DGS 38 Recap: DG5 Together for the First Time, End of the Year Chaos

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 38 Recap & Selected Translations
by Arria Cross

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Ep. 38 Title: 中村、フラッグのプラモ買ったから、あとでサインしてくれ! (Nakamura, furaggu no puramo katta kara, ato de sain-shite kure! / Nakamura, I bought a Flag plamo, so sign it for me later!)

Credit: animelo.jp

Opening Talk

The 38th episode starts. This is the last DGS episode of 2007. HiroC immediately states that the studio stinks of men. In the last episode, they announced that they will be having special guests. HiroC says that he doesn’t really want to do this episode with their special guests, and if he could just talk nonstop for 30 minutes straight in the opening talk so that the guests won’t have any turn to speak, then he’ll do it. And he’s complaining that all 3 of their guests are super popular in the show. Ahahaha!

Finally, OnoD announces the special guests for this episode: Yasumoto Hiroki (Angen), Sugita Tomokazu, and Nakamura Yuuichi. The 5 of them together form DG5. This is the first time that all members are together.

Episode Title

OnoD: Nakamura, furaggu no puramo katta kara, ato de sain-shite kure! (Nakamura, I bought a Flag plamo, so sign it for me later!)

HiroC: Ahahaha! Sugita-kun said that, didn’t he?

Nakamura stars in Gundam 00 like HiroC. He voices the character of Graham Aker who is the captain of the Over Flags which uses the GN Flag robots.

Free Talk

They formally introduce their special guests.

HiroC: Yasumoto Hiroki-kun.
Yasumoto: Yes! ↑
HiroC: Sugita Tomokazu-kun.
Sugita: Yeah. ↓
HiroC: Nakamura Yuuichi.
Nakamura: Yes. ↓
HiroC: Thanks for coming!
Y, S & N: Thanks for having us. ↓
OnoD: Ahaha! Your excitement level and your voices are so low! Ahahaha!

Nakamura & Sugita begin chatting immediately while HiroC & OnoD laugh and comment on their conversation, but we’re not hearing Sugita.

Yasumoto: Sugita-kun, speak up!
All: Ahahaha!
Nakamura: Sugita, I know you’re like me who doesn’t speak on radio shows much, so be careful and remember to speak.
Sugita: Okay.
Nakamura: You’ll get used to it soon.
OnoD: Since the beginning, he’s the one who sounded the most unexcited among us.
Nakamura: Just looking at him, we don’t know if he’s in a good mood or not.
Yasumoto: He’s probably in a good mood.
Nakamura: That’s good.
Sugita: I’ll talk.
Other 4: Oh!
Yasumoto: Are you alright? Can you still speak Japanese?

HiroC says that since the show started that April, every time any of the three of them guest, the show just goes all over the place. Sugita calls them Dear Boys, which is also a reference to the basketball anime of the same name. The others tell him to shut up. Ahahaha! They were telling him to speak up just moments ago, but now that he’s actually talking, they tell him to shut up. So funny.

HiroC says that it’s very rare for all 5 of them to gather together at the same time. Of course they know each other, but when they actually hang out, only 2 or 3 or 4 are able to get together, not all 5 of them. He also shares to the others that the idea of forming their group DG5 was from their listeners. OnoD says that he doesn’t see anything wrong with the idea and says that they should just do it. The others call him off, telling him that he has changed, implying that before he would’ve rejected the idea but now he’s more susceptible to pleasing fans. Ahahaha!

Suwa, as the show’s main writer, directs them to say the following:

All: We are DG5!!!

Dareka no Gokuhi Story (DGS)
(Someone’s Absolute Secret Story)

The title is probably Uchi-P’s idea again. HiroC reveals that Suwa told him before that he doesn’t have Uchi-P’s naming sense of thinking up corner titles based on DGS’ acronym.

This corner will highlight each of the five’s achievements for the year 2007. Since all of them “relatively” worked hard that year, perhaps they have been so busy that they don’t remember their own achievements. That’s why for each person, the other 4 would anonymously write what achievement they know the said person accomplished that year.

