Achieving Enlightenment the Otaku Way

Osu!  Greetings, shokun!  Cross-shishou here for another set of Fujinsei Kempo lessons. Today’s lesson is a set of  life lessons I compiled that we can learn from sports anime.  All of these life lessons are very practical in nature and can be applied into your daily lives, so that you can transform into the best person that you can be.  So are you ready to learn?  Okay, let’s start.  Osu!

10 Ways Sports Anime Can Help You Become the Best Person You Can Be

1.  The Road Starts at Zero
You can be the most pathetic person, but if you work hard enough, you can be a champion.  Even Makunouchi Ippo was bullied before he became the Featherweight Champion of Japan.

ippo guts pose-champion belt

2.  Focus on the Prize
So what if others see you as selfish?  Ram straight ahead, keeping your eyes fastened on your goal.  That’s what you want, and you’re going to get it.  Sohoku wanted to be the first to send their team jersey across the final goal during the Inter-High.  They wanted it so badly, and they achieved it.

onoda wins interhigh

3.  Signature Move
Find something you’re good at and become the best at it.  Whether it’s whistling while drinking water or simply cleaning any space until it sparkles, if you become the best, others will be forced to acknowledge you.

4.  Mentor
Find someone who believes in your abilities, someone who’s willing to help and guide you to become the best person that you can be.  I don’t need a mentor, you say.  I’m the independent sort of person, you say.  Well, let me tell you that your willpower won’t last forever, so you need someone who will push you when you can’t do it by yourself.  Whether it’s your best friend, spouse, or an expert, it’s better to have someone to whom you can rely on to drag you and give you a wedgie whenever you’re feeling lazy and burnt out.

coach momo-ookiku furikabutte

5.  Rival
Find a rival and have a healthy competition.  When push comes to shove, rival equals to comrade.  You push each other beyond your limits, discovering that you’re capable of things you’ve never imagined that you’re capable of before.

6.  Idol
Find someone you admire.  Set her on a pedestal.  Now she’s your goal, but don’t say “I want to become like her.”  Instead say “I’m going to surpass her.”  Now work hard to do just that.

7.  Train, Train, and then Train Some More
The best wasn’t the best the first time around.  They trained like crazy to reach where they are.  Sure, most of them are gifted with extraordinary talents, but talent alone didn’t hand them the title “the best”.  Remember Thomas Edison’s wise words:  “Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.”

baby steps-first training

8.  Be Loyal to Your Principles
What do I mean by this?  Let’s take Team Sohoku as an example.  Under Captain Kinjou, the team’s style of riding is that each member helps one another.  They ride as a team.  Whenever a member falls, they support him and vice versa.  Adapting a similar principle into your life will help you through your darkest times.  Whenever you feel like nothing’s going right, why don’t you try following your principle and see where it takes you?  It might lead you to a better place. . .it might not. . .who knows?  But at least you’re not stuck anymore. . .you’ve progressed because you followed what you believed as the right thing to do.

team sohoku-yowamushi pedal

9.  Who You Really Are
Never forget where you came from and what kind of person you were before.  Having a clear image of your past self will help you monitor your progress, and also urges you to cherish what you’re becoming.  Search who you really are, what kind of person you were like, and finally what kind of person you want to be.

10.  Never Give Up
If there is just one thing that you need to learn from a sports anime, it’s to persist, endure, and never, ever give up.  Life is a freaking struggle.  Surprise, surprise.  That’s the fact.  You’ll never survive this frightening game of life, never change into the best person that you can be, if you succumb to even just the slightest discomfort and pain.  Never give up.  That should be your life motto, since all the sports anime protagonists never gave up.  Well, if they did, we would’ve lost interest and shunned the entire genre with all our might.  Remember, NEVER GIVE UP!!!

That’s it for today’s lesson, folks.  Sports anime are awesome (we all know that), but they will be more awesome if we learn helpful practical life lessons from them that we can use to transform ourselves to become the best people that we can be.  Work hard on your Fujinsei Kempo lessons and you will, slowly but surely, achieve enlightenment the Otaku Way.  It’s farewell for now.  I’ll be back for more new lessons next week.  Osu!

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Disclaimer:  Study and follow the teachings of Fujinsei Kempo at your own risk.  Fujinsei and its main author Arria Cross accept no responsibility whatsoever for the content of this post, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided above.  Arria urges you to blame Cross-shishou for any issues you encounter while following Fujinsei Kempo teachings.  But Arria wants you to remember that Cross-shishou is a mere alter ego, someone without tangible form.  So if you want to blame someone, you might as well blame yourself.  You’ve been warned.

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  1. Love seeing these older lessons being brought up again because I hadn’t seen this one yet, but I definitely agree. Let sports anime inspire and guide you to greatness! 😀


  2. Never…. give…… up!!! For my nakama and tomodachis!! For the first place of the Inter-High!!!! gains acceleration and strength boost while shouting at the top of your lungs

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Honestly I started my sports anime streak with Kurokus Basketball, from then on I picked up basketball with a few house mates, Baby Steps made me impulse buy a tennis racket and balls. Lol, hopefully this summer I can play Tennis, whenever I get a chance.


    1. Sports anime have that effect. They make your want to play sports that you’ve never tried before. They’re a great source of inspiration. Anyway, I hope that you continue to watch anime. And also best of luck on your sports activities. Thanks for dropping by. Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

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