DGS 35 Recap: Suwa Girl ~Stories~?

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 35 Recap & Selected Translations
by Arria Cross

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Ep. 35 Title: 和香パイと電撃ホビーに夢中・・・って、あんたさては独身だな!? (Wakapai to Dengeki Hobii ni muchuu…tte, anta sate wa dokushin da na!? / Engrossed with Wakapai and Dengeki Hobby, and on top of that you’re also single!?)

Credit: animelo.jp

Opening Talk

The 35th episode starts. They talk about their first public recording event the week before. HiroC makes a mistake by saying that the event occured on December instead of November. They laugh at him. He apologizes (sarcastically) and tells them to forget the mistake.

They thank all the people, which was A LOT, who came to watch the event. They felt very surprised that so many people attended.

Then they observe that the male attendees stood out among the mostly female audience. They call them “Dear Boys”. HiroC suggests that they have a special corner in the future called “Dear Boy ~Stories~” just for them.

They announce that this episode will be mostly an “Impressions Special” of their “For Lovers Only” event.

Episode Title

OnoD: Wakapai to Dengeki Hobii ni muchuu…tte, anta sate wa dokushin da na!? (Engrossed with Wakapai and Dengeki Hobby, and on top of that you’re also single!?)

OnoD directs the title to HiroC, and we hear HiroC cutely whining about it.

Wakapai refers to idol and talent Waka Inoue (井上 和香) who first debuted as a gravure idol. She is known for her generous boobs. “Wakapai” is a combination of her surname and “oppai”.

Dengeki Hobby Magazine was a plamo magazine published by ASCII MediaWorks (still MediaWorks at the time of this episode).

Impressions Special on “For Lovers Only” Event Part 1
(Suwa Special)

Sent by Shiki, read by HiroC:

Thanks for your hard work on your public recording event “For Lovers Only” as participant in Dengeki 15th Anniversary on November 25th. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go but I heard from my friends who attended that program writer Suwa-san was SUPER COOL. I also wanted to see him. Please upload a photo of him on the website.

There is a pause as they digest the content of the mail. Suwa Masaru is the program writer of DGS. He is the one who writes the script, chooses which mails are to be read, and just generally the one in charge for the content of the show every episode. HiroC wonders why for this episode, which is supposedly an “Impressions Special” for their event, Suwa would choose mails that are focused on him when DGS is HiroC and OnoD’s show. Ahahaha!

Sent by “I ate durian yesterday” from Chiba Prefecture, read by OnoD:

Good evening HiroC & OnoD! I attended your event at the Dengeki 15th Anniversary. DGS is too popular that even though I lined up for the event at 5 AM, I still wasn’t able to get a numbered ticket for the main stage. But I didn’t give up, so I still attended the web radio booth far away from the main stage. I was only able to see Chanko Chanko-san and Suwa-san from there, and got a glimpse near the end of HiroC for about 0.1 second. The HiroC I saw in that 0.1 second was very cool. I was only able to see OnoD’s shoulders on the monitor, but he still looked what I imagined him to be like. Please hold another event! I’ll be looking forward to it. P.S. Suwa-san was so cool!

HiroC: Wait. This is the second one. The second one. What is this? Is this a Suwa Special?
OnoD: Suwa Spe?
HiroC: Is this a Suwa Spe?
HiroC: Hey, don’t look away!
OnoD: Darn it. You’re irritating. But this is interesting.
HiroC: We have more mails like this? Fine. We’ll read one more.

Sent by Denko, read by HiroC:

Good evening Kamiya-san and Ono-san! Good work at Dengeki’s 15th Anniversary. Kamiya-san looks cute live as I expected. Ono-san is more kimochi-warui than I expected (in a good way). It was very fun to watch your actual Do-S and Do-M selves with my own eyes when I only usually hear you on radio. By the way on Stage 2, I didn’t expect program writer Suwa-san to look that handsome. I’m now a fan. Please make Suwa-san a regular, no, DEFINITELY make him a regular on the show. And also please let us know about Suwa-san’s next event. Don’t forget to tell us! Thank you.

OnoD: Ohoho~ Oooooy!
HiroC: What the hell is this?!
OnoD: He’s this popular!
HiroC: Oy. Don’t mess around. Never mind us, but don’t go overshadowing Chanko Chanko!
OnoD: Ahahaha!
Suwa: Ehehe.
HiroC: Don’t you dare laugh!
OnoD: Are you planning on overtaking us?!

HiroC reads other similar fan letters about Suwa.

Sent by Emi, read by HiroC:

P.S. Suwa-san was so cool that I think I’ve fallen in love.

Sent by Aya, read by HiroC:

How about having Suwa-san as a regular guest in the show and let him speak from now on?

