Why Are We Attracted to Anime Bishounen & Bishoujo?

Hello, folks! Today is a very exciting day because the lovely Naja (a.k.a the Temptress) and I did an awesome guest post collaboration. Yay yay! Wohoo!! So exciting!!! She wrote a wonderful guest post for me titled “Has Anyone Ever Told You About Otome Games?”. Make sure to check it out. And I wrote a […]

Has Anyone Ever Told You About Otome Games?

Hey Hey all you wonderful Heroes and Travelers! The name’s Pokeninja90 (or some of you know me as Naja) and I run the otome games blog, Nice Job Breaking It Hero! First, I have to thank the lovely Arria Cross for allowing me the chance to convert all of her fans into my otoge minions I mean, for […]

Pokémon Go is Setting the Standards for Next-Gen Gaming

*This is a Sponsored Post. In the world of mobile gaming, the most popular game today is obviously Pokémon Go. Now that developers have witnessed how people have reacted to the game, more game creators will surely pattern their future titles on Satoshi Tajiri’s magnum opus. One of Pokémon Go’s most obvious spinoff is the […]

“Ghost in the Shell: SAC” Is The Anime Series Worth Watching?

It is based on one of the most classic anime movies and it is about to be adapted in a live-action movie in 2017. Is the series Stand Alone Complex worth watching? I am Satoshi Furude from Anime Monogatari and this month we are going to talk about Mokoto Kusanagi and her team in the […]

Streaming Anime: Is It a Viable Option?

I think we can all agree anime is pretty great. We’d like to extend our thanks to Fujinsei for featuring this post on their page, as theirs is a great resource for sharing similar interests and ideas in ways that only otaku can. Though there’s no such thing as too much anime, if you’re starting to […]