DGS 37 Recap: Christmas Presents Give-away And New Year Horoscope Predictions

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 37 Recap & Selected Translations
by Arria Cross

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Ep. 37 Title: 2008年、神谷浩史宅で公開録音決定! (2008-nen, Kamiya Hiroshi taku de koukai rokuon kettei! / In 2008, public recording in Kamiya Hiroshi’s house decided!)

Credit: animelo.jp

Opening Talk

The 37th episode starts. They greet everyone MERRY CHRISTMAS! They also give themselves a deserved applause for the release of their CD Dear Girl ~Stories~.

Dear Girl ~Stories~ feat. Kamiya Hiroshi & Ono Daisuke (CD)
Release Date: December 19, 2007


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Next, they give applause to the release of Sylph Comics Volume 5. As usual, OnoD is forced to sing an ad-lib song promoting the magazine. So funny. Not bad, though. Just a little awkward at the end.

Then they share that Sylph Comics did a survey asking their readers if they know about DGS, and it seems that a lot of them know about the show. OnoD reveals that he was worried about it, especially since their DGS manga is already approved and in the works, whether their current DGS listeners would really take the effort to buy and read Sylph Comics. But it seems that he has nothing to worry about. HiroC says that it seems the opposite is also true, that current Sylph Comics readers know about DGS as well. Then he says that they should work harder.

Since this is a Christmas special, DGS is giving away Christmas presents which they will announce shortly.

Episode Title

OnoD: 2008-nen, Kamiya Hiroshi taku de koukai rokuon kettei! (In 2008, public recording in Kamiya Hiroshi’s house decided!)

HiroC: Just wait a minute…it’s NOT decided, okay?
OnoD: It’s been decided!
HiroC: Stop it!!!

Free Talk

Before the Christmas give-away announcement, OnoD immediately starts pestering HiroC about the “decision” to have a public recording event at HiroC’s house.

OnoD: What’s your place like?
HiroC: Wait. Don’t just dive into the opening title like that.
OnoD: How many rooms?
HiroC: This is the first time I’m hearing about this.
OnoD: How many square metres is it?
HiroC: I’m not gonna do it, ok?!
OnoD: (not listening, continues pestering HiroC about his place)
HiroC: You say that this is a “public recording”. And speaking of “public recording”…
OnoD: What?
HiroC: You call people to come, right?
Suwa: Ahahaha!
HiroC: No way! | OnoD: Of course!
HiroC: Uwah. My place is only 1LDK so that’s just unreasonable. It’s impossible! So for goodness’ sake, please don’t think about it seriously.
OnoD: (disappointed whining) Eeeeeh~
HiroC: I’M NOT GONNA DO IT!!! Like hell I’m gonna do something like that.
OnoD: Let’s do it~
HiroC: I might allow a recording in my home, but it won’t be open to the public!
OnoD: But this is for the sake of our dear DGS listeners, you know?
HiroC: Don’t make that face! Don’t even think about this as a possibility!
OnoD: How about just one person?
HiroC: What do you mean?
OnoD: Me me me me~
HiroC: Ah. Ahahaha! But you’re also part of this show, you know! Ahaha. What are you saying?
OnoD: I’ll be the sole audience for the public recording at your house.
HiroC: Don’t be an idiot. You’re a personality for this show. Your name is even included in the title. Stop it, Ono-san.

HiroC cuts off this conversation. He reveals that they’re feeling very hot because they’re actually wearing Santa outfits. OnoD compliments HiroC saying that he looks good wearing a Santa outfit, commenting that there are people who look just like him, like those people selling cakes. HiroC says that it makes him look like someone working part-time, someone poor. In the background while they’re talking, they play some Christmas songs. HiroC says that on the other hand, OnoD looks like a pervert.

They also reveal that beside OnoD are people lined up. OnoD jokes, asking them who they are but they won’t speak. They are special guests for this Christmas special. Besides OnoD is someone wearing the Santa Girl outfit first shown at their “For Lovers Only” Event at Dengeki’s 15th Festival. Refer to Episode 35. The one that looks like a lingerie, which OnoD calls “Dirty Lingerie”, and basically makes the wearer look naked behind. Mausu didn’t allow OnoD to wear it. HiroC says that a “woman” is currently wearing the Santa Girl costume beside OnoD and instructs the staff to take a picture of “her”. They ask the Santa Girl her name and “she” answers in a male voice, “My name is Sayaka.” Ahahaha!

