Arria’s Asahina Brothers Bishounen Ranking (Brother’s Conflict)

Warning:  Intensely hot bishounen ahead.  May cause shortness of breath, chest constrictions, heart palpitations, dizziness, lost of consciousness, and manic and obsessive behaviour.  Please read this post with caution.   In one of my most popular posts, My Love Affair With Reverse Harem Series, I declared that I’m not ashamed to say that Brothers Conflict is one of my […]

10 Little Everyday Things You Can Do To Be More Otaku for Beginners

FUJINSEI KEMPO Achieving Enlightenment the Otaku Way ~Cross-shishou Osu!  Greetings, shokun! It is I, Cross-shishou, returning for another set of teachings in achieving enlightenment the Otaku Way.  I assume that you are doing your best as a Fujinsei Kempo student and practicing the 5 Techniques to Achieve Zen State the Otaku Way.  Today’s lessons are extremely easy that you can incorporate […]

BroCon’s 14 to 1: My Not So Guilty Pleasure

30-DAY SONG CHALLENGE < Day 6 | Day 8 > Day 7:  A Song That Is Your Guilty Pleasure l don’t really have any song that makes me feel “guilty”, but perhaps the closest one that makes me feel a bit shallow (not guilty, mind you) is 14 to 1, the ending theme song of the reverse […]

My Love Affair With Reverse Harem Series

If anime is food, then Reverse Harem Series are my chocolate parfait.  I have a sweet tooth and I crave my bishounen every now and then. I conquered the 30-Day Anime Challenge, and one of the challenges is “Anime You’re Ashamed You Enjoyed”.  Of course I answered that “There is No Anime That I’m Ashamed of Watching”, […]

Beloved x Survival by Gero: BroCon’s Saving Grace

Many people trash the anime adaptation of the popular gyaku harem (reverse harem) novel and otome game series Brothers Conflict or BroCon.  I also have some reservations when it comes to the anime, especially regarding the plot of the story and the characters, but these are for another post.  One of the saving graces of the anime is its heart-pumpingly kick-ass opening music […]