Disclosure Policy

いらっしゃ~い! My name is Arria Cross, founder of Fujinsei.  I present you the following Disclosure Policy.  If you have any questions regarding this page, feel free to contact me.  Please note that this Disclosure Policy mainly applies to me as the blog owner and may not necessarily apply to the other contributors/guest bloggers of this website.

Fujinsei is a member of the WordAds Program.  This means that ads are enabled in this blog, and I get paid by cost per impression (CPI).  So the more you visit my blog, the more I get paid.  However, this only works if you don’t have an ad blocker or if it is turned off.  This is me shamelessly begging you to turn off your ad blocker whenever you visit my website.

Fujinsei contains affiliate links to CDJapan.co.jp, Play-Asia.com, Amazon.com and Amazon.ca.  When you use the affiliate links in this website to shop online, I earn a commission for every sale.

I don’t accept financial donations at this moment, but I nonetheless thank those who offer.  If you wish to support Fujinsei financially, please visit it regularly and invite your friends to check it out.  Don’t forget to turn off your ad blockers!  Also use my affiliate links whenever you shop online.  Thank you.

Featured Products
I may include “Featured Product(s)” in some of my posts and on this site’s sidebar, which include affiliate links selling the product(s).  These products are personally selected by me, either based on their relevance to the post or based on an event in the fandom (e.g. upcoming release of an anime or album by an idol or seiyuu, etc.).  I may or may not personally own a copy of the product featured.

Posts written by other Fujinsei Contributors
Links within articles written by other Fujinsei contributors/guest bloggers are left to the authors’ own discretion.  They may include their own affiliate links, endorsements, or personal clients with my permission.  Similarly, I may include my own affiliate links, endorsements, or personal clients in their posts with their permission.  No such links are allowed in the post without my express approval as the blog owner.  I am not responsible if they fail to provide disclosure on paid links or sponsored posts that I’m not aware of.

At this moment, other Fujinsei contributors are not paid financially.  They are mostly guest post authors who write content for this website by their own free will and generosity (of which I am immensely grateful).  This may change in the future, but for now, writing for me is free.

Sponsored Posts
I accept sponsored posts.  If a sponsored post is written by me, I will clearly state that it is a sponsored one.  If you are interested in sponsoring a post, feel free to contact me.  Please note that I don’t accept all offers.  Also just because I get paid to write a post does NOT mean that I will write positively.

Disclosure Policy Changes
Changes in this policy will be posted on this page and is subject to change without notice. You are advised to regularly check my most recent disclosure policy when it’s made available.


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