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My Younger Sister is a Future Cosplayer?

Hi! My younger sister is making me so happy as an anime fan lately. Some months ago, I forced my dad to watch Attack on Titan with me. Then my sister crawled out of her cave—I mean bedroom—and started watching with us. And when I told her that the second season already finished airing all the episodes, she didn’t even let me finish speaking and told me, “I already watched it.” I felt so happy and so proud of her that I almost cried.

Just before school started, she knocked on my bedroom door and showed me an Attack on Titan Survey Corps jacket listed on Amazon. “Ate, I want this for my Halloween costume. Can you buy it for me, please?” I was so surprised, but immediately felt excited. I whipped out my credit card and ordered it for her on the spot. I even offered to buy her the Survey Corps cloak, but she was being considerate and told me that she only wanted the jacket. I almost felt disappointed. I called out my cousin, and I think the two of us were more excited than my younger sister. Mid-September, our order arrived and I forced my sister to try it on immediately.

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I Received Anime Posters for my Birthday

Hello! I just want to share something happy that happened to me recently. Last week, my cousin gave me awesome anime posters as presents for my birthday. She’s the sweetest. Made my day extra special.

She gave me ONE PIECE and Yuri!!! on ICE posters. She really knows what I like!

Here’s a poster of the Straw Hat Pirate Crew before Franky & Brook joined them. Love it!

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Arria Cross in 3 Anime Characters (Twitter Tag Challenge)

Hello, folks! Inspired by the lovely Katrina Sade (Grimm Girl) in her post “Three Anime Characters That Describe GrimmGirl”, I also decided to expand on my answer to Twitter’s tagging challenge: “Describe yourself in 3 fictional characters”.

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From Book Reviewer to Aniblogger

A Brief History of my Journey From Book Reviewer to Aniblogger

I’ve only been an aniblogger for 2 years now, but I’ve been blogging on and off since I was a teenager.  When I started university, I became a book review blogger for a few years.  It was a very exciting time.  I loved being in direct contact with published authors, agents and publishers.  I used a different name back then, so you won’t find a trace of my past as a book reviewer under the name Arria Cross.  Back then I showed my face on the Internet as a book reviewer because I thought it would be more professional that way.  Long story short, it wasn’t the wisest thing to do.  I attracted creeps who forced me to delete almost all my online accounts and start anew—PRIVATELY.  That’s why I refuse to show my face now to the web without good reason.

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I Survived An Attempted Sexual Assault

Warning:  This post discusses a mature subject matter and contains words and images that are not suitable for younger audiences.  Reader discretion is advised.

Some of you have noticed my silence here on WordPress this past week.  You may have concluded that I’m taking one of my regular breaks, since most of you already know that I’m a great supporter of taking breaks from blogging as I discussed in some of my previous posts “I Regularly Take Breaks From Blogging And Why You Should, Too” and “The (Un)Healthy Lives of Otaku Bloggers”.  You’re correct.  I took a break from blogging, but not for the usual reasons of burn-out or lack of motivation.  You can say that I was forced into a break because, well. . .here it goes.

Last week, I narrowly survived an attempted sexual assault.

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