DGS 39 Recap: Sugita’s New Year’s Resolution is to Touch Boobs

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 39 Recap & Selected Translations
by Arria Cross

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Ep. 39 Title: 中村、お前コントレックス飲むな! (Nakamura, omae kontorekksu nomu na! / Nakamura, don’t drink Contrex!)

Credit: animelo.jp

Opening Talk

The 39th episode starts. They greet everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! This is the first DGS episode of 2008. HiroC & OnoD ask each other what they did for the new year. HiroC answers first, saying that he didn’t really do anything. As for OnoD, he says that he just slept a lot and returned to his hometown to celebrate New Year.

To help them welcome the New Year, 3 special guests join them again: Yasumoto Hiroki, Sugita Tomokazu and Nakamura Yuuichi. Last episode, DG5 had a year-end celebration (bounenkai) episode to sign off the year 2007. This episode is the chinnenkai episode to welcome 2008.

*It seems that they recorded episodes 38 and 39 simultaneously, meaning that they recorded these two episodes back-to-back on the same day. This means that HiroC & OnoD were just acting when they asked each other what they did for the new year, since it was still 2007 when they recorded this episode. Maybe that’s why they couldn’t say anthing specific and just said some general stuff.

Episode Title

OnoD: Nakamura, omae kontorekksu nomu na! (Nakamura, don’t drink Contrex!)

HiroC: Ahahaha! What are you gonna do if you lost weight because of it?

Contrex is a brand of mineral water owned by Nestlé. It’s a highly mineralized water and has diuretic properties; hence, HiroC’s comment about Nakamura losing weight by drinking it. Interestingly, Contrex shares the same water pipelines with the Vittel water brand in France. Remember that HiroC made Vittel famous among DGS fans during the Duriangelion episode. Refer to Episode 23.

Free Talk

HiroC orders their 3 special guests—the first guests for the year 2008—to introduce themselves. Angen, Sugita & Nakamura obey and formally introduce themselves. Then they greet each other a Happy New Year.

Then OnoD refers back to the horoscope episode where HiroC’s lucky items are predicted. Refer to Episode 37. His lucky items are: male friends, party, and chamomile tea.

OnoD: HiroC’s 2008 lucky items are firstly, “male friends”.
HiroC: Ah, yeah. It said that.
OnoD: We have the male friends present today, right?
HiroC: Yeah.
OnoD: Next is “party”.
HiroC: Party!
OnoD: We have the party today, don’t we?
HiroC: Ah, yeah. Because it’s the chinnenkai, right?
OnoD: And then the drink that we all have right now, “chamomile tea”.
HiroC: Ah, so this is chamomile tea! And here I was wondering what’s up because we don’t usually have tea on the show while recording.
Angen: I’m thinking that this is such a great show for serving us tea. Ahaha!
HiroC: Right?
Sugita: Now I’m kinda sleepy.

OnoD announces that with this episode, they have secured HiroC’s good luck for the year 2008. HiroC thanks them and drinks his chamomile tea. He says that he’s really touched, especially to be served real tea while working. Sugita repeats that he’s feeling sleepy but HiroC ignores him like everyone else. HiroC continues saying that usually when asked what drink he wants and he answers that anything is fine, he’s just directed to the nearest vending machine. Ahahaha!

Then HiroC mentions OnoD’s lucky items for the year 2008: 500 yen coin, cat, and white underwear (briefs). They hilariously talk about his lucky items. OnoD says that he’s bad with cats. The others urge him to take ahold of these lucky items as soon as possible to delay his peak. OnoD tells them not to mention “peak” to him. Ahaha!

Dareka no Gimu o Sokketsu (DGS, for short)
(Deciding someone’s resolution)

For this special corner, they will decide each other’s resolution or goal for 2008. HiroC jokes that for normal idol seiyuu, these normal seiyuu decide their own yearly goals. But for akuma seiyuu (evil voice actors) like them, they will forcefully decide what their colleague’s goals for the year. Nakamura complains, saying that he doesn’t want to do this. Ahahaha!

