DGS 34 Recap: “For Lovers Only”, Hato Wants to Be Popular, Plus DGS CD!

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 34 Recap & Selected Translations
by Arria Cross

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Episode Guide

Ep. 34 Title: 差し入れにオロCとリポDもらったよ! (Sashiiri ni OroC to RipoD moratta yo! / We received OroC and LipoD as refreshments!)

Credit: animelo.jp

Opening Talk

The 34th episode starts. Right from the start, the audio sounds noisier because this episode is a recording directly from their first ever public recording event as participant in Dengeki’s 15th Anniversary Festival at Makuhari Messe. Finally!

Lots of people came to watch the show and they thank them all. You can hear the audience in the background. So exciting!

HiroC announces that this will be a “no cut” episode. They comment that it’s frightening because whatever they say will be heard directly by the audience and will be aired on radio as it is. HiroC adds that everyone will now be aware of up to how much the show is being edited before airing because they now have an unedited version to compare with. OnoD says that he’s a bit worried because all of the careless things he often say will be aired. HiroC observes that OnoD is holding his script like a lifeline. OnoD admits that he’s nervous.

OnoD greets everyone with his iconic “mosu”, and the audience enthusiastically shout it back at him.

Episode Title

OnoD: Sashiiri ni OroC to RipoD moratta yo! (We received OroC and LipoD as refreshments!)

(audience squealing)

OroC and LipoD are a play on two Japanese brand of drinks and HiroC & OnoD’s nicknames. OroC refers to Oronamin C Drink (オロナミンCドリンク), while LipoD refers to Lipovitan D (リポビタンD).

Free Talk

Their event is on Stage 2 and they observe that there’s a lot of people who came. They also say that even if the two of them would have sufficed to do the show, DGS has a lot of its staff in attendance. HiroC says that Kobayashi Chanko Chanko is somewhere in the audience, and apologizes to people who might be in close proximity of Chanko. Ahahaha!

Then they make an exciting annoucement. Their first DGS CD will be released on December 19, 2007.

(audience cheering)
OnoD: Thank you very much! So we’re releasing a CD, huh.
HiroC: We are.
OnoD: We’re really doing it.
HiroC: What’s more, it’s a music CD.
Both: Ehehehe.
HiroC: What’s with this questionable decision? Ahahaha!
OnoD: Why? I mean, you see…if you think about this show, a talk CD…
HiroC: A DJCD makes more sense, right?
OnoD: We’d normally think that it would be more interesting that way, right?
HiroC: Well, a few talk CDs are indeed more interesting….
OnoD: But we ended up earnestly singing instead!

Then OnoD says that this is the first time that they’re actually singing together. He says that he feels that they have a good song balance, but HiroC teases him, pretending not to remember OnoD’s previous album.

HiroC: What -mosu is it called again?
OnoD: It’s Hine. Hine, hine, hine.

OnoD says that he only wanted to say that he had fun recording the songs with HiroC. Ahaha! So cute.

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BUY Hinemosu (ひねもす)





OnoD: We’ll announce all details concerning our CD now.
HiroC: So you’ll announce everything?
OnoD: Mostly. First, the title.
HiroC: Yes.
OnoD: We haven’t announced the title yet, right?
HiroC: Ah!
OnoD: So we’ll reveal the title!
HiroC: So we haven’t announced the title yet?
OnoD: The title is…ready, set, go!
HiroC: And that’s the title.
(audience laughing and then cheering)
HiroC: You all look disappointed for a second there, but thank you very much!

They also announce how the CD will credit them as the artists.

OnoD: Our artist names will be—
HiroC: Kamiya Hiroshi plus…
OnoD: Ono Daisuke!
(pause and then audience cheering)
HiroC: You don’t have to force yourself to cheer, you know.
OnoD: We’re sorry.
HiroC: Although we’re happy.

They also announce that it’s priced at ¥2300. The audience cheer again, but HiroC tells them that they don’t have to. They also announce some of the track titles included in the CD. The first and the main song is titled “Say Your Name!~DearGirl~”. HiroC shares that when he was trying to remember the main song the day before, he thought it was something like “No More Name”. Ahahaha! OnoD explains that the song is about cheering and giving strength.

The second track is titled “Kienai Omoi ~Dear Letter~” (キエナイオモイ~Dear Letter~). They explain that it’s based on the corner Dear Letter. It’s a song of unforgettable feelings. A sad song.

The third track is titled “DIRTY AGENT”. The audience laughs loudly, which prompts HiroC to ask why they’re laughing. Ahaha! Then the audience cheers. HiroC says that it’s probably what everyone is looking forward the most. They share that during the recording of this song, OnoD took the lead and was very pumped up. During his solo part, he told HiroC to listen to him and follow his example. Ahaha!

