Get To Know Lejla: An Interview Collab With World of Anime Girl

Hello! I have an exciting post for you today. Let me introduce a fellow aniblogger, Lejla Imširović (World of Anime Girl). The two of us are doing an interview collaboration together. Yay yay! So exciting! Here’s a little background information about Lejla. Lejla Imširović is from Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is currently an undergraduate student […]

Has Anyone Ever Told You About Otome Games?

Hey Hey all you wonderful Heroes and Travelers! The name’s Pokeninja90 (or some of you know me as Naja) and I run the otome games blog, Nice Job Breaking It Hero! First, I have to thank the lovely Arria Cross for allowing me the chance to convert all of her fans into my otoge minions I mean, for […]

Arria’s Top 15 Most Awe-Inspiring Scenes in ONE PIECE

Minna-san, welcome to my TOP 15 MOST AWE-INSPIRING SCENES IN ONE PIECE!  This is a pretty difficult list to compile since there are a LOT of awe-inspiring scenes in ONE PIECE.  The idea of creating this list was inspired to me by fellow blogger and ONE PIECE enthusiast M-Kay from M-Kay and Zariyo Reviews during one of our conversations.  Excited […]