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The following Dear Girl ~Stories~ terms are compiled by Arria Cross from existing Recaps & Selected translations here on Fujinsei.  As more recaps are posted, new terms will be added accordingly.  Enjoy!

1-Phrase Story
The predecessor of Dear Voice where listeners send any one-liners they want to be featured in the show.  HiroC & OnoD take turns reading the featured phrase every episode.  This corner “died” because they kept on forgetting to do it.

What HiroC calls OnoD’s single, Amaoto. A play on Amaoto and OnoD’s stock greeting “mosu”.

OnoD’s first music single released in January 2008. Referred to as Amamosu by most people in DGS, especially HiroC.

Angen Youtaka
Refers to DG5 member and seiyuu, Yasumoto Hiroki (安元洋貴). Angen Youtaka is another reading of the kanji of his name. He is the first ever guest in the show in episode 11.

What they call OnoD’s older brother.

Animelo Mix
Hosts the DGS website. A content service of Dwango.

Black Thunder
A confectionery brand of mainly chocolate snacks. Both HiroC & OnoD are fans and they often feature it on the show.  Black Thunder provided the cake for OnoD’s birthday celebration in the show back in 2008.

Bunka Housou
Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc. (株式会社文化放送 / Kabushiki Gaisha Bunka Housou). The radio station that broadcasts the show and houses the DGS studio.

Chakushin Voice Melody
Recorded ringtone voice messages of various seiyuu available via the Animelo Mix website. Features voices of many seiyuu including HiroC (Mecha HiroC) and OnoD (Mecha OnoD).

Kobayashi Youhei (小林洋平). Affectionately called by both HiroC & OnoD as Chanko Chanko-chan. He is a broadcasting writer who graduated from A&G Creative School. HiroC & OnoD always tease him because of his weight (weighing around 150 kg).

A very useful acronym used often in the show. In earlier episodes, it means “Chotto Kimochi-warui” (a little gross).

Dear Boy
A  male listener of DGS.

Dear Girl
A female listener of DGS.

Dear Letter
One of the first corners of the show but is now defunct. Listeners send emotional letters that they dedicate to special people in their lives, people to whom they can’t tell their feelings in person.  Usually messages of “thank you” or “sorry”.

Dear Name (Dear Girl Name/Dear Boy Name)
What the show calls the senders of letters to the show. Sometimes “radio name” or “pen name”.

Death Calendar
A “mysterious” calendar that makes everything written on it come true by the indicated date. A parody of the popular series, Death Note.

A special DGS group consisting of 5 seiyuu members:  Kamiya Hiroshi, Ono Daisuke, Sugita Tomokazu, Yasumoto Hiroki, and Nakamura Yuuichi.  Sugita, Yasumoto and Hiroko are the first seiyuu guests on the show.  They are considered members of the DGS family, guesting often in the episodes and even in DGS live events.

Short for Dear Girl ~Stories~.

Dirty Pair
Sci-fi comedy light novel series written by Takachiho Haruka (高千穂 遙) and illustrated by Yasuhiko Yoshikazu (安彦 良和) with manga and anime adaptations about a pair of strong and sexy heroines known as “Dirty Pair”. OnoD likes to describe HiroC and himself as “Dirty Pair”.

Double O
Mobile Suit Gundam 00. HiroC plays Tieria Erde, a Gundam Meister.

Durian Field
A handmade enclosure used during the Duriangelion incident to keep the stinky durian smell from leaking out.  It’s made from an umbrella with clear plastic draped over it.

Durian Knife
The knife OnoD used to cut the durian inside the durian field during the Duriangelion episode.

The legendary, infamous episode where HiroC & OnoD were forced to eat the stinky durian fruit.  A play on the words “Durian” and the anime Evangelion.

Short for Durian Studio. It’s an open-air floor at the Bunka Housou building where the Duriangelion incident occured.

Dwango Co., Ltd. (株式会社ドワンゴ / Kabushiki Gaisha Dwango). Acronym for “Dial-up Wide Area Network Gaming Operation”. An entertainment and media company in charge of DGS in participation with Bunka Housou. One of its content services is Animelo Mix.

Futsu Ota
Short for Futsuu Otayori (Ordinary Letter). The predecessor of Futsu Sto.