They also announce that a “Durian Trans Mix” track is included in the CD. There’s OnoD’s famous “Comic Sylph Motte Kite no Uta” (コミックシルフ持ってきての歌) Volumes 3 to 5 or “Bring Me the Sylph Comics Song” also included. Ahaha!

Included also are the titles “HiroC vs Mecha OnoD” (ヒロC vs メカオノD) and “OnoD vs Mecha HiroC” (オノD vs メカヒロC). Plus “Dear Letter ~Dear HiroC~ (Dear Letter~Dear ヒロC~) and “Dear Letter ~Dear OnoD~” (Dear Letter~Dear オノD~).

OnoD says that the atmosphere of the songs are varied. There are energetic songs in the CD, mellow songs, and idiotic songs.

They play the lead song in their upcoming CD “Say Your Name!~DearGirl~” for the first time in public. I’m crying. This song is just THE ultimate DGS song for me. Don’t you think so, too? Whenever I hear this, I’m just reminded of the first time I stumbled upon this super duper awesome radio show and I get so nostalgic.

Afterwards, HiroC scolds OnoD because it seems that OnoD was messing around while the song was playing.

HiroC: Now that I look more carefully, there are a few guys among the audience.
OnoD: That’s true. That’s a little surprising.
HiroC: Thank you for coming to this kind of embarrassing event. Thank you very much!
OnoD: Thank you!
HiroC: Good, good.

Dear Girl Jouhou

The song “Say Your Name!~DearGirl~” will be immediately available for streaming and download on the Animelo Mix website hours after the event.

Dear Girl ~Stories~ feat. Kamiya Hiroshi & Ono Daisuke (CD)
Release Date: December 19, 2007


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Sylph Danwashitsu

They feature the manga Fujoshissu! (腐女子っス!) by Okachimachi Hato (御徒町鳩).

They announce that Hato is joining them on stage as the special guest. The audience cheer for her, screaming “Hato! Hato!”. But when Hato enters the stage, you can hear them laughing. Why? We finally hear Hato-sensei but she’s wearing a voice changer.

HiroC reveals that DGS’ most important person, Uchi-P, squandered the show’s budget to buy such a useless thing as the voice changer helmet just for the event.

They make HiroC try the voice changer helmet.

OnoD: Uwah! Wow! You sound like a general! It’s General HiroC!

Ahaha! But OnoD comments that it doesn’t sound like a normal DGS show anymore. HiroC removes the helmet.

Okachimachi Hato-sensei’s Futsu Sto:
I want to be popular. What do I do?

(audience laughing hard)
HiroC: First of all, that’s what we also want to ask for ourselves.
OnoD: Yeah.
HiroC: How to be popular…it’s a very straight-forward question but first, I want to ask Hato-sensei who’s your ideal image of someone popular.
(Hato wears the voice changer helmet again)
HiroC: Ah, so you’re gonna use that again?
Both: Ahahaha!
Hato: My ideal is Shinjo Mayu-sensei.
OnoD: You’re not disguising yourself. You’re not disguising yourself at all.

Shinjo Mayu (新條まゆ) is a fellow mangaka, popular for a lot of her sexy romance manga such as Kaikan Phrase (快感 フレーズ) which has an anime adaptation, Haou Airen (覇王・愛人), Love Celeb (ラブセレブ), just to name a few. 😉

We finally hear Hato-sensei without the voice changer, confirming that her ideal is Shinjo Mayu-sensei as her ideal popular mangaka.

HiroC: First of all, there’s a popular person right in front of me.
OnoD: Oooh?
(audience clapping)
HiroC: A person who changed when he became popular. The first time we met, Ono-kun, you had a crew cut, right?
OnoD: Ah…that’s true.
HiroC: But when you became popular, you suddenly grew your hair long. And began acting all flashy, right?
OnoD: No, that’s not true. That was just an irregular period of my life.
Both: Ahahaha.
HiroC: But look at Ono-kun all popular now.
OnoD: That’s not true at all.
HiroC: Even though in 2006, you were so worried that you’ve already reached your peak.
(audience laughing)
HiroC: You were worried if your career would be over after Dragonaut.
OnoD: That’s true. Oy! Don’t mess around!

HiroC asks OnoD his secret methods for becoming popular.

OnoD: Luck.
HiroC: Come again?
OnoD: Luck.
OnoD: Let me say it one more time. (louder) LUCK!
HiroC: Oh, you mean “luck” in English.

OnoD is saying the Japanese word “un” (運) which means “luck” in English.

