiroC reads what Suwa wrote on his memo:

Hard to get involved

HiroC: I don’t know who’s who, but you’re going too far, you writer. Oy!

They tell Suwa that he’s terrible. HiroC says that this is slander. OnoD agrees that this might get Suwa into trouble. So funny! HiroC wonders if a group of oddballs like this would become popular. He says he’s not interested in being a fan of someone who’s “hard to get involved” with. He also scolds Suwa for writing “chubby”.

As for me, this is what I think of who’s who:

Angen – Yasumoto (obviously)
Do-S – HiroC
Handsome – OnoD
Chubby – Nakamura
Hard to get involved – Sugita

I think this list is easier to figure out than HiroC’s initial list. What do you think? Do you think I got them correctly?

HiroC says that if this unit would be seriously considered, it would be easier if all five of them are under the same talent agency, but unfortunately they’re all under separate managements. OnoD then says their unit’s music would sound very low because most of them have very low voices. Ahaha! Very true.

HiroC: Well then. This plan is terminated!
HiroC: So fast!

Then OnoD drops the name “DG5” as the unit name before it even forms. Oh, a foreshadowing! 😉
The two of them throws the possibility of DG5 out of the window at this time. But of course we know better, right? 😉

Dear Girl Jouhou

The DVD for the 2007 Animelo Summer Live titled Generation-A which occurred at Nippon Budokan on July 7, 2007 is available for sale. The DVD features seventeen groups of artists performing for about five hours, with a total of 39 songs. It also includes extra footage of rehearsals, backstage off-shots, and “making of” footage. The DVD contains 3 discs.

HiroC scolds OnoD for his ridiculous pronunciation. His exaggerated “English” accent misprounounced a lot of words, making them hard to understand.

The DVD for the Animelo Summer Live 2007 is now out of print and I think you can only buy them second-hand or from specialty stores. But the theme song of the event titled “Generation-A” can still be bought from CDJapan.

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Sylph Danwashitsu

They feature the manga Fujoshissu! (腐女子っス!) by Okachimachi Hato (御徒町鳩).

Okachimachi Hato-sensei’s Futsu Sto:
Everyone in the Hato household uses different shampoo, so we have a lot of variety of shampoo in the bathroom. But because my family consists mostly of women, papa and mama use the same shampoo because we don’t have any men’s shampoo. This might be a stupid question but what’s in men’s shampoo that makes them manly?

They already expected it but they still can’t help but complain about the kind of letters Hato sends them. They also laugh at how Hato wrote “Hato household” instead of the normally expected “Okachimachi household”.

HiroC: What shampoo do you use, Ono-kun?
OnoD: Shampoo?
HiroC: Yeah.
OnoD: I use TSUBAKI.
HiroC: Tsubaki?
OnoD: Yes.
HiroC: I use ASIENCE.
OnoD: Ooooh.
HiroC: Both of us don’t use men’s shampoo at all. Why?
OnoD: Well, men’s shampoo tend to overdry, don’t they?
HiroC: I don’t really know about that.

For Hato-sensei’s letter, the two of them are challenged to say things that make men’s shampoo manly in cool, witty, fun lines. HiroC gives an example. When tasting wine, instead of saying “delicious”, a connoisseur would say some intelligent-sounding words to describe the taste. HiroC orders OnoD to give it a try. As usual, OnoD sounds awkward to which HiroC (as always) announces that OnoD failed. They have to do this but instead of wine, they have to talk about men’s shampoo. HiroC goes first.

HiroC’s Attempt #1:
“This shampoo has something that makes hair silky!”

OnoD: Oooh! That’s so manly! You used the word “sarasara” instead of “shittori”.

I guess “sarasara” sounds stronger while “shittori” sounds more feminine.

Sarasara = silky
Shittori = soft

OnoD’s Attempt #1:
“This shampoo contains menthol!”

HiroC: Ah, that’s true!

HiroC’s Attempt #2:
“This shampoo has something that prevents balding!”

OnoD: Ahahaha! That’s true. Certainly.

OnoD’s Attempt #2:
(hesitates for a few seconds, thinking of what to say)
“This shampoo…contains tea leaves.”

HiroC: Ahahaha! You mean like catechins, right?

HiroC reveals that OnoD got the idea from reading the bottle of the tea drink he’s drinking, just like how he got the idea for the Gyokuro Zaburou name. Refer to Episode 9.

HiroC’s Attempt #3:
“This shampoo has something that makes hearts throb.”

OnoD: What does that mean?

HiroC uses his bishie voice to drive his point that a shampoo can be used to attract people. Ah, be still my heart.

OnoD’s Attempt #3:
This shampoo contains “the tears that fell that day”.

HiroC: Ooooooooh! This is it!

This is a common dramatic phrase usually used in songs or in novels. HiroC orders OnoD to repeat it and he does.

HiroC: There are times when a man needs to cry, you know.
OnoD: That’s right.

OnoD starts to end the corner but stumbles the words while reading. They laugh at his mistake. He tries again, but stumbles again. They joke that OnoD’s tears are falling. HiroC takes over and reads instead.

Dear Letter

Sent by Meichan, read by OnoD:

Dear Yumi,
Yumi, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Are you having fun at where you are right now? It’s been 6 years since you died. I graduated from school and started working last year, finally becoming a working adult in society. My time with you had been very short, but in that short time, you gave me so much smile, energy and courage. Thank you. Thank you very much! You’re the best friend that I’ve ever had. Until the day we meet again, please watch over me from the skies.

Ending Talk

OnoD is sulking because he stumbled reading earlier. HiroC blames it on Hato, calling it the “Hato curse”. Ahahaha!

They’re excited for their first public recording event in a few hours.

They invite you to e-mail them at dgs@joqr.net

Such a fun episode, as always. OnoD is impressive. Whenever he says something, it comes true. This is the first time that the term DG5 is mentioned, and it was OnoD who thought it. I like that we learned about the brands of perfume and shampoo each of them use. Interesting info, right? I hope that you enjoyed this episode as much as I did.

And that’s it for the 33rd episode of DGS.

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  1. Suwa’s list is obvious, your guess is definitely right.

    … Kamiya’s list is hard to figure out, yes… I have no idea about Nakamura, tbh. Kamiya sees himself as normal. I’m almost sure about it.

    Normal person – Kamiya Hiroshi
    Delinquent – Sugita
    Genius – Yasumoto
    Hot-blooded one – Nakamura Yuuichi
    Shota – Ono Daisuke


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