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I'm a recent grad who just so happens to love anime, manga, and games (especially Pokemon and Otoge).

Has Anyone Ever Told You About Otome Games?

Hey Hey all you wonderful Heroes and Travelers! The name’s Pokeninja90 (or some of you know me as Naja) and I run the otome games blog, Nice Job Breaking It Hero! First, I have to thank the lovely Arria Cross for allowing me the chance to convert all of her fans into my otoge minions I mean, for allowing me a platform to spread the word of otoge… uhh *twiddles thumbs nervously* Thanks Arria for inviting me to do this Guest Blogger post here on Fujinsei! Whew, nailed it! XD

Most of you guys in the aniblogging community know me as the Otome Temptress or more recently I’ve been called the Otome Queen (or Mrs. Tsukishima Kei, I’m not picky). It’s no secret that I love otome games and desire nothing more than to drag each and every one of you lovely folks into the wonderful world of otome games (read: Otome Hell). It’s thankless work, but someone has to do it and I really enjoy sharing my love of otome games with everyone, since most of my rl friends don’t appreciate the intricacies of otoges. Ah, what’s that? You don’t know what an otome game is? *cue organs and thunder and lightning* Allow me to fix that right now!

baddest butlers.jpg
Welcome to Otoge Hell!

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