Futsu Sto
Short for Futsuu Story (Ordinary Story).  A regular corner, usually done at the beginning of the show, where listeners send letters about almost anything.  The letters sent by featured mangaka in the Sylph Danwashitsu Corner are also called Futsuu Story.

Gakuya Banchou
Literally, “backstage leader” but I translate it to “off-air boss”. Introduced in episodes 1 & 2 where Ono’s apparent nervous, hesitant, and shy behaviour on-air is a direct opposite to how he’s like off-air.

Gundam models/figures.  HiroC is a huge Gundam fan and a GunPla collector.  He shared that getting the role of Tieria Erde in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 was a dream come true for him.

Combination of “handsome” and “Ono-D”. Sugita Tomokazu jokingly calls OnoD “Han-D” the first time he guested in the show when he filled in for a sick Kamiya.

“Handsome”. Another one of OnoD’s nicknames.

Mangaka Okachimachi Hato (御徒町鳩) who created the Sylph Comics series Fujoshissu! Writes the DGS report manga.

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Hibiki. A manga published by Sylph Comics based on the show, featuring double protagonists modeled after HiroC and OnoD. The story is written by Suwa Masaru and illustrated by Iwasaki Saya.

Kamiya Hiroshi’s nickname.  Chosen from a listener’s suggestion when he asked them to think of a nickname for him; to match Ono Daisuke’s “OnoD”.

HiroC’s imaginary daughter created by OnoD. From a conversation about what if OnoD marries HiroC’s daughter. Another alternative name is Hiroe.

Ikkai Tobaseba ii
OnoD’s stock phrase during the first episodes of the show, when asked for help by manga artists during the then Sylph Soudanshitsu Corner; lit. “Just fly off once”. Contextually, OnoD means to drop all work, forget it and relax. It’s a devil-may-care solution to problems, to which HiroC thinks is severely irresponsible.

Short for “Kamiya Studio” (HiroC’s house).  Location of HiroC’s first two birthday celebrations on the show.  The first time, OnoD invaded his bedroom looking for porn magazines.  The second time, OnoD and Suwa dressed up as maids for the famous DGS Men’s Maid Cafe to properly celebrate HiroC’s birthday.

Kamiya Akira (神谷明)
Veteran seiyuu and one of the most respected in the industry. HiroC jokingly calls him “dad” in the show because of their same last name.

“Gross”. What many—from HiroC to fans alike—call OnoD.

Kotani Ataru (小谷あたる)
Pen name created by HiroC at the request of Makanai Komusume‘s mangaka (formerly known as Sachio-sensei). The name is created by combining the characters from the names of Kamiya Hiroshi, Ono Daisuke, and Nakamura Yuuichi (who guested in that episode). 小 (ko) from Ono (小野), 谷 (tani) from Kamiya (神谷), and the 中 from Nakamura (中村) but using the reading 中る (ataru) in hiragana (あたる).

What they call OnoD’s mother.

What they sometimes call Suwa Masaru.

Mecha HiroC
Recorded ringtone voice messages voiced by HiroC available via the Animelo Mix website.

Mecha OnoD
Recorded ringtone voice messages voiced by OnoD available via the Animelo Mix website.

Men’s Maid
Males dressed as maids. Specifically OnoD & Suwa who cosplayed as maids for Men’s Maid Cafe at KamiSta.

Men’s Maid Cafe
DGS Men’s Maid Kissa(ten). A makeshift men’s maid cafe where OnoD and Suwa dressed up as maids to celebrate HiroC’s first DGS birthday celebration at his house (KamiSta).

Monster Hunter game that many seiyuu apparently play. OnoD, HiroC & Yasumoto play it.

OnoD’s famous greeting, taken from his first album Hinemosu.

Nayami Story
What the letters sent by featured mangaka at the Sylph Soudanshitsu Corner are called. When the corner was renamed Sylph Danwashitsu, Nayami Story was also changed to Futsuu Story.

Nice Jishiki
Nice Self-Confidence. A sarcastic comment to people who are over-confident for their own good.

Nounai Maker
A Japanese online generator where you enter a name and it tells you what kind of mental images that person has. You can access it here.

HiroC’s beloved Russian Blue cat. Affectionately called by him as “Nyaa-san”. Coincidentally, “Nyanko-sensei” is a character in the Natsume Yuujinchou which HiroC play the lead role.

