Anime Fans Are Weird (Or So They Say)

How many of us have heard this comment before? Anime fans are weird. Countless.  If you haven’t heard this yet, well, then you’re weird. 😉 I’m writing about this because I noticed that quite a lot of visitors use this search term “anime fans are weird” or something similar and for some reason, are led to my blog.  I’m […]

Grab Your Copy of HiroC’s 6th Single “Kamisama Connection” NOW!!!

Happy Halloween, folks! This post is for my fellow HiroC fans and all the Dear Girls & Dear Boys out there. Just this October 11th, HiroC released his sixth single titled Kamisama Connection (神様コネクション). Yay!!! Here’s the song PV. Uploaded by: Heichou Song 神谷さんカッコイイ!!! Order Kamiya Hiroshi’s Newest Single NOW!!! Kamisama Connection by Kamiya Hiroshi (Deluxe, w/ DVD) Release […]

Pre-order Aoi Shouta’s Latest Album “Zero” NOW!!!

Hello. Any Shou-tan fan, raise your hand! This post is for you. Aoi Shouta (蒼井 翔太)‘s latest album, Zero (零), will be released tomorrow October 11. Yay yay! So exciting! You can pre-order it until today, and then purchase it normally when it releases tomorrow. Here’s a PV of the leading track and the namesake […]

Pre-order Arashi’s New Album “Untitled” NOW! Plus CDJapan Arashi Commemoration Sale!

Hello! If you’re an Arashi fan, then I’m sure that you’ll go crazy to know that the pre-order for their newest album Untitled is now open for pre-orders. Both limited and regular editions are set to be released on October 18. The bundled edition which includes both the limited and regular edition is now sold out. So […]

Order Dean Fujioka’s Yuri on Ice Theme “History Maker” NOW!!!

Hello, fellow Icer! Can you feel my heart beat? Gosh, it took a while for Mr. Dean Fujioka to release this after Yuri!!! on ICE already finished airing. And it took me a longer while to feature it here. But none of that matters now because I’m super excited! It’s finally here! Woot woot! Don’t stop […]

Order “Dark Side of the Moon” Levi Character Song by Kamiya Hiroshi (Attack on Titan) NOW!!!

Hello, folks! I’m so excited to share with you that the latest Captain Levi character song CD released just last week. I’m squealing! Captain Levi is my most favourite character in the Shingeki no Kyojin (進撃の巨人 / Attack on Titan) series AND his seiyuu, Kamiya Hiroshi (神谷浩史), is one of my favourites in the industry as well. Awesome double […]