AniManga-Otaku Websites


Anime News Network
Crunchyroll News
Culture Japan
CuRAZY (Japanese) ← This website is awesome!
Daily Onigiri
Kotaro Blog (小太郎ぶろぐ) ← kind of similar to CuRAZY (Japanese)
MANGA. TOKYO ← cool anime reviews & latest news directly from Japan
NHK (Japanese)
Otaku Journalist
Spoon & Tamago


3 Episode Test
Adrian’s Blog:  Reviews and reflections on the Japanese contemporary art world
Angry Anime Bitches
Anime Diet
Anime Prince Blog
Anime Vios
Bubu-chan no Bouken ← cosplay and anime merchandise
Casual Otaku ← mostly about ONE PIECE, Magi and Gintama
Celestial Kitsune
Create Eat Happy ← food porn overload!
Dad Watches Anime
Daiyamanga ← manga reviews and deals
Denny Sinnoh’s “Akihabara Starlight”
Everything I Need To Know, I Learned From Anime (Falahime)
Fantastic Memes
Fukuhen (フクヘン。) ← arts, design & architecture blog (Japanese)
I Lost My Heart In Japan
Jamie Talks Anime
Japanese Contemporary Art
Japan Talks
Japan Travel Blog
Jay Dee in Japan
joy of yaoi
Just Something About LynLyn:  Ramblings about anime, manga, and other somethings
Ka-chan Anime Reviews
L-zerb Anime Blog
Lita Kino Anime Reviews
Manga Therapy
Manime Conquest! ← anime and manga reviews
Marvelously Mismatched ← anime and manga blog
Matt-in-the Hat ← anime news plus funny memes
Medieval Otaku:  A Medievalist’s Perspective on Anime and Religion
Mirror Purple ← anime blog
mocorochi ← anime and manga blog
My Fujoshi Life
My Otaku Reviews
OtogeMeow ← otome games and yummy bishounen
Sandreen ← Japanese variety shows, Arashi & other idol boy bands
SeattleKiFujin:  site for fujoshi, fukei, and manga and anime otaku
Shay-shay’s Anime Blog
Shooting Star Dreamer ← anime blog
Shoujo Hearts
Sun Rising Blog ← blog about anime and games
Supaku Blog ← anime blog
Takuto’s Anime Cafe ← anime blog with emphasis on animusic
TheLimitlessImagination ← anime and manga blog
The Reviewer’s Corner ← anime reviews
UnimeTV:  Uniting Anime Lovers
UNOTAKU:  Join the community and become a unique otaku
Yahari Bento!! ← an anime/manga/game/light novel analysis and reviews blog (recently added)
Zyrogate Faine ← anime blog


Digitamin Hobby Shop (でじたみん)
Margaret (マーガレット) by Shueisha Inc. (株式会社集英社)
ONE PIECE Portal Site
Shueisha Inc. (株式会社集英社)
Shueisha Manga Portal

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