7-Minute Miracle: The Swift & Efficient Japanese Train Cleaning Method

Happy Monday, folks!  Today I’m featuring a fascinating piece about shinkansen in Japan.  How do they clean those trains when they have to be punctual all the time?  I came across the answer from one of my favourite blogs, RocketNews24, in a post titled “This is how Japan’s train-cleaning crews clean the Shinkansen in only seven minutes” written by evie lund. […]

The Lonely Election Campaigns of Japanese Politicians

I found this very interesting post by one of my favourite Japanese Culture blogs Daily Onigiri titled “Japanese politicians speaking to empty audience”.  It shows photos of Japanese politicians campaigning on streets, speaking to NO ONE.  Yes.  These politicians are talking about their political platforms to an empty audience. I’m already aware that this is quite normal in […]

Guys Answer Girls’ Love Confessions Through White Day

In exactly a week from now, Japan will be celebrating a special day called White Day on March 14.  The video below claims that White Day is unique to Japan, but a quick web search says that South Korea, China, and Taiwan also celebrate it.  If you’re South Korean, Chinese, or Taiwanese, will you confirm to […]

The Unique Valentine’s Day of Japan

In exactly a week from now, the world will be celebrating Valentine’s Day.  This is a widely-recognized occasion for lovers or for those people who just want to share love and be filled with love.  Valentine’s Day in Japan is unique by itself because it’s not only a romantic day, but also a stressful day especially […]

Japan says “Arigatou” To The World

“The Youth-Exchange Project with Asia-Oceania and North America (Kizuna (bond) Project)” is a project run by the Japanese government with the objective of promoting other countries’ understanding with regards to Japan’s revival efforts in response to the Great East Japan Earthquake. The project invites young people from 41 different countries/regions in Asia-Oceania and North America, […]

We Are All One: World Order Dances “Permanent Revolution”

Rating: 😀 😀 😀 😀 🙂 (4 & 1/2 out of 5 grins) You have to watch the music video Permanent Revolution by WORLD ORDER.  Seriously.  It’s extremely entertaining and heart-warming at the same time.  I had tears in my eyes the first time that I watched it.  If you’re not aware of WORLD ORDER yet, it’s […]