Sent by Kuroi Kachiose from Saitama Prefecture, read by HiroC:

I was so surprised to find Suwa-san to be more good-looking than I expected.

HiroC: Oy! This is a Suwa Special, without a doubt. All these mails are all about you!
OnoD: This show isn’t about you! Don’t mess around!
HiroC: What do you think this show is about…
OnoD: Is this Suwa Girl ~Stories~?
Both: Ahaha.
HiroC: Suwa Girl ~Stories~?!
Suwa: Huh?
Both: Don’t  you “huh” us!

Sent by Chikara no Magi, read by OnoD:

Good evening HiroC & OnoD! Great work on your Dengeki event at Stage 2. When I think about how this show will always be like this, I’m loving DGS more and more!

HiroC: Oooh.
OnoD: (hesitant)

Suwa-san looked handsome…

HiroC: Hm.

Uchi-P in that zebra-pattern shawl also looked wonderful…

HiroC: Ahaha! Way to go, Uchi-P. Ahaha!

But I think the best one of all was the Director who looked super dandy!

All: AHAHAHA!!! (clapping)

He looked wonderful. DGS is all about the staff.

OnoD: Don’t mess with us!
HiroC: It didn’t even mention the two of us. What’s going on here?
OnoD: Don’t mess around.
HiroC: What the heck is with this atmosphere caused by these consecutive mails? All of them.
OnoD: So many of them.
HiroC: Fine. Fine already! We’ll give you a photo that you want so badly from now on…
OnoD: Right? We’ll give you a photo of everyone in the staff.

They say that they’re going to upload a photo of all the seven staff present with them at the studio that day on the website, excluding the two of them. Ahaha!

Then they play a portion of a recording from their “For Lovers Only” event which wasn’t played in the last episode. You can hear the audience loudly cheering, as HiroC & OnoD introduce themselves.

HiroC: Why didn’t you crossdress today like you said you would, Ono-kun?
OnoD: I, Ono Daisuke, wasn’t allowed by my talent management to crossdress today!
Audience: Eeeeeh?!!
OnoD: I’m sorry!
HiroC: That “sorry”…that “sorry” is no good. Please apologize properly.
(I assume that OnoD is properly bowing an apology because the audience are cheering. Maybe)
OnoD: I’m really sorry.
HiroC: After all the “I’ll do it, I’ll crossdress” you were saying before, Ono Daisuke. After all that but you didn’t!
OnoD: It can’t be helped.
HiroC: Why is that? Tell us what really happened.
OnoD: Okay.
HiroC: Go ahead.
OnoD: The bigwigs from my management agency told me that I should treasure myself more.
HiroC & the audience: Ahahaha!
HiroC: They’re saying that now? After all this time?
OnoD: They were like, “This would be the final memory you can make in your twenties,” they said.
HiroC: Ahahaha!
OnoD: “Since your twenties is almost over, please stop all these nonsense,” is what they told me.
HiroC: I see.

OnoD was 29 at this time.

HiroC asks OnoD what kind of female costume OnoD would have worn if his management let him crossdress. It seems that they showed the costume at the event, and you can hear the audience shrieking and laughing.

In the studio, OnoD reveals that his planned costume was a Santa Girl. HiroC observes that the Santa Girl costume was skimpy. OnoD agrees, calling it lingerie. Ahahaha! HiroC says that if you look at the back, the wearer might as well be naked. OnoD says that he originally planned a pink nurse outfit, but unfortunately it didn’t go through.

HiroC also reveals that OnoD actually shaved his leg hair for the event. OnoD says that he shaved it at the hotel on the day of the event. He also reveals that because he used a cheap razor, he cut himself.

They also reveal that Mr. Popular program writer Suwa brought an actual rubber at the event. They tease that Suwa is more popular and richer than them. During the event, Suwa brought a really long rubber, about 3 metres. They had no idea what to do with it. They’re “probably” going to upload photos of it on the website.

Dear Girl Jouhou

Their first CD titled Dear Girl ~Stories~ will be released on December 19 that year. The lead song “Say Your Name! ~Dear Girl~” is available as chaku uta for download and streaming on the Animelo Mix website.

Also after this episode airs, the song “Kienai Omoi ~Dear Letter~” (キエナイオモイ~Dear Letter~) which is also included in the CD will be made available for download and streaming on the website as well.

They play “Say Your Name! ~Dear Girl~”. Oh my gosh. Love it! (squealing while wiping nostalgic tears)

Dear Girl ~Stories~ feat. Kamiya Hiroshi & Ono Daisuke (CD)
Release Date: December 19, 2007


*The link to the product is an affiliate link.  Read Disclosure Policy for more information on how this blog uses affiliate links.

