DGS 20 Recap: Sugita is Back! Pheromone-D’s Sex Appeal

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 20 Recap & Selected Translations by Arria Cross < Episode 19 | Episode 21 > Episode Guide Ep. 20 Title: おすぎ、気をつけて!浩史が君の操を狙ってるよ! (Osugi, ki o tsukete! Hiroshi ga kimi no misao o neratteru yo! / Osugi, be careful! Hiroshi’s aiming for your honour!) Advertisements

DGS 11 Recap: Angen…er, Yasumoto Hiroki is in the House!!!

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 11 Recap & Selected Translations by Arria Cross < Episode 10 | Episode 12 > Episode Guide Ep. 11 Title:  この後、安元洋貴(あんげんようたか)さんの登場ですよ (Kono ato, Angen Youtaka-san no toujou desu yo / Angen Youtaka will be here after this)

Making History With Dear Girl ~Stories~ Festival Carnival Matsuri

To all my fellow Dear Girls (& Dear Boys), MOSU!!! On the 23rd of February 2013, our beloved radio show Dear Girl ~Stories~ together with its ever charismatic host duo, Kamiya Hiroshi (神谷浩史) and Ono Daisuke (小野大輔), finally made its mark at the iconic Nippon Budokan.  Gasp!  A first for a radio show.  Round of applause, please. Rating: 😀 […]

Welcome to the Beautiful & Colourful World of KARNEVAL! Hot Guys Alert!

During the spring, I had this phase where I only watched anime with hot guys.  As a result, I wrote some posts about bishounen like “My Love Affair With Reverse Harem Series”, “More Hakkenden Bishounen, Please!” and “Ogling Hot Demons in Makai Ouji”. Continuing on this theme of hot guys, I want to talk about another bishounen-filled […]