Doushitemo Getto-shitai Story
(“I want to get that by all means” Story)
~DGS Christmas Presents Give-away Special~

They start announcing the Christmas Presents Give-away from each of the DGS staff. Each of them brings “things that they don’t need anymore” as give-away presents. Ahahaha!

Christmas Present from HiroC:
“TalkMan” for PSP and “Eigo Tsuke” (DS Training for Adults Bad in English) for Nintendo DS

Both “TalkMan” and “Eigo Tsuke” are language learning software/game for PSP and DS respectively.

OnoD: Why don’t you need these anymore?
HiroC: I don’t need them anymore.
OnoD: (chuckle) Why did you buy them in the first place then? When?
HiroC: I bought “TalkMan” on its release date. I bought “Eigo Tsuke” like that too.
OnoD: Then why? You don’t use them anymore?
HiroC: I wasn’t able to use them much. I aspired to speak English that time.
OnoD & Suwa: Ahahaha!

HiroC says that when he bought these, he wanted to speak English but because he ended up not using them that much, they weren’t of any use. He stayed in “D” rank in the game with the lowest being “E”, not leveling up any higher.

Christmas Present from OnoD:
Wristwatch that looks like the butt of a tin can

Refer to Episode 26. Suwa is the one who described OnoD’s wristwatch like the butt of a tin can. OnoD explains that before that episode made fun of his wristwatch, he really liked it, but after that, he doesn’t like it anymore so he’s giving it away now. Ahaha! Poor OnoD. I’m sure a lucky fan would love to have your wristwatch, even if it really looks like a tin can. 😉

From Do-S Writer (Suwa):
Do-S-like black-rimmed eyeglasses

The glasses contain regular lens, not presciption ones. HiroC tries it and OnoD says that he looks likes a “megane kyara” (glasses character).

From Chanko Chanko:
Clothes that “I couldn’t wear because they’re too small when I bought them” – Size 3L

HiroC wonders why Chanko is participating in this Christmas give-away when he doesn’t really work for DGS (this time), but OnoD calls him a regular in the show.

All: Ahahaha!!!
OnoD: So big!
HiroC: So big.
OnoD: What the heck is this?
HiroC: This is…
OnoD: Is this supposed to be a bath towel? | HiroC: This is like a bath towel. Ahahaha!
HiroC: But it has a cool design.
OnoD: Looks stylish.
HiroC: It has a stylish design, right? It’s unfortunate that he couldn’t wear it, right?
OnoD: Yeah.
HiroC: Wait…
OnoD: It’s light blue…
HiroC: Sayaka looks cold in that skimpy outfit, so how about you wear this on top?

From Uchi-P:
Presents that girls love: aroma candles and germanium bracelet

HiroC: Uchi-P, don’t you think this is a little indecent? (waits for reply) He says, “Not at all.”

Wow. Nice, Uchi-P!

From Nara-kun:
“Sleep anywhere” Sleeping bag

HiroC: What a flashy sleeping bag! What the heck is this?! What a kimochi-warui colour!
OnoD: Ahahaha! Wow. What a sleeping bag. Shocking.

From MediaWorks:
60-pages of original artwork by Sylph Comics mangaka

Both HiroC & OnoD are impressed and amazed by this give-away present.

3 copies of the Dear Girl ~Stories~ CD (autographed)

HiroC: Should we sign them?
OnoD: Yes, let’s sign each of them~

Rules for the Christmas Presents Give-away Contest:
-not a raffle contest
-send a mail explaining the reason why you REALLY WANT the specific present no matter what; hence, the title “Doushitemo Getto-shitai Story” or DGS for short  (Uchi-P’s idea)
-don’t lie, but make it interesting
-the best reason for wanting the present will be chosen as winner

Dear Girl Jouhou

The Dear Girl ~Stories~ CD is available and very popular on the Animelo Mix website as chaku uta, chaku uta full, chaku melo, and ring back tone. “Kienai Omoi ~dear letter~” (キエナイオモイ~dear Letter~ ) Orgel (music box) version will be available soon.