“Mother” in Tosa-ben. OnoD calls MamaD “okkan”. They’re from Kochi Prefecture where Tosa dialect is spoken.

Ono Daisuke’s nickname.

OnoD’s nickname for Sugita Tomokazu.

Counterpart of tsundere for males as suggested by a listener.  Comes from the words “ora ora” (spoken strongly when intimidating someone) and “nyan nyan” (cat’s meow). When you act all tough and intimidating but are actually sweet and cute.

What they call OnoD’s father.

A term widely used in the show which means that a seiyuu has reached the highest point of his/her career, and his/her popularity will nosedive immediately afterwards. It is not a term a working seiyuu wants to be associated with.

A more pleasant term for OnoD’s waki-ase (armpit sweat), suggested by a listener.  Combines the words “pheromones” and the “D” from OnoD.  Comes from the idea that sweat contains pheromones.

A cute nickname fans often call Kamiya Hiroshi.

MegaMan NT Warrior, also known in Japan as Rockman.EXE (ロックマンエグゼ / Rokkuman Eguze). Apparently, this is where HiroC and OnoD first met each other.

Iwasaki Saya (いわさき砂也). The illustrator of Dear Girl ~Stories~ Hibiki manga.  She’s apparently friends with Hato.

Birthday. HiroC & OnoD’s birthday specials are always hilariously entertaining.

Official title of the show’s hosts (HiroC & OnoD) and the title of any seiyuu guest hosts (most famously, the DG5 members).

Leg hair, usually OnoD’s. He’s infamous for shaving his legs for DGS live events and showing them off for everyone to see. He likes to think that he has sexy legs.

Suwa Masaru
Program writer of DGS. He usually sits with both HiroC and OnoD during broadcast, giving them directions if needed, and the one you probably hear laughing in the background when you listen to the show. He’s also the story writer of the DGS Hibiki manga.  He often refers to himself as Tera Ikemen Shireikan, a character in Hibiki.

Sylph Comics
A monthly manga magazine that published the DGS Hibiki manga.  One of the show’s main sponsors.

Sylph Danwashitsu
Literally “Sylph Lounge”. Formerly known as Sylph Soudanshitsu.  A regular corner where manga serialized by Sylph Comics are featured, and the mangaka sends a Futsuu Story letter for HiroC & OnoD to discuss.  This is where most of the chaos happens by forcing HiroC & OnoD do crazy stuff in response to the featured mangaka’s letter.

Sylph Soudanshitsu
Literally “Sylph Counselling Room”. Renamed Sylph Danwashitsu. Was a regular corner where manga serialized by Sylph Comics are featured, and the mangaka sends a Nayami Story letter for HiroC & OnoD to discuss.

Tachi Shabu-Shabu
HiroC’s famously lonely & manly “Standing Shabu-Shabu”.  You usually eat shabu-shabu with other people sitting around a table, but since HiroC lives alone, he eats shabu-shabu by himself while standing in his kitchen.  Shabu-Shabu is like hotpot but slightly different in that the ingredients such as meat and vegetables are swished briefly in boiling water before eating.

Seiyuu & DGS regular Kusunoki Taiten (楠 大典).  Considered as member of the DGS family.

Or Tamutamu. A representive of Dwango. One of the few females working as DGS staff.

Usually refers to HiroC. Cold & Distant on the outside, but caring & loving on the inside.

Tonkotsu is a pork dish.  Usually associated with Taitem who claims to be the president of the “All Japan We Love Tonkotsu Association”.

Show producer Uchida. He is very tall and is usually the one who films the show with a video camera during recordings.

Ushiku Daibutsu
Giant Buddha statue in Ushiku, HiroC’s hometown, at Ibaraki Prefecture.  It was OnoD’s dream to one day visit and see this Giant Buddha statue because he loves Buddha statues.

A brand of bottled water made famous by DGS during the Duriangelion incident when HiroC shouted “Sono Vittel o ore ni kure!” (Give me that Vittel!) after eating the stinky durian fruit.  This line eventually became one of the show’s famous lines, especially after being featured in the Dear Voice Corner.

Armpit sweat. Associated with OnoD since he sweats a lot, especially in his armpits.

DG5 member Nakamura Yuuichi’s nickname.


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