DGS 34 Recap: “For Lovers Only”, Hato Wants to Be Popular, Plus DGS CD!

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 34 Recap & Selected Translations by Arria Cross < Episode 33 | Episode 35 > Episode Guide Ep. 34 Title: 差し入れにオロCとリポDもらったよ! (Sashiiri ni OroC to RipoD moratta yo! / We received OroC and LipoD as refreshments!)

DGS 33 Recap: DG5, a Group of Seiyuu Oddballs

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 33 Recap & Selected Translations by Arria Cross < Episode 32 | Episode 34 > Episode Guide Ep. 33 Title: 浩史、やっぱスネ毛はイっといた方がいいっスかね? (Hiroshi, yappa sunege wa ittoita hou ga ii-ssu ka ne? / Hiroshi, as I thought it’s better to have said something about my leg hair, right?)

DGS 32 Recap: I Love Myself More Than I Love You!

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 32 Recap & Selected Translations by Arria Cross < Episode 31 | Episode 33 > Episode Guide Ep. 32 Title: 誰かが…僕らを写生している! (Dare ka ga…bokura o shasei-shiteiru! Someone’s…drawing us!)

10 Ways to Make People Love Your Otaku Blog

Hello! Are you a new blogger looking for ways to attract the first followers to your young blog? Or are you an unsatisfied blogger looking for new ways to take your blog to the next level? If yes, then this post is for you. Fujinsei may not be that impressive, but it has made me […]

DGS 31 Recap: Chanko Chanko Eats His Way to a Miracle!

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 31 Recap & Selected Translations by Arria Cross < Episode 30 | Episode 32 > Episode Guide Ep. 31 Title: 浩史は大きいものが怖い。象とか。 (Hiroshi wa ookiimono ga kowai. Zou to ka. / Hiroshi is scared of big creatures. Like elephants.)

Fight or Be Beaten in Street Fighting Manga “Holy Land” (OWLS Blog Tour)

Hello! Otaku Warriors for Liberty & Self-Respect (OWLS) are now on our 11th blog tour. This month, we are discussing a difficult topic “Diplomacy”. If you haven’t done so yet, please check out Lita’s tour post “Some Of Us Are Lovers Not Fighters” on her blog Lita Kino Anime Corner. “Diplomacy” November Blog Tour Whenever we […]

DGS 30 Recap: Sylph Comics Editor-in-Chief Confirms DGS Manga

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 30 Recap & Selected Translations by Arria Cross < Special Interview (by DENGEKI 15×15)| Episode 31 > Episode Guide Ep. 30 Title: オシリーナオシリーナ♪ ウレシーナウレシーナ♪ (Oshirii na Oshirii na♪ Ureshii na Ureshii na♪ / It’s Oshirina It’s Oshirina♪ So happy So happy♪)