HiroC asks if it was Uchi-P who named the corner again following the DGS acronym. It seems that this time it wasn’t Uchi-P’s idea. They ask if it was Suwa but Suwa’s expression looks clueless. So funny.

The 4 will decide what the other one’s goal for the year will be.

Yasumoto Hiroki’s 2008 Goal:
To become weaker

HiroC: To start, let’s decide Angen-kun’s…
Angen: Ah, me.
HiroC: Let’s decide his goal for 2008.
Angen: Think up a good one for me.
HiroC: Ok.
OnoD: Hmmm.
Sugita: He’s too strong, so how about he weaken up a little?
HiroC: Ah…
OnoD: Ah, I see.
Nakamura: I don’t really understand what you mean.
OnoD: It means that weakness is important in a person, too.
Sugita: I just want to see if he has any weakness.
Angen: I’m actually weak mentally.
All: Ah…Ahahahaha!!!
HiroC: Why are you all laughing?

Angen shares that he worries and his will falters, so sometimes he would call Nakamura just to talk about his concerns. Aw, what bromance! Nakamura confirms it, even revealing that Angen’s mental fragility becomes more pronounced when he’s drunk. But then Nakamura quickly tries to end this sensitive discussion, saying that the purpose of this corner is to decide Angen’s goal.

During this time, Angen is sporting a long hair. Photo at the end of this post. HiroC asks him how long is he planning to grow his hair. Angen says that he’ll cut it soon. He just grew it long for fun, saying that at 30-years old, he might as well try growing his hair long for the last time. As usual, Do-S HiroC comments that Angen’s reason doesn’t sound very interesting. Ahahaha!

HiroC: So what should we decide for his 2008 goal? Well then, how about you steadily show us your weak sides?

They joke around focusing on the physical aspects rather than the mental aspect. OnoD comments about the crotch being a weakness. And then Sugita follows up with the neck and the ears. Angen rides along saying that his ears are weak but he’s corrected and says that his neck is weaker.

Angen: Yasumoto Hiroki’s goal for this year is to become weaker.

Nakamura asks if this corner has any meaning at all. Ahahaha!

Sugita Tomokazu’s 2008 Goal:
To fondle female boobs, even if it’s a female animal

Nakamura suggests that they base their decision on something that Sugita didn’t get enough in 2007. Something like Sugita should speak up more. Remember at the beginning of last episode’s bounenkai, Angen told Sugita to speak up because he grew quiet when everyone else is chatting. Upon hearing this, they observe that Sugita is getting paler by the moment. OnoD says that he can relate to Sugita. When DGS just started and even now, there are times that he mumbles instead of speaking confidently, making it hard for the listeners to hear him.

HiroC: It seems that Sugita-kun has not fondled any boobs recently.
Nakamura: Why are you exposing that? Why are you exposing him?
Sugita: Instead of just recently, it’s actually almost all the time.
All: AHAHAHAHA!!! (clapping)
Angen: I think we should stop this conversation.
Nakamura: Sugita, you’re too far away from the mic so speak closer to it.
Sugita: (speaks directly to the mic) Instead of just recently, it’s actually almost all the time.
HiroC: Ahahaha!!!
OnoD: Yes, speak close to the mic like that.
Angen: Will your talent management be okay with this?
All: Ahahaha!!!
HiroC: But he did say this to me, “Nii-san, I haven’t fondled any boobs recently so can I fondle Nii-san’s boobs instead?”
HiroC: He said that to me when we were at work together.
Nakamura: So it seems that he doesn’t care anymore whose boobs it is, as long as they’re boobs. He has fallen to such level.
Angen: If he’s really worrying about this matter, then perhaps we can decide this as his goal.
Nakamura: Then let’s do it. Everyone let’s decide that his goal is to fondle boobs…
Sugita: Nakamura, you’re at least a B-cup, aren’t you?
Nakamura: You’re even eyeing me?
The others: Ahahaha!
Nakamura: Let’s decide that for this year, your goal is to touch FEMALE boobs, ok?
Sugita: Ah, I see.
The others: Ahahaha!
Nakamura: Last year, eyeing Kamiya-san’s boobs was a problem, right? So this year, let’s focus on FEMALE boobs, ok?