Impressions Special on “For Lovers Only” Event Part 2

During the event, they announced that their upcoming manga Dear Girl ~Stories~: Hibiki will be serialized on Sylph Comics starting next year (2008). They also showed a rough illustration from the manga by Iwasaki Saya-sensei during the event.

It seems that Saya-sensei drew their characters wearing jumpsuits. In Japanese, it’s “tsunagi” but HiroC mispronounces it and says “chunagi” instead. OnoD tells him that HiroC’s cute. Ehehe~

HiroC says that Saya-sensei drew the opposite poses they expected. HiroC said before that he often get comments saying that he has a good-looking back, so he wanted his manga character to show his back. Refer to Episode 30. However, the illustration Saya-sensei drew shows HiroC’s character with his full face in view instead, while OnoD’s character is the one looking back. But both agree that Saya-sensei’s illustration looks cool. The manga will be serialized on Sylph Comics Volume 5 to be released next year (2008).

They play another recording from the “For Lovers Only” event. In it, they read some suggestions on punchlines their manga characters will have while doing the pose drawn by Saya-sensei from the rough illustration.

Suggestion #1 sent by Aiko (Sendai City) & Ayumi:

HiroC: Your echoing voice have reached us.
OnoD: Your smile is our reward.
Both: This is Dear Girl ~Stories~.
(audience cheers)

HiroC says that they intended to sound cool, but wonders why everyone else look like they’re laughing.

Suggestion #2 sent by Otonashime & Sunahiken:

HiroC: We only have one wish!
OnoD: We don’t need the “dere” in “tsundere”!
(audience squeals)
Both: This is Dear Girl ~Stories~!
(audience cheers)

Refer to Episode 22.

HiroC is worried that the audience’s loud cheers will decide that this suggestion would be the final choice.

Suggestion #3 sent by Shimashima & Iero:

OnoD: Even your troubled face looks cute.
HiroC: Don’t call me cute!
(loud cheering & squealing)
Both: This is Dear Girl ~Stories~!

Back in the studio, the two of them aren’t that enthusiastic about the suggestions. They also say that the last part of the two of them saying “This is Dear Girl ~Stories~” together is unnecessary.

Sent by Kotomi of Tokyo, read by OnoD:

Thanks for your hard work on your event at Dengeki’s 15th Anniversary, HiroC & OnoD. I attended your event at Stage 2. My friend and I loved it when HiroC said, “Ono-kun, you’re kimochi-warui”, and we heard it live. But I have a little complaint. There was such a huge crowd that when you showed the show’s PV, we could only catch just little glimpses of it. So please include the PV you showed on the event on a DGS DVD!

They talk about the PV (preview video) by Uchi-P, which they say is abnormal especially for a radio show. It’s also not professionally edited and just done by one of the staff. Because normally radio shows are audio only and not visual. HiroC says that it would be difficult for them to make the PV available on the website for free streaming, so they would need to think about the possibility carefully.

They also talk about the different booths in addition to the DGS one at the event, like the Gundam 00 booth. HiroC says that Suwa was all pumped out at the 00 booth, taking pictures of the life-sized models, but they ended up getting scolded by the guards there because they acted too excited.

HiroC also shares that OnoD bought a lot of DGS goods before the event like it was the most normal thing to do. OnoD bought a scarf. They also share that they visited the Makuhari Outlet Mall, which OnoD happily comments sells affordable stuff.

They say that they had fun at the event. HiroC asks OnoD how he feels about having an event for a radio show that started just April that year. OnoD replies that he’s awed that he never expected a radio show to develop like this. They couldn’t believe that the “YOU” listening to them would be so many. Before the event, they only had vague images of listeners listening to their radio show, but now that they saw all of their listeners at the event actually listening and watching them with their own eyes, they feel that it’s a great experience.

HiroC adds in that perhaps in the future, OnoD’s management agency would allow him to crossdress in the future. OnoD says that he’ll work hard for that to happen.

Ending Talk

They talk about how they said “See you again” to the audience at their “For Lovers Only” event. Meaning, that they’re going to work hard so that another event like this would happen again.

OnoD: I’m not gonna lose to Suwa-san.
HiroC: Really. I want to forget about him. Ahaha. Today was Suwa Girl ~Stories~, wasn’t it?

They “might” upload a photo of the entire staff on the website.

They invite you to e-mail them at dgs@joqr.net

Oh my gosh. This is easily one of my most favourite DGS episodes. Love it! So funny! They didn’t do Sylph Danwashitsu, but they read a lot of mails. Those Suwa fan mails are hilarious. I hope that you enjoyed this episode as much as I did.

And that’s it for the 35th episode of DGS.

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