Sugita shares a funny incident about his grandpa as an example of his 2007 accomplishment, but the others say that it isn’t even about Sugita himself but about his grandpa and the incident sounds more like a negative case than a positive one. Ahahaha!

Ono Daisuke’s 2007 Achievements

O1. Ono-kun lands the lead role for Dragonaut. As a seiyuu, he’s on his peak.

HiroC: Congrats!
OnoD: Oy!
All: Ahahaha!
OnoD: Oy! Don’t say I’m on my peak now!
HiroC: This is Ono-kun in 2007, right?
OnoD: “His career will go downhill after this.” Oy! It’s you, isn’t it? It’s you who wrote about me being on my peak, aren’t you?

They make an Initial D reference, an anime about street car racing. The protagonist in the anime is a downhill racing specialist which is also allusion to OnoD’s alleged career going downhill after his peak. And the D is also for OnoD. D is also for Dragonaut.

O2. Ono (Handsome)-san, you’re getting weirder and weirder.

The others talk about how much OnoD has changed since they first met him. HiroC remembers that when he first met OnoD, he had a buzz cut but now he has long, stylish hair. Nakamura shares that when he and OnoD met at a game centre for the first time, both of them had buzz cuts. OnoD says that the manager of the game centre mistook them for delinquents and got scolded. HiroC concludes that OnoD is all flashy now, a far cry from how he was before.

O3. This is when Ono-san and I worked together as regulars for the first time. He has this “too cool” expression at first but when he’s absorbed in acting, he leaves a very good impression.

OnoD: (flattered) Eh? What is this? Who wrote this? Who? Is it you?

Nakamura says that although he doesn’t know what this is about, he’s sure that this is the OnoD of 2007, implying that OnoD won’t be like this in the coming year. OnoD tells Nakamura no need to be shy because OnoD doesn’t need the “dere” in “tsundere”. Nakamura calls OnoD an M. Ahahaha!

O4: To Ono-san. Hello. I’m Ono Kenshou.

Ono Kenshō (小野 賢章) is a fellow younger seiyuu, a newbie that time and starred in Ghost Hound in 2007.

Sugita Tomokazu’s 2007 Achievements

S1. Sugita-san, you’re feeling down because Nakamura won’t hang out with you.

Sugita: I’m really feeling down so please stop it.

Nakamura has been really busy in 2007, so perhaps that’s why he couldn’t accept Sugita’s invitations to hang out. HiroC jokes that they sound like lovers having a spat. Ahahaha! Sugita shares that it seems that everyone knows about Nakamura constantly rejecting him, so others had been making fun of him.

Nakamura: The atmosphere is getting heavy, so can we please stop this?

Ahahaha! So cute!

S2. Sugita-san, our Haruhi live event was fun, wasn’t it?

This could be none other than OnoD. However, it seems that because of the previous tense atmosphere, all of them fell quiet so they just try to laugh the tension away awkwardly. Still so cute, though.

S3. Sugita-kun is as always playing the great war in Romance of the Three Kingdoms (三国志 / Sangokushi), even though others have already stopped playing.

Yasumoto comments about the game, so we can assume that he’s the one who wrote this.

S4. I don’t really know him.


They comment that this is just too terrible. Nakamura explains, basically confessing that he’s the one who wrote this. He says that the corner asks him to write what he knows about Sugita in 2007, but since he hasn’t met with him that much, he doesn’t really know him. HiroC comments that there’s no way Nakamura and Sugita would get along even if they get to know each other when they’re already like this now. Nakamura apologizes to Sugita. Oh my gosh. These 2 are just so CUTE~

Yasumoto Hiroki’s 2007 Achievements

Y1: Yasumoto-san, I took a picture of you while eating gyudon with a Bic Camera.

Yasumoto: What the heck is this?
Sugita: I thought that wouldn’t it be fun if I took a picture of you eating.
OnoD: What’s the meaning of this?