Oh my gosh. This is just too funny. Ah, my tummy hurts from laughing too much. Aaaaaah~

Sugita: Sugita Tomokazu’s goal for this year is to fondle female boobs, even if it’s a female animal.

They’re all laughing, especially HiroC who’s laughing so hard. Ahahaha! This is too funny.

Nakamura: Limit it to humans!
OnoD: Ahahaha!
Angen: He lowered the challenge level, didn’t he?
Nakamura: He lowered it TOO MUCH!!!
OnoD: Too much!
OnoD: So he’s okay even with animals.
Nakamura: By the way, Kamiya-san. Is Nyanko-sensei female?
HiroC: He’s male. Male. AHAHAHAHA!!!
Nakamura: Ah, he’s male, huh.
OnoD: Close. That was close.
Angen: Then how about my dog?
Sugita: Yay!
Nakamura: Well then, try touching Ginko’s boobs.
Angen: I had her spayed before she matured so…
Nakamura: Ah, I see. Too bad.

I’m laughing so much, it hurts. Ahahaha!

Nakamura Yuuichi’s 2008 Goal:
To be a quick and agile fattie

HiroC: Next up, let us decide Nakamura Yuuichi’s goal.
Nakamura: NOOOOOO!!! This is too scary!!! I don’t wanna.

Angen suggests for Nakamura to decide his own goal, asking him what he wants to do for this year. Nakamura reveals that he already told Angen and OnoD on separate occasions his 2008 goal and that is “I cannot die.” For 3 years, these have been his goals:

2006: I will not die.
2007: I will live.
2008: I cannot die.

Angen tries to make sense of it by saying that Nakamura seems to be thinking that it would be troublesome if he dies. Angen comments that even if it’s cool, they can’t just choose this as Nakamura’s goal. They say that Sugita has overshadowed all of them. Nakamura calls this corner the “Sugita Fan Corner”. Ahahaha!

HiroC: The title mentioned this, but aren’t you doing your best to drink Contrex?
Nakamura: Ahaha. You plan to decide my goal based on that? Ok. Fine. Yes.
HiroC: Right? So don’t drink Contrex this year.
Angen: But isn’t he going to get fatter if he doesn’t?
HiroC: So what?
Nakamura: I see.
OnoD: I see?
HiroC: This way, you…
Nakamura & Angen: Won’t lose weight.
Sugita: That way he won’t die?
HiroC & OnoD: Right.
Nakamura: I’ll die, you know.
All: Ahaha!
Nakamura: If I don’t take care, I’ll die, you know.
Sugita: I see.
HiroC: He needs to find the right balance.
Nakamura: I’m already getting old so I need to make some lifestyle changes.
HiroC: Ah, especially since you’re overweight, right?
Angen: How about gain weight while exercising?
All: Ahahaha!
Angen: You’ll train yourself to move better despite the weight.
HiroC: Someone who’s fat but still quick and agile.
Angen: Right. Quick and agile.

Then HiroC & OnoD talk about Chanko Chanko, and how they sometimes mistake him for Nakamura. They ask them who this Chanko is and they say that he’s a regular in the show and that he works as a professional fattie. HiroC explains that since Chanko’s work relies on him being a fattie, he has to keep the weight and not die. So Nakamura should emulate him.

Nakamura: Nakamura Yuuichi’s goal for this year is to be a quick and agile fattie.

Angen praises Nakamura for enduring his turn. Ahaha! Angen is so nice. Nakamura says that he won’t forget what this show made him go through. Ahahaha!

OnoD: So everyone, make sure to aim for your decided goals, okay?
Nakamura: No way!

OnoD says that he and HiroC’s goals will be decided last, but HiroC attempts to escape by saying that they may not have enough time. Nice try, HiroC.

