Osaka Station’s Amazing Water Clock

Rating: 😀 😀 😀 😀 (4 out of 5 grins)

Seriously.  Osaka Station’s water clock is A-MA-ZING!  It doesn’t only show the time, but it can also create  patterns such as flowers, musical notes, and so much more.  It is deemed as 1 of the world’s most amazing clocks by (Click here to view post).  I’ll never get bored watching this.  How I wish we have one of these in the subways here in Canada.  sigh  Oh well, thank goodness for Youtube.  Many thanks to ゴリモン (gorimon) for sharing the video.

Uploaded by:  ゴリモン

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Liwanag sa Dilim: UCHUSENTAI: NOIZ Cover of Filipino Song

I’ve never heard of the visual kei rock band UCHUSENTAI: NOIZ before, until I discovered that they are singing a cover of the Tagalog song Liwanag sa Dilim (Light in the Darkness) by the Filipino rock band Rivermaya.  As a Filipino-Canadian, I’m very familiar with Rivermaya, so a Japanese rock band singing their song intrigued me.  This intrigue turned to interest when I learned that UCHUSENTAI: NOIZ is covering Filipino songs to raise support for the victims of the deadly typhoon Yolanda (known as typhoon Haiyan to the rest of the world).

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