HiroC: How do you attract luck? I’m sure you want to know how to do that, Hato, right?
Hato: Yes.
HiroC: See?
Hato: I want to know.
OnoD: Hmmm. I wonder how. I like Buddhist temples, so I go to temples a lot and pray with all my might to a lot of different Buddha statues.
HiroC: Temples are for praying to Buddha, but you’re not forgetting the gods, are you?
OnoD: Eh?
Hato: You go to shrines for that, right?
HiroC: Shinto shrines are for the gods, you know.
OnoD: Eh. Are you saying that praying at temples is meaningless?
HiroC: I mean, praying is…
OnoD: Whether it’s Buddha or Shinto gods, I still pray.
Audience: Eh~
OnoD: I pray, “That I become a good actor”.
Audience: Eh~

HiroC lightens the suddenly serious conversation. Everyone laughs. OnoD explains his point by saying that talent and hard work are the main foundations of a good career, but luck plays a big role whether one becomes famous or not. Makes sense.

OnoD: Luck and Buddha are the answer.

OnoD then returns the question to HiroC, citing HiroC’s achievements that year including his main lead role for the anime Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei (さよなら絶望先生).

OnoD: 2007 has become the Year of HiroC.
HiroC: I wonder about that…And it’s also the year that this show started, right? I’m very thankful for that.
OnoD: Please tell us how you became so popular this 2007.
HiroC: I wonder how. It’s self-promotion. Self-promotion!
OnoD: What does that mean?
HiroC: Something like when this show becomes more popular, and Hato keeps on appearing here saying, “I’m Hato, I’m Hato”. You must sell your name first and foremost.
Hato: Ah, I think that’s a good idea.
HiroC: Right?
Hato: It’s great.
OnoD: I see.
HiroC: So what I’m saying is for Hato to become a regular in this show.
OnoD: Ahaha!
Hato: I understand.
OnoD: So she’ll be a regular.
Hato: Then that’s what I’ll do from now on.
OnoD: But then we’ll have too many regulars in the show. Like Chanko Chanko.
HiroC: Ahaha. Chanko Chanko is here right now, right?
OnoD: He’s here.
HiroC: Ahahaha!
OnoD: We’ll have lots of regulars.
HiroC: True. But you know, even if our guests aren’t actually present, their names are often mentioned in the show, right?
Hato: Thank you very much.
OnoD: True.
Hato: I’m truly thankful to you.
HiroC: Don’t mention it.
OnoD: And you’re giving us a copy of your new tankobon, right?
HiroC: Right. But published by another company.
Hato: Yes. It’s by another company.
HiroC: Thank you for giving us a copy.
Hato: (to audience) Please buy my new tankobon! Although it’s published by another company.
HiroC: Please tell us the title.
Hato: It’s called Zou no Senaka -Himitsu-.
HiroC: Is there anyone here who bought the book already?
Hato: Ah, really?
(noise from the audience)
HiroC: There are people who bought it already!
OnoD: Way to go!
HiroC: Thank them properly!
Hato: Thank you very much!

Zou no Senaka -Himitsu- (象の背中—秘密—) is published by Shinshokan (新書館), not by Sylph.

HiroC reveals that OnoD’s copy is signed by Hato. The audience express their envy. But it seems that Hato’s autograph isn’t finalized yet, so HiroC suggests that they think of a good permanent autograph for her. Hato is hesitant, but HiroC goes ahead and asks the audience’s support and assistance.

As usual, HiroC orders OnoD to sing an impromptu “Bring Me Popularity Song”. OnoD is unprepared as always, but the audience is already clapping their hands as the beat to the song and cheering OnoD on. So he has no choice but to sing. Ahahaha! So funny.

HiroC says the song is no good, but it seems that the audience like it. He tells them that they’re too kind. He also suggests that perhaps they can add this song to the CD before it releases. So HiroC orders OnoD to sing it again. OnoD sings it more confidently and with more energy this time, ending it with the line “Ore no kanjuku body!” (My mature body!). Hato approves of the song, saying that it’s better than OnoD’s earlier attempt.

They thank Hato-sensei for coming.

Ending Talk

They observe that the event went very fast than they expected. OnoD says that he was very nervous. HiroC asks him if he felt better as the event went on. But OnoD replies that he finds the latter half to be harder for him. HiroC is surprised, asking why. HiroC says that he enjoyed the show very much, especially with the audience firing them up.

During their usual radio recordings, they can only imagine their listeners as people on the “other side”, but now they can actually see them face to face and see their reactions. They thank them for coming and supporting them.

They invite you to e-mail them at dgs@joqr.net

This is such an exciting episode. I with there was more. It’s a little hard to hear what they’re saying sometimes, especially Hato-sensei because of the noise from the audience, but it’s fun to actually hear the audience cheering and laughing at their antics. I hope that you enjoyed this episode as much as I did.

And that’s it for the 34th episode of DGS.

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