Dear Girl Jouhou

Lots of chaku uta, chaku uta full, chaku melo, and ringback tones available on the Animelo Mix website including “Durian Trans Mix” and “Bring Me Sylph Comics Song” from the the Dear Girl ~Stories~ CD.

Dear Girl ~Stories~ feat. Kamiya Hiroshi & Ono Daisuke (CD)
Release Date: December 19, 2007


*The link to the product is an affiliate link.  Read Disclosure Policy for more information on how this blog uses affiliate links.

The opening theme song “StandUp★MyRock” from the game DEAR My SUN!!~Musuko★Ikusei★Cappriccio~ (DEAR My SUN!!~ムスコ★育成★狂騒曲~) by Nemoto Kouta (根本幸多) and Okamoto Hiroshi (岡本寛志) is now available as chaku uta and chaku uta full. For those who download this, they may win a special present: a “gentle and kind” recording by Ono Daisuke.

Angen, Sugita, Nakamura, and OnoD read using their best bishie voices. HiroC is laughing at them and when it’s his turn, he couldn’t stop laughing so he was the only one who didn’t read with a bishie voice. Ahaha!

Sylph Danwashitsu

They feature the manga Fujoshissu! (腐女子っス!) by Okachimachi Hato (御徒町鳩).

They comment that she’s being featured on the show too much, and that maybe she’s aiming to be a regular on the show.

Okachimachi Hato-sensei’s New Year Greeting:
Happy New Year! Thank you very much for letting me be in charge of the report manga last year and even inviting me to the public recording event. Thanks to you, I’m more comfortable in promoting myself. I’ll definitely promote myself more here on DGS. Please take care of me. I have already decided that Hato’s New Year resolution is to promote myself more, but what are your goals for this year?

Sugita comments that Hato is quite calculating. Nakamura wonders if Sugita has snapped because of what he went through earlier and he’s releasing his anger to Hato. Nakamura begins sharing something interesting that Sugita is doing because the listeners can’t see. It seems that during Dear Girl Jouhou when they were promoting the mobile website, Sugita actually took out his phone to go to the website. And also he suddenly starts putting on Gekiranger-like gloves.

HiroC attempts to delay his turn, so he says that they’re going to start deciding another goal for Sugita. The other 3 say that Sugita had enough already and that he had it hard. So (of course) HiroC says that they’re going to decide OnoD’s goal first before him. Ahaha!

Ono Daisuke’s 2008 Goal:
To crossdress at an event

The others ponder what to decide for OnoD. Of course, they had to mention OnoD allegedly reaching his “peak” in 2007. Ahaha! OnoD says that his goal is to continue working as a seiyuu for a long time. Nakamura says that he’s feeling a little annoyed looking at OnoD’s face while he’s talking about his goal. Ahahaha! Poor OnoD.

OnoD: This year, I really would like to try crossdressing.
Angen: Eh, you really want to?
Nakamura: He seems like it.
OnoD: For this show.
Angen: So you’re like, “I’m this handsome and this cool so it’s probably alright for me to crossdress.”
Nakamura: That’s what’s he’s probably thinking.
OnoD: No.
Nakamura: No?
Angen: Eh?
OnoD: Well, you see. During our public recording event….
HiroC: Ehehehe.
OnoD: I shaved my legs at the hotel.
Nakamura: Why? You weren’t able to crossdress that time, right?
OnoD: Yeah. That was just me getting into the mood to crossdress even when I couldn’t…
HiroC: Just listen to his story, at least.
Nakamura: I don’t wanna!
Angen: Hey now. Now, now.
Nakamura: Fine, I’ll give you 3 seconds to talk.
OnoD: My legs became so smooth after shaving.
Nakamura: Ah, so you wanted to show off your legs to everyone and show how beautiful they are.
OnoD: Exactly.
HiroC: Ahahaha!
Angen: You’re kimochi-warui!
Nakamura: After shaving, you should just blog about it.
All: Ahahaha!
Nakamura: Show your legs off on your own blog.
OnoD: I see.
Sugita: Ono-san, you like boobs too, right?
OnoD: Me? Boobs?
Angen: But I heard that Ono Daisuke likes butts more.
Sugita: Ah, I see.
OnoD: Yeah, I love butts.

