Why Are We Attracted to Anime Bishounen & Bishoujo?

Hello, folks! Today is a very exciting day because the lovely Naja (a.k.a the Temptress) and I did an awesome guest post collaboration. Yay yay! Wohoo!! So exciting!!! She wrote a wonderful guest post for me titled “Has Anyone Ever Told You About Otome Games?”. Make sure to check it out. And I wrote a […]

5 Realistic and Must-See Naruto Battles That Never Happened

Hey, guys! My name is Brandon, and I am the founder and CEO of Anime Mode Universe, a new anime social media news network. More importantly, I am an anime blogger, and I have been given the great honor of dethroning Arria as the blogger here (kidding). Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this as […]

Join Kamiya Hiroshi on an Adventure in「Danger Heaven?」- Translation

Hey guys! Sorry it’s a little late but my Danger Heaven? translation is finally ready! I kinda struggled quite a bit with some lines so I’d like to thank my mentor Arria for saving me and giving me pointers in the right direction. (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ Being released on February 24th, I have been dying to get my […]