My Younger Sister is a Future Cosplayer?

Hi! My younger sister is making me so happy as an anime fan lately. Some months ago, I forced my dad to watch Attack on Titan with me. Then my sister crawled out of her cave—I mean bedroom—and started watching with us. And when I told her that the second season already finished airing all the episodes, […]

Matsumoto Masayoshi Takes Balloon Art to the Next Level

Happy Friday, folks!  How are you all doing?  Today, I’m going to share with you some incredible photos to start off yet another awesome weekend. As I was searching for interesting Japanese Culture blogs, I noticed that many of them featured an interesting balloon artist named Matsumoto Masayoshi.  I checked out his balloon artworks, and I […]

A “FROZEN” Way of Thinking by Botanical Artist Makoto Azuma

Strange how the universe works.  After watching a Japanese documentary on cable TV about Japan’s trend of building more ecological super-cities (sorry, I forgot the title) where botanical artist Makoto Azuma was featured, I read this post about him from one of my favourite blogs Spoon & Tamago titled “Flower Bouquets Frozen in Blocks of Ice by […]

Artist Igarashi Megumi Arrested For Vagina Artwork

Browsing through one of my favourite blogs, Spoon & Tamago, I came across yet another fascinating and intriguing post titled “Japanese Artist Megumi Igarashi Arrested for 3D Printed Artwork Based on Her Vagina (nsfw)”.  With a title like that, who would pass up this kind of post?  I was expecting myself to be surprised, but honestly […]

Funny Yet Genius Photos of Japanese High School Students

I first discovered these fantastic photos at another wonderful Japan-themed blog called Daily Onigiri.  The post featuring these photos is titled “15 funny pictures of Japanese high school students with too much imagination” in that blog.  I couldn’t stop laughing and being amazed as I viewed the photos, and I decided that I want to share it […]