Oh my gosh. That was so awkward, OnoD! HiroC ends the discussion by suggesting that they should just decide OnoD’s 2008 goal as crossdressing.

OnoD: Ono Daisuke’s goal for this year is to crossdress at an event.

OnoD then announces that everyone should decide HiroC’s goal last. HiroC cuts him off and tries to escape by reading the closing lines for the corner. Ahahaha!

All: Oy, wait!
Sugita: Hey now.
Nakamura: Don’t even think that you’re the only one coming out here unscathed.
HiroC: What now?
OnoD: It’s your turn. You’re the most important person here. The main event.
HiroC: Fine, whatever. Just decide whatever goal you want for me then.
Angen: Why are you getting angry? Don’t act so defeated.
Nakamura: We haven’t done anything to you yet.
Sugita: I’m the one who’s been through the most today, so I think you’ll be fine.
Nakamura: You sound a bit more dignified when you say it like that.
Angen: Yeah, you’re the man.

Kamiya Hiroshi’s 2008 Goal:
During magazine interviews, to show a funny face in a photo

HiroC says that he’s fine living his usual ordinary life this year, so they suggest that he should aim for something extraordinary. They ask him what he didn’t get enough of in 2007.

Sugita: Maybe build some muscles?
HiroC: Yeah, I would like to build some muscles.
Nakamura: Given how much he bullied you earlier, how can you still be so kind to him?
HiroC: Ahahaha!
Angen: You’re such a nice guy!
Nakamura: You’re amazing. Are you a god?
Angen: So how about become healthier?
The others: Ah, yeah.
Angen: How about become bigger like Nakamura?

Then they talk about perhaps becoming more popular. But they say that it’s not only HiroC who wants to become more popular. All of them wants to be more popular. Then Angen suggests that HiroC should aim to not be popular. He explains that the goal is to not be popular, but still end up being popular. HiroC would turn so ugly that he’ll shock people so much and become popular that way. Ahaha! Nakamura says that some people call ugly cute out of kindness.

HiroC: Kamiya Hiroshi’s goal this year is during magazine interviews, to show a funny face in a photo!

To end the corner, they summarize their goals.

Angen: Yasumoto Hiroki’s goal is to become stronger!
All: (chuckling)
Sugita: Sugita Tomokazu’s goal is to not look at my poop while pooing.
HiroC: What the heck?
OnoD: That’s not it!
HiroC: What the heck are you saying?
OnoD: Isn’t your goal to fondle boobs?
Nakamura: My goal is to be a quick and agile fattie.
OnoD: Ono Daisuke’s 2008 goal is to crossdress during an event.
HiroC: Kamiya Hiroshi’s goal for this year is to continue working hard for this show Dear Girl ~Stories~!
All: Oy! Ahahahaha!

Ending Talk

OnoD says it’s unfortunate that these back-to-back DG5 episodes are ending. HiroC says he’s glad that this DG5 episodes are ending. The others say that they had fun, except for Sugita who says that he’s going to die tomorrow. Ahahaha! Poor Sugita. He went through so much this episode.

They invite you to e-mail them at dgs@joqr.net

I love this episode! It’s so funny! Too funny that it actually hurts to laugh. I had a blast translating and writing this recap. It was challenging, of course, but so worth it. HiroC is so Do-S. But we love him for it! OnoD improved a lot compared to when DGS just started. He’s still a little awkward sometimes, though. Sugita…poor Osugi. I feel so bad for him, but he wins the sportsmanship award this episode. You’re the star! Runner-up is Nakamura. I cringed a bit whenever they refer to him as “debu” (fattie), but he took it well and laughed with the others. Go, Yukyan! Last but not the least, Yasumoto. Oh my gosh, how nice and how mature Angen is! He’s like the guardian among the five. Anyway, this episode, without a doubt, is one of my favourites ever! I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did.

And that’s it for the 39th episode of DGS.

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