Pre-order Roy Mustang Nendoroid (Full Metal Alchemist) NOW!!!

Hello, fellow FMA fan! Today I want to share with you an exciting news. The pre-order for the adorable Roy Mustang nendoroid below is now open. The release date is not until Spring next year, but I suggest that you hurry because pre-orders close on October 18. Pre-order Roy Mustang Nendoroid (FMA) NOW!!! Nendoroid Fullmetal Alchemist […]

Why You Should Watch “Silver Spoon”

Silver Spoon (銀の匙 / Gin no Saji) is a slice of life, comedy series about suburban city boy Hachiken Yuugo who transferred to an agricultural high school. Sounds boring, right? Think again. Here are some reasons why I recommend that you should watch Silver Spoon.

Racewashing in “Attack on Titan” Films & Other Adaptations (OWLS Blog Tour)

Hello, folks! Today is finally my tour stop for OWLS’ April blog tour. Please check out Rai’s tour post about “The Colorful World of Avatar”. She did a great job. For this month, our Chief Creative Officer LynLyn assigned us yet another awesome and meaningful topic: “Colors”. We are all part of one race, the […]

Arria’s Top 10 Glutton Anime Protagonists

Rating: 😀 😀 😀 😀 (4 out of 5 grins) There are many forum discussions floating on the web talking about anime protagonists who eat a lot.  Many fans offer great theories, such as Asians’ relationship with food influencing this common trope in anime.  Here are my top 10 glutton protagonists: 10. Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) The […]