Guest Post/Contributor Guidelines

いらっしゃ~い! This is Arria Cross, and I’m looking for guest post bloggers and/or regular contributors.

Personal Requirements

  • Must be passionate and knowledgeable enough in at least one of these otaku fields:  anime/manga, seiyuu, idols, games, light novels, J-pop, J-drama and anything related to Japanese culture and media.  I am also open to accepting topics outside Japanese culture, such as Asian drama and pop culture (e.g. K-pop, T-Drama, etc.).  I am always considering to expand the scope of topics in this blog, so if you have a field that you want to write about that is currently unavailable here at Fujinsei, feel free to share your ideas with me.
  • Must write well in English with good grammar and no spelling errors.
  • Must write in a decent language that is not overly insulting or offensive.  Absolutely NO BULLYING!
  • [IMPORTANT!!!] Must have time to respond to comments on their guest post/contributing post in this blog.
  • Previous blogging experience is not required.

Article Policy

  • Must be decent. No overly offensive materials. Racist, misogynistic, libelous, false and misleading content is absolutely NOT tolerated.
  • Must be original and appear nowhere else on the Internet including your own blog without my permission. By submitting a post for publication to this blog, you are giving Fujinsei exclusive rights to host your submitted post.
  • Must fit the theme of Fujinsei. Read previous posts in this blog for more information of what kind of posts are published here.
  • No personal affiliate links and/or links intended for promotional and/or sale purposes without my permission.
  • I reserve the right to edit your post.
  • Submission does NOT guarantee publication.
  • If your submission is approved, a account is mandatory, so I can grant you direct author access to Fujinsei and publish your post using your own profile.  If you don’t have a account, you can create one here.

Submission Guidelines (After Inquiry Approval)

  • No word count limit.  At all.  Awesome, right?
  • Title must be original and if possible, creative. (e.g. How I Lost Weight Watching Anime)  No generic titles, please. (e.g. ONE PIECE Episode 400 Review)
  • Must be written in understandable English.  If you’re interested in writing in Japanese or in Tagalog (Filipino), let me know first.
  • Include at least 1 good quality image with a descriptive keyword for the image file name.
  • You may include a short introduction of yourself and links to your own blog/website and/or social media accounts.

Inquiry Steps

  • Go to Contact and send me an e-mail by filling out the form.
  • Type either Guest Post or Regular Contributor on the subject line.
  • At the comment field, provide the following: (1) brief self-introduction;  (2) your intention of contributing to Fujinsei as either a guest post writer or a regular contributor; (3) at least 1 post idea, OR a potential title with brief summary of what it’s about.
  • Allow up to 3 weeks for response to your inquiry.  If you have not heard back from me after this allotted time, feel free to send me an e-mail again gently reminding me of your previous inquiry.  Sometimes e-mails get lost or buried in my inbox. Please be patient.
  • If I like the idea you pitched, I’ll ask for a draft of the article.  After reading the draft, I’ll either approve or reject it.

Thank you very much for your interest in writing for Fujinsei.  Best of luck!  Cheers!


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