Christmas special chaku melo and chaku voice are available on the website, plus special Christmas messages from your favourite radio personalities, including HiroC & OnoD of DGS.

They promote Neo Angelique Abyss (ネオアンジェリーク Abyss) mini-album “Tasogare no Kishi” (たそがれの騎士), including OnoD’s character song as Hyuga.

Sylph Danwashitsu

They feature the manga Majina! (マジナ!) by Yamada J-Ta (山田J太) from Sylph Comics Volume 5.

Yamada J-Ta-sensei’s Futsu Sto:
Hello. My name is Yamada whose manga about fortune-telling starts serialization in Sylph Comics Volume 5. Are you two interested in horoscopes or fortune-telling based on blood types? Like when you don’t really want to care but you happen to listen to the horoscope from a morning TV show, you still end up being bothered and interested by it, don’t you? My lucky spots are supposed to be “a place where you can see the sea”, etc. But since I’m practically a hikikomori, I just type these search keywords on my computer: “sea”, “travel” and “solace”. By the way, speaking of radio shows, I got stickers from a certain FM radio show.

They thank Yamada-sensei for “finally” sending them a very Dear Girl-like letter which they say they haven’t received for a long time in this corner.

HiroC: Girls really like fortune-telling and stuff like this, don’t they?
OnoD: Thank goodness.
HiroC: Ono-kun, do you like fortune-telling?
OnoD: Hm…Hmmmm…Hmm?! Well, I like hearing about my horoscope but I don’t believe in it.
HiroC: Ehehe.
OnoD: I don’t believe any of it. How about you, HiroC?
HiroC: I feel the same way.
OnoD: Hm.
HiroC: I don’t believe it at all.
OnoD: We don’t believe any of it but we still end up wanting to know, right?
HiroC: I know, right?

Sylph Comics has a horoscopes page as well. OnoD says that it’s popular with girls. HiroC says that that’s the common image, but surely there are guys who also like horoscopes. But guys don’t get as absorbed with it as girls, he says.

The staff, specifically Suwa, researched HiroC and OnoD’s horoscope predictions for the coming year 2008.

Ono Daisuke in 2008 Prediction:
You naturally have a high pride, but actually you’re blessed with a star that will open up lucky paths to you because of it. Up till 2007, you don’t know what to do with that pride of yours. The secret to your success is your pride. It will bring forth a year filled with new, exciting things. In terms of work, this is the time to carefully reflect on your current career. Because this year is the time to showcase your true talent in different fields, a change of career is a possibility. Your lucky items are: 500 yen coin, cat, and white underwear (like briefs). By the way, according to your Gundam horoscope, you are a GM Trainer. In simple terms, you are a lion at home but a mouse outside and your family and friends make fun of you because of it. You are compatible with people who are like GM Cannon.

HiroC: What kind of person is this?
Both: Ahahaha!
OnoD: Who’s a person like a GM Cannon?
HiroC: So it seems that this is your 2008 prediction.
OnoD: Really? And 500 yen coin?
HiroC: And it says that up till this year, you don’t know what to do with that pride of yours.
OnoD: That’s so true.
HiroC: Before this, you were cursing your pride.
OnoD: Well, yeah.
HiroC: Well but you know…
OnoD: What?
HiroC: It says that your high pride attracts good luck.
OnoD: (chuckle) Really?
HiroC: Yeah. That’s why starting next year, when someone tells you, “Ono-kun, you’re kimochi-warui,” you reply angrily like this, “Tsk. Don’t you dare call me kimochi-warui! Hey!”
OnoD: Ahaha! So I’m supposed to lose temper?
HiroC: So you become an angry character.
OnoD: An angry character? That’s something new to consider.
HiroC: Someone that has high pride. Like “It’s you who’s gross!”