Y2: This year, all Yasumoto-kun does is play Monster Hunter Portable 2nd.

Yasumoto: True. It’s all I do. Even now.

Y3. He’s really good at taking care of others.

Yasumoto: Stop it. What’s with this?
OnoD: Ooooh~
Nakamura: I wrote this.
Yasumoto: Today you’ve shown us two sides of yourself.
All: Ahaha!
HiroC: He’s terrible.
Yasumoto: He has a dark side. Everyone, don’t be fooled by Nakamura.

Y4. Yasumoto-san’s voice is low.

They say that it’s not like 2007 is the only time that Yasumoto’s voice is low.

Yasumoto: I feel kind of sorry. It seems that I’m not very interesting.
All: Ahahaha!

Nakamura asks him when his voice started to deepen. Yasumoto answers that it was during his final years of primary school. Because of it, he couldn’t sing high notes with his class.

Kamiya Hiroshi’s 2007 Achievements

K1. Kamiya-san, this show started.

HiroC: (cold) I know, right? This show has become really something.
OnoD: (wounded) Haaa?~ Haaaaaa! Haaaaaa!~

Ahahaha! Poor OnoD. We can assume that OnoD wrote this. I bet he’s looking forward to have a chummy time discussing both of their achievements in the show, but as usual he’s disappointed with Do-S HiroC.

K2. I hung out at Kamiya-san’s house for the first time. Contrary to what I expected, his place feels really lived in.

All: Ahahaha!
Yasumoto: Eh? Does this mean that Kamiya-san gives the impression that he has no life?

I’ll assume that Sugita wrote this because HiroC mentioned before that Sugita came over his place to play Xbox.

K3. Kamiya-san, you get too absorbed in games. I want you to sleep.

All: Ahahaha!

HiroC defends himself saying that it’s not like he just started playing games in 2007.

K4. Kamiya-san got run over by an out-of-control streetcar. Nyanko-sensei will be all alone…

This refers to HiroC’s character in Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei. At the end of episode 11, Nozomu is run over by a streetcar. Nakamura says he’s the one who wrote this.

Nakamura Yuuichi’s 2007 Achievements

N1. Nakamura-san, Kiss Dum, Otsu Dum.

This refers to the mecha anime Engage Planet Kiss Dum. Nakamura plays the character of Syuu Nanao.

Nakamura: You’re the one who wrote this, Ono-san?
OnoD: Ahaha! I won’t tell.

N2. Sunny Lettuce Ranger

Nakamura: What the heck is this?

Nakamura asks who wrote this and it seems that Sugita did. Nakamura explains that this is part of the lyrics for a character song he sang the year before. For your benefit, I researched and found that it’s for the anime Ookiku Furikabutte (おおきく振りかぶって) or Big Windup! in the English release as the character Abe Takaya. You’re welcome.

It seems that Nakamura recorded the character song in 2006, so he says that it’s not qualified for this corner. But since the anime was released in 2007, the others says it’s okay. It also seems that Sugita learned about the song in karaoke.

Yasumoto: Why do you know that the karaoke has Nakamura-kun’s song?
Nakamura: That’s kimochi-warui.

N3. He almost dies in bootcamp.

The work-out. Another shade to his weight? Uh-oh. Seems like Yasumoto wrote this. Hmmm.

N4. Nakamura-kun is the real Gundam Virtue this year.

Nakamura immediately knows that HiroC wrote this because they both star in Gundam 00. I can only imagine that this is another shade to Nakamura’s weight because Virtue, the mobile suit that HiroC’s character Tieria pilots, is the biggest not only among the mobile suits but also among the Gundams, and especially compared to the GN Flag that Nakamura’s character Graham pilots which is pretty slim. Uh-oh.

