Friends of Fujinsei

A great friend.  Self-proclaimed stalker of LynLyn.  Official stalker of the Lyndere Club.  An impressive traveller who attends anime conventions at different places.  Very funny and adorable.  Visit her blog Crimson Blogs.

Denny Sinnoh
One of the funniest bloggers I’ve ever met.  He never fails to make me laugh with his comments.  Visit his blog Denny Sinnoh’s “Akihabara Starlight”.

ferina yurichan
A great artist.  Her artworks are elegant and are always a joy to view.  Visit her blog Yurichan’s Blog.

Grant the Thief
A podcaster/blogger with his 2 partners, The Heat & Zen.  A supportive blogging buddy.  I’m in love with his big cat, Boxer (who I haven’t even seen, by the way), so I’m constantly on the look-out for his Twitter updates about Boxer the cat.  Visit Blade Licking Thieves to read their blog and listen to their podcast.

One of the temptresses who constantly beckon me to join the dark side and play otome games.  She always tortures me with screenshots of the otome games she’s playing.  Her Rated R commentaries are hilarious and lack filtering.  One of my go-to girls to fangirl hot bishies.  Visit Another Gaming Day.

Kind person to discuss anything about books and some manga here and there.  Really nice and gives me encouraging comments.  Visit honyabookshelf.

Fun girl to talk to about shoujo-romance manga and hot guys in the animanga world.  Visit her blog Marvelously Mismatched.

He always seems to be working hard writing something, whether it’s an anime review, a story, or even a simple tweet.  Visit his blog The Reviewer’s Corner.

Katrina Sade
A very pleasant lady to talk to and I enjoy our conversations.  A woman who seems to have a strong sense of justice.  What’s more, she’s very pretty!  Sorry, guys.  Seems like she’s married already.  Visit her blog Grimmgirl.

Great blogger and gamer.  A good blogging buddy.  One of the official manslaves of the Lyndere Club.  Visit Otaku Gamer Zone.

One of my earliest blog buddies.  Very nice and fun to discuss anime with.  A newer anime fan compared to my other blog buddies, but sometimes I forget about that fact.  Visit Getting Up Early.

Another person who never fails to provide intelligent and insightful comments about anime.  Not afraid to voice out opinions, which I admire.  Visit Manime Conquest!

Energetic anime/manga reviewer.  It amazes me how she finds the time to do regular reviews and all those special weekly features on her blog.  One of the co-members of the Gundam Sisters with me.  Visit her blog Lita Kino Anime Corner.

Little Winter
A fellow fangirl of Japanese radio show Dear Girl ~Stories~.  She’s super fun to talk with about anything related to DGS and its seiyuu hosts, Kamiya Hiroshi (神谷浩史) and Ono Daisuke (小野大輔).  Visit her profile.

A lovely woman who I enjoy talking to (whether in English or Filipino) not only about anime but also about books and writing.  It’s always fun exchanging information on various topics with her, and of course discussing a mutual favourite series HUNTER x HUNTER.  Visit her blog Words & Rhythm.

The official muse and the reason for the existence of the cuckoo Lyndere Club.  An insightful, smart, and very nice blogger who I enjoy fangirling with, especially when it comes to shoujo-romance series and hot bishies.  Visit her blog Just Something About LynLyn.

Official president of the Lyndere Club.  Whenever I want to discuss manga (mostly shoujo) and hot bishounen, she’s a sure bet to fangirl with me.  Visit her blog Daiyamanga.

One of my favourite people to discuss the awesome pirate series ONE PIECE.  No matter the initial topic, our conversations always end up with ONE PIECE.  His friendship matters to me a lot, and I consider him as an honourary brother.  One of the official manslaves of the Lyndere Club and founding co-member of the NinjaPirateers which I’m captaining.  Visit his blog Matt-in-the-Hat.

One of my first friends in the animanga/otaku blogosphere.  I admire her intelligence and the way she’s able to discuss eloquently in a variety of topics, from the shallowest to those bordering on the academic.  Visit her blog Anime Vios.

Fujinsei Team Member, Satoshi Furude.  Provides some exclusive anime reviews for Fujinsei.  His reviews are mostly detailed, and his ratings specific.  Visit his own blog at Anime Monogatari.

When it comes to talking about delish bishounen, she’s one of my go-to fellow fangirls.  One of the evil temptresses who constantly urge me to join the dark side and finally play otome games.  Visit her blog OtogeMeow.

Fujinsei Team Member, Becky.  A huge Kamiya Hiroshi fangirl.  She translates HiroC’s songs for Fujinsei.  One of my most favourite people on the web.  She also blogs at animebecky.  Check it out!

He doesn’t blog about anime/manga, but he’s not afraid to visit Fujinsei and comment.  Brave guy.  If you’re a Filipino, his blog is a must-read!  It’s filled with some of the most eloquent, intelligent, and thought-provoking posts I’ve ever read about Filipino culture.  Visit his blog penpowersong.

One of the temptresses who never gives up on trying to beckon me to join the dark side and play otome games.  She uses chocolate chip cookies for her evil plans.  Some of our blogging buddies have already fallen for her trap.  Despite this, she’s such  a delight to discuss hot bishies with and anime/manga in general.  Visit her blog Nice Job Breaking It, Hero.

One of my favourite people to discuss the legendary series ONE PIECE.  Visit his blog Ray Hecht: South China Morning Blues.

Such a hilarious guy to talk to.  Although I have to admit that I have no idea about more than half of the things he says, especially on Twitter.  His posts can be quite scandalous at times, but nevertheless they’re entertaining.  Visit his blog MirrorPurple’s Paradise.

One of my favourite people to fangirl with, especially when it comes to yummy bishies.  I hold her recommendations with high respect.  One of the co-members of the Gundam Sisters with me.  Visit her blog TheLimitlessImagination.

A nice blogger who’s not afraid to share her opinions on posts that she doesn’t agree with (in a respectful way, of course).  It’s very enjoyable discussing a variety of topics with her.  Visit her blog Infiinity.

Fun guy to discuss anime with.  He’s not afraid to crack jokes.  I find him adorable, even if I’m not always sure whether he’s being funny or serious.  One of the official manslaves of the Lyndere Club.  Visit his blog Takuto’s Anime Cafe.

An impressive Japanese-English fan translator.  She’s been very helpful in giving advice and comments to help me improve my horrid Dear Girl ~Stories~ translations, which I’m (usually) too lazy to follow.  She’s also quite knowledgeable with Japanese variety shows and idol boy bands, especially Arashi.  Visit her blog sandreen.

I thank all of the wonderful people above. I look forward to continuing our friendship.  Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! 


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