Then they talk about the next prediction talking about a possible change of career for OnoD. HiroC insists that OnoD consider it, while OnoD denies it and wants to continue being a seiyuu. Afterwards, they discuss his lucky items. OnoD wonders why one of his lucky items is a cat when he repeatedly says in the show that he doesn’t really like cats.

HiroC: So next year, you should wear white briefs and nothing else, keep your high pride, and then hug a cat, and always carry a 500 yen coin. And then you’ll supposed to get lucky this way.
OnoD: But that makes me look like a pervert. Ahaha!
HiroC: Ahaha! Ah, you only just noticed?
OnoD: Yeah, I just noticed now.

Oh my gosh. So funny. Ahahaha! Next up is HiroC’s.

Kamiya Hiroshi in 2008 Prediction:
It’s time to decide on your life’s purpose once and for all. 2008 is a year for you to step up your game. Deciding your life’s purpose will be the key to how much you should work hard so you won’t get tired. But start toning down your pessimism and stop saying negative things because your star will control your destiny according to whatever negative thing you say. Your lucky items are: parties, male friends, and chamomile tea. By the way, according to your Gundam horoscope, you are Grublo. In simple terms, you are very open-minded about things. You are compatible with people who are like Z’Gok.

HiroC: So I should stop being negative?
OnoD: Yes. This isn’t the time to be in despair! (A reference to HiroC’s character in Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei)
HiroC: Ahahaha! So I should stop promoting Zetsubou-sensei?
OnoD: Yeah.
HiroC: But it’s starting this coming January.
OnoD: Ahaha! The next season, right?
HiroC: And it says one of my lucky items is “male friends”?
OnoD: Isn’t it talking about DG5?
All: Ahahaha!
HiroC: DG5?!!
OnoD: Yeah. Maybe that’s what it’s referring to.
HiroC: But you know, Sugita-kun came to my place recently and played Xbox with me.
OnoD: I heard.
HiroC: He said he wants to have a nabe party.
OnoD: Right?
HiroC: That’s it!
OnoD: It’s chinnenkai.
HiroC: Chinnenkai at my place? No way!
OnoD: Why not? It’s supposed to be lucky, so let’s do it!
HiroC: I kinda want to do it for luck but….
OnoD: That’s what I’m saying. Ahaha!
HiroC: Then you’re gonna wear briefs?
OnoD: I’ll wear briefs.
HiroC: And then you need a cat.
OnoD: We have Nyanko-sensei!
HiroC: So you’re going to embrace Nyanko-sensei in your briefs…
All: Ahahaha!
HiroC: So let’s do that for next year’s chinnenkai. Let’s have a nabe party at my place while drinking chamomile tea. Ono-kun will embrace my Nyanko-sensei in his briefs while holding a 500 yen coin.
Both: Ahahaha!
HiroC: And then when we call him a little kimochi-warui, he’ll be like “Don’t call me kimochi-warui, you bastard!” | OnoD: I’m not kimochi-warui!
HiroC: That’s what our chinnenkai will be like. 2008 will be the best!
OnoD: Ahahaha!
HiroC: Thank you very much!
OnoD: Ahahaha.
HiroC: What the hell is with this show?

“Chinnenkai” is a cute mispronunciation of the word “shinnenkai” or New Year’s Party.

Ending Talk

OnoD announces that the final episode for 2007 is decided and will feature special guests: DG5!!! That means that Sugita, Yasumoto & Nakamura will be coming to the show next episode and wreak havoc to DGS together with HiroC & OnoD. Yay! So excited! OnoD says that this means their good luck will be secured for the new year. HiroC is unexcited, but OnoD is.

They remind everyone to send your reason as to why you REALLY WANT their Christmas Presents Give-away.

They invite you to e-mail them at dgs@joqr.net

What a fun and hilarious episode. It’s a little hard to translate, especially the part about their prediction results. The Gundam terminologies also didn’t help, but I got them for you, so you’re welcome. I’m super excited for the next episode featuring DG5. I’m sure you are, too. I hope that you enjoyed this episode as much as I did. Look forward to my recap of the next episode, ok? Mosu!

And that’s it for the 37th episode of DGS.

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