Friends of Fujinsei

*arranged alphabetically

crimson613 (My Fujoshi Life)
My co-secretary at OWLS & PR officer.  Self-proclaimed stalker of LynLyn.  Official stalker of the Lyndere Club.  An impressive traveller who attends anime conventions at different places.  My rival for Miyuki (Daiya no A).

Denny Sinnoh (Akihabara Starlight)
One of the funniest bloggers I’ve ever met.  He never fails to make me laugh with his comments.

Deven Luca (Anime Thief)
Very funny guy. Always active on Twitter discussions. Always teasing someone; seems to be friends with everyone. No-filter comments.

Erendira (sakuradaisuki)
OWLS member. All-around blogger.

ferina yurichan (Yurichan’s Blog)
A great artist.  Her artworks are elegant and are always a joy to view.

Grant the Thief (Blade Licking Thieves)
A podcaster and blogger. If you enjoy classic tokusatsu shows, listening to his podcast with his two partners, Zen and The Heat, is a must.

Hazelyn (Archi-Anime)
OWLS PR Officer. My kapatid in spirit. Loves 2D bishies just like me. Great writer and awesome friend that I can always count on.

HijackedCat (Another Gaming Day)
My twin in spirit. One of the temptresses who constantly beckon me to join the dark side and play otome games. Very generous in sharing half-naked images of 2D bishies with me.  Her Rated R commentaries are hilarious and lack filtering.

honya (honyasbookshelf)
Kind person to discuss anything about books and manga. Also posts great deals for books.

josefcd904 (The Reviewer’s Corner)
He always seems to be working hard writing something, whether it’s an anime review, a story, or even a simple tweet.

Katrina Sade (Grimmgirl)
President of OWLS. A woman with a strong sense of justice. Has fallen for the dark side and is now one of the temptresses for otome games. Also blogs about make-up.

Kausus (Otaku Gamer Zone)
Great blogger and gamer. Now anonline otaku businessman.  OWLS VP. His idea gave birth to OWLS.

librarian25 (Manime Conquest)
Another person who never fails to provide intelligent and insightful comments about anime.  Not afraid to voice out opinions.

LitaKino (Lita Kino Anime Corner)
a.k.a. Thug Lita. Very active in social media. Blogger, Youtuber, podcaster and who knows what else? OWLS PR Officer. One of my Gundam Sisters. 

Lovely (Words & Rhythm)
A fellow Filipina. Loves anime, books, and writing (like me). A lovely person inside and out.

LynLyn (Just Something About LynLyn)
a.k.a. Lyn-sama. The official muse and the reason for the existence of the Lyndere Club. OWLS Chief Creative Officer. Insightful and smart blogger…but surprisingly brutal. Beware. We are her fans.

Karandi (100 Word Anime)
One of the most intelligent bloggers I’ve ever encountered. Very eloquent. Always a joy to discuss things with.

krystallina (Daiyamanga)
Official president of the Lyndere Club.  Whenever I want to discuss manga (mostly shoujo) and hot bishounen, she’s a sure bet to fangirl with me. Check out her blog for great manga deals and reviews.

Matthew Castillo (Matt-in-the-Hat)
My brother in spirit. OWLS member. One of the nicest guys you’ll meet on the web. Fellow One Piece fan. A great friend that I’ll always treasure.

Mel (Mel in Anime Land)
Great friend who also loves hot 2D bishies, especially Aomine (Kuroko no Basuke). Fellow yaoi fan. Always fun to fangirl with.

Nick Burkhalter (Chasing Japan)
OWLS PR Officer. Great blogger who shares Japanese culture to the world. His blog is a must-visit.

Otaku Warriors for Liberty & Self-Respect (OWLS)
We are a group of otaku bloggers who promotes acceptance of all individuals regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and disability. We emphasize the importance of respect, kindness, and tolerance to every human being. Even though we come from all walks of life, each and every one of our amazing members are dedicated to our cause!

He doesn’t blog about anime/manga, but he’s not afraid to visit Fujinsei and comment.  Brave guy.  If you’re a Filipino, his blog is a must-read!  It’s filled with some of the most eloquent, intelligent, and thought-provoking posts I’ve ever read about Filipino culture.

Pink-chan (Pinky’s Palace)
OWLS member. Fellow yaoi fan. Ironically, she says she hates pink.

pokeninja90 (Nice Job Breaking It, Hero)
BeckNaja or Naja. A temptress who never gives up on trying to beckon me to join the dark side and play otome games.  She uses chocolate chip cookies for her evil plans.  Many have already fallen for her traps. Beware. OWLS Head PR Officer. She’s been caught kissing a poster of Tsukki (Haikyuu).

Rayz (MirrorPurple)
Such a hilarious guy to talk to.  Although I have to admit that I have no idea about more than half of the things he says.

Rai (Rai’s Anime Blog)
OWLS member. Loves to talk and write about yuri, 2D bishoujo and idols.

Nice guy who blogs about films, TV shows, books, and games. Fun to talk to.

Remy Fool (The Lily Garden)
OWLS member. Blogs about yuri and visual novels. A great friend and blogger. Always a pleasure to discuss anime and other otaku topics.

Rose (Wretched and Divine)
Cute cosplayer. Fellow One Piece fan. Great girl to talk to.

Shay (Anime Reviewer Girl)
OWLS member. Blogger and Youtuber.

shiroyuni (the limitless imagination)
One of my favourite people to fangirl with, especially when it comes to yummy bishies.  I hold her recommendations with high respect. A fellow Gundam Sister.

Shoujo Thoughts 
Blogger & podcaster. Fun to talk to about all things shoujo. I once made her sing—I consider this one of my greatest blogging achievements.

sindyblue10 (Infiinity)
Wise beyond her years. A nice blogger who’s not afraid to share her opinions on posts that she doesn’t agree with (in a respectful way, of course).

Stephanie Clarke (Anime Girls NYC)
OWLS member. Great supporter of fan artists. Well-connected.

Steph (Two Happy Cats)
OWLS member. Blogs about anime, manga, otoge, BL and more. Very enjoyable to talk to.

Takuto (Takuto’s Anime Cafe)
OWLS member. So pretty, you won’t even believe it. Cosplayer. We all love him. He’s not afraid to crack jokes or discuss serious topics.

Thanasis Karavasilis
MANGA.TOKYO team member. Writer and self-proclaimed geek.

Venus (JapanimeTalks)
OWLS member. Fellow Filipina. Great blogger who knows what she’s talking about. Very creative.

I thank all of the wonderful people above. I look forward to continuing our friendship.  Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! 


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