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Dear Girl ~Stories~ Recaps & Selected Translations
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Dear Girl ~Stories~ is a radio show hosted by seiyuu Kamiya Hiroshi (神谷浩史) and Ono Daisuke (小野大輔).  It is currently airing every Saturday at 25:00-25:30 (Sunday at 1:00-1:30 AM) via Bunka Housou.

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1: かみあわない二人 (Kamiawanai futari / The incompatible two)

2: 本当は…もっと静かな番組にしたかった、神谷さん (Hontou wa…motto shizuka na bangumi ni shitakatta, Kamiya-san / To be honest, I wanted to do a much quieter show, Kamiya-san)

3: 浩史 in 大阪 (Hiroshi in Osaka)

4: 僕の鞄はゴミ箱じゃない (Boku no kaban wa gomibako ja nai / My bag is not a trash can)

5: 俺よりも狩りの方が大事なのかよっ!? (Ore yori mo kari no hou ga daiji na no ka yo!? / Is hunting more important than me!?)

6: 本番5分前のトークはとても流せるモンじゃなかった (Honban go-fun mae no tooku wa totemo nagaseru mon janakatta / Our talk 5 minutes before broadcast is something we absolutely couldn’t reveal)

7: 浩史はパステルに夢中 (Hiroshi wa Pasteru ni muchuu / Hiroshi’s in ecstasy with Pastel)

8: あの~浩史、後でパソコン教えて? (Ano~ Hiroshi, ato de pasokon oshiete? / Uhm…Hiroshi, teach me how to use the computer later?)

9: 異議あり!! (Igi ari!! / I object!!)

10: 神谷玉露三郎に決定! (Kamiya, Gyokuro Zaburou ni kettei! / Kamiya, your nickname has been decided to be Gyokuro Zaburou!)



11: この後、安元洋貴(あんげんようたか)さんの登場ですよ (Kono ato, Angen Youtaka-san no toujou desu yo / Angen Youtaka will be here after this)

12: あの先輩がメアドを教えてくれまへん (Ano senpai ga meado o oshiete kuremahen / That senpai didn’t give me his email address)

13: もぉ~浩史は俺がいないと帯も結べないんだから! (Mou~ Hiroshi wa ore ga inai to obi mo musubenain dakara! / Jeez~ If I wasn’t here, Hiroshi won’t be able to tie his obi!)

14: やったね浩史! 人命救助! (Yatta ne, Hiroshi! Jinmei kyuujo! / You did it, Hiroshi! You’re a lifesaver!)

15: お、浩史、髪切った? 俺も俺も. (O, Hiroshi, kami kitta? Ore mo, ore mo. / Oh, Hiroshi. Did you cut your hair? Me too, me too.)

16: 浩史さんへ, いつも応援してくれてありがとう! (Hiroshi-san e, itsumo ouen-shite kurete arigatou! / To Hiroshi-san, thank you for always supporting me!)

17: 注目すんな!あんま見んな!再生すんな!ニコニコすんな! (Chuumoku sunna! Anma minna! Saisei sunna! Nikoniko sunna! / Don’t stare at me! Don’t look at me! Don’t record me! Don’t smile at me!)

18: ちゃんとDearGirlになるのかちょっと不安です (Chanto Dear Girl ni naru no ka chotto fuan desu / I’m a little uneasy of whether I can do Dear Girl (Stories) properly)

19: あ…お帰り! (A…Okaeri! / Ah, welcome back!)

20: おすぎ、気をつけて!浩史が君の操を狙ってるよ! (Osugi, ki o tsukete! Hiroshi ga kimi no misao o neratteru yo! / Osugi, be careful! Hiroshi’s aiming for your honour!)



21: 夏って…センチメンタルな気分になるよね (Natsu-tte…senchimentaru ni naru yo ne / Summer makes you feel sentimental, doesn’t it?)

22: 最後のチョコクロ誰のもの? (Saigo no choko kuro dare no mono? / Who does the last chocolate croissant belong to?)

23: このあと、異臭騒ぎ!! (Kono ato, ishuu sawagi!! / After this, it’s a stinky chaos!!)

24: Coming soon!


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