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Don’t Confuse the Anime Character With the Seiyuu

I’ve had my fair share of anime crushes, and now that I think about it, I think that  about 90% of the reason why I develop an anime crush is the voice.  I have a fetish thing for voices, after all.  Ahem!

Anyway. . .what I’m trying to say is that I understand when people admit into becoming full-fledged fangirls (or fanboys) of a seiyuu.  I also understand when someone admits to watching an anime just because their favourite seiyuu is on the cast.

Seiyuu are one of the most important aspects of anime.  They bring characters to life, and I think that depending on how well they portray their characters, they contribute greatly to the overall popularity of the anime series, and I argue even to the total sales of the series’ merchandises.  Sometimes you even fall in love with a character because of the excellent portrayal of the seiyuu.

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Making History With Dear Girl ~Stories~ Festival Carnival Matsuri

To all my fellow Dear Girls (& Dear Boys), MOSU!!!

dear girl stories festival carnival matsuri logo

On the 23rd of February 2013, our beloved radio show Dear Girl ~Stories~ together with its ever charismatic host duo, Kamiya Hiroshi (神谷浩史) and Ono Daisuke (小野大輔), finally made its mark at the iconic Nippon Budokan.  Gasp!  A first for a radio show.  Round of applause, please.

Rating: 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 (perfect 5 grins)

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BroCon’s 14 to 1: My Not So Guilty Pleasure

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Day 7:  A Song That Is Your Guilty Pleasure

l don’t really have any song that makes me feel “guilty”, but perhaps the closest one that makes me feel a bit shallow (not guilty, mind you) is 14 to 1, the ending theme song of the reverse harem series Brothers Conflict.

brothers conflict poster

Uploaded by:  FUNimation

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More Hakkenden Bishounen, Please!

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Day 30:  An Anime You Wish Never Ended and Continued On

I have many anime titles that I wish never ended and continued on, but since I just watched this title recently, the anime that I wish never ended and continued on (for now) is Hakkenden:  Tōhō Hakken Ibun (Eight Dogs of the East) / [ (八犬伝 ―東方八犬異聞―].


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Hisoka 101: How to be Cool as an Insane Psychopath

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Day 9:  Best Anime Villain

If it wasn’t for Trafalgar Law (ONE PIECE), Hisoka would be my anime crush.  I know, I know.  I have weird tastes.  I just find myself attracted to these creepy male anime characters.  They’re just so bad-ass!

Am I the only one who thinks this creepy expression is sexy?

Even during the first anime adaptation (1999), I was immediately attracted to Hisoka’s character.  I think that he’s one of the most dynamic characters in the series, even more so than the main protagonist, Gon, and closely following behind Killua.  Yes, he’s an insane psychopath, but it’s so interesting and intriguing that he has his own set of “moral” codes, albeit these codes are equally twisted like him.  His primary goal is to fight strong opponents.  This is where he gets his ultimate thrill, often resulting in his creepy orgasmic expressions (that I just adore!).

He has his own personal method of evaluating a person’s strength, and can often identify a person’s potential.  That’s why he lets Gon & company live during the Hunter Exam Arc, even if he could easily kill them.  He saw their potential, especially Gon’s, and is willing to hold his murderous urges and wait until Gon matures into a stronger opponent worthy to fight him in the future.  This is one of the qualities that make him such a dynamic character.  He’s not the pure evil villain type.  His obsession of wanting to fight a mature and stronger Gon has made him protective of him, even to the point of threatening to kill Illumi who was thinking of killing Gon after the Hunter Exam.  There are various times in the series that he even becomes an ally to them (York Shin City & Greed Island Arcs).

And did I mention that he’s got a HOT body?

(wipes drool)
As you can see, he’s actually quite the ikemen.  He could actually be the leading man of a shoujo series when he’s not wearing any of his clown make-up and outfit.  And just look at that butt those abs.  If I could just erase his psychopathic and murderous nature, he could very well be my perfect man. 😀

Hisoka (1999)
Hisoka (1999)
Takahashi Hiroki
Takahashi Hiroki
Namikawa Daisuke
Namikawa Daisuke

Well, moving on.  I liked both the seiyuu who played Hisoka in the 2 anime adaptations.  In the 1999 adaptation, Takahashi Hiroki-san (高橋 広樹) played him.  His interpretation of his character is quite gay–and I don’t mean that in a negative way; in fact, I quite like it.

However, I absolutely LOVE it when Namikawa Daisuke-san (浪川 大輔) voiced him in the 2011 adaptation.  I think that Namikawa-san amped Hisoka’s creepy (& hotness) factor.  Unlike Takahashi-san’s high-pitched Hisoka, Namikawa-san’s Hisoka is an awesomely creepy manly man.  And did you watch his, ahem, orgasm during the Heaven’s Arena Arc?  My gosh.  Just imagine Namikawa-san while recording that scene.

Uploaded by:  namikagekun

Creepy, right?  This is actually one of my favourite scenes, not because it’s hilarious, but because it demonstrates how our psyche can be so complex and even frightening.  Amazing portrayal of a complex antagonist.  Kudos to Togashi-sensei for creating the character of Hisoka.  Sometimes I find myself liking Hisoka more than Gon, because Gon is just too simple and pure-hearted. 😉

Hisoka is my best anime villain, and he’s been my best anime villain since I first watched the anime back in 1999.  Love him!

HUNTERxHUNTER (2011) on NTV  (Japanese)

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