Dear Girl Jouhou

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Dear Girl ~Stories~ feat. Kamiya Hiroshi & Ono Daisuke (CD)
Release Date: December 19, 2007


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The opening theme song “StandUp★MyRock” from the game DEAR My SUN!!~Musuko★Ikusei★Cappriccio~ (DEAR My SUN!!~ムスコ★育成★狂騒曲~) by Nemoto Kouta (根本幸多) and Okamoto Hiroshi (岡本寛志) is now available as chaku uta and chaku uta full. For those who download this, they may win a special present: a “gentle and kind” recording by Ono Daisuke.

Next is about the band Kurobara Hozonkai (黒薔薇保存会) or the Black Rose Conservation Association which Ma-sama (Suwa) is a member. Their maxi single titled “Red Signal” (レッドシグナル) is now available as chaku uta full on the website.

Sylph Danwashitsu

Since this is the final episode of 2007, all DG5 read a summarized version of the highlights for this corner from the moment they got the idea to adapt the show into a manga, to the sending of actual presents to the mangaka to solve their problems (e.g. haramaki, soccer ball, cotton gloves), and the final approval of their manga Hibiki and how involved the two of them (HiroC & OnoD) in the designing of the jumpsuits their characters wear in the manga.

HiroC brags about their manga to the other three, saying that the cat logo in the manga is designed by them. Ahahaha! He also says it’s possible that the 3 of them appear in the manga because they’re members of DG5.

They feature, FINALLY, the manga DearGirl~Stories~ Hibiki (DearGirl~Stories~響) illustrated by Iwasaki Saya (いわさき砂也).

Iwasaki Saya-sensei’s Futsu Sto:
Good evening DG5 members. It’s not like we need all these useless things, but we can’t just throw them, right? When I do a general house cleaning, I’m stumped about what to do about these useless things that I just can’t throw away. They just eat up valuable space, but redecorating is too much for me. What should I do with all these stuff?

It seems that Saya-sensei actually sent “the things that she couldn’t throw” to the studio. One of these items is something they deem a prized item, which is a zabuton with “Black Tri-Stars” written on it. Zabuton is a cushion pillow used for sitting. Black Tri-Stars or “Kuroi Sanrensei” (黒い三連星) in Japanese is a team of 3 mobile suit pilots—Gaia, Ortega and Mash—in the original Gundam anime.

The conversation starts drifting to OnoD’s mini-album Hinemosu (ひねもす) which as usual HiroC says he can’t remember the title. He uses the CD as an example of useless things and asks the others whether to throw away the CD or not. Ahahaha! Poor OnoD. Thankfully, Nakamura brings them back to the original topic and tells them that they should do the corner properly.

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BUY Hinemosu (ひねもす)





They return the conversation to Saya-sensei’s Black Tri-Stars zabuton. Yasumoto reveals that Nakamura’s place doesn’t have couches or table but just a sitting room, so he suggests to just give the zabuton to Nakamura. Nakamura says that he doesn’t need the zabuton. Instead he suggests that they should donate it to people who practice accordion instead, so that they could practice while sitting comfortably. HiroC tells him to go home. Ahahaha!

HiroC suggests that if they ask the seiyuu who voiced Gaia, Ortega and Mash to sign the zabuton, perhaps then it would be so valuable that Saya won’t even think of throwing it anymore.

Ending Talk

OnoD shares to the other 3 about the incident about Wikipedia having false details about their show ending. The 3 are so comfortable in the show that HiroC tells them to go home, that DGS is not their show. Ahahaha!

They also announce that DG5 will record the New Year episode as well. Yay! DG5 chinnenkai to welcome the new year!

They invite you to e-mail them at dgs@joqr.net

I’m so happy!!! This episode will always have a special place in my heart because it’s the first time that all DG5 members met together in the show. I love it!!! I had a little difficulty translating this episode because I had to separate lines from 5 different people. But I had such a blast, so I don’t mind. The Gundam and the other anime references were also tricky, so I had to really research and read Japanese-language websites to learn about most of them. But I think I got them for you. You’re welcome. I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I did. Mosu!

And that’s it for the 38th episode of DGS.

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