DGS 33 Recap: DG5, a Group of Seiyuu Oddballs

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 33 Recap & Selected Translations by Arria Cross < Episode 32 | Episode 34 > Episode Guide Ep. 33 Title: 浩史、やっぱスネ毛はイっといた方がいいっスかね? (Hiroshi, yappa sunege wa ittoita hou ga ii-ssu ka ne? / Hiroshi, as I thought it’s better to have said something about my leg hair, right?) Advertisements

DGS 32 Recap: I Love Myself More Than I Love You!

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 32 Recap & Selected Translations by Arria Cross < Episode 31 | Episode 33 > Episode Guide Ep. 32 Title: 誰かが…僕らを写生している! (Dare ka ga…bokura o shasei-shiteiru! Someone’s…drawing us!)

DGS 31 Recap: Chanko Chanko Eats His Way to a Miracle!

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 31 Recap & Selected Translations by Arria Cross < Episode 30 | Episode 32 > Episode Guide Ep. 31 Title: 浩史は大きいものが怖い。象とか。 (Hiroshi wa ookiimono ga kowai. Zou to ka. / Hiroshi is scared of big creatures. Like elephants.)

DGS 30 Recap: Sylph Comics Editor-in-Chief Confirms DGS Manga

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 30 Recap & Selected Translations by Arria Cross < Special Interview (by DENGEKI 15×15)| Episode 31 > Episode Guide Ep. 30 Title: オシリーナオシリーナ♪ ウレシーナウレシーナ♪ (Oshirii na Oshirii na♪ Ureshii na Ureshii na♪ / It’s Oshirina It’s Oshirina♪ So happy So happy♪)

Grab Your Copy of HiroC’s 6th Single “Kamisama Connection” NOW!!!

Happy Halloween, folks! This post is for my fellow HiroC fans and all the Dear Girls & Dear Boys out there. Just this October 11th, HiroC released his sixth single titled Kamisama Connection (神様コネクション). Yay!!! Here’s the song PV. Uploaded by: Heichou Song 神谷さんカッコイイ!!! Order Kamiya Hiroshi’s Newest Single NOW!!! Kamisama Connection by Kamiya Hiroshi (Deluxe, w/ DVD) Release […]

DGS 29 Recap: Nakamura Yuuichi Graces You With His Presence Again, You Bastards!

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 29 Recap & Selected Translations by Arria Cross < Episode 28 | Special Interview (by DENGEKI 15×15) > Episode Guide Ep. 29 Title: サードフェイズ…終了 (Saado Feizu…shuuryou / Third Phase…ends)