10 Recommended Romantic Manga With Strong Female Protagonists (Part 3)

*This is Part 3 of a 3-Part Post Series.  Enjoy! Read:  10 Recommended Romantic Manga With Strong Female Protagonists (Part 1) Read: 10 Recommended Romantic Manga With Strong Female Protagonists (Part 2) This is the third and last set of 10 romance manga in this 3-part series that I personally recommend with strong or talented heroines.  Please […]

10 Inspiring Must-See Anime/Manga Series for Chasing Your Dreams

FUJINSEI KEMPO Achieving Enlightenment the Otaku Way ~Cross-shishou Osu!  Greetings, shokun!  Cross-shishou here.  Last time I brought you some precautionary lessons on How to Piss Off Anime & Manga Fans.  I hope with all my heart that you weren’t foolish enough to try any of them.  Today will be a little different from the usual lessons.  I will be […]

6 Must-Watch Reverse Harem Anime With Beautiful & Meaningful Stories

In a popular post of mine, My Love Affair With Reverse Harem Series, I talked about my delight in watching/reading gyaku harem series.  The main draw of reverse harem for me is of course the hot, hot, HOT bishounen.  I consider myself to be an analytical anime watcher, but reverse harem series can make me into a shallow fangirl.  Not that I’m ashamed […]

My Love Affair With Reverse Harem Series

If anime is food, then Reverse Harem Series are my chocolate parfait.  I have a sweet tooth and I crave my bishounen every now and then. I conquered the 30-Day Anime Challenge, and one of the challenges is “Anime You’re Ashamed You Enjoyed”.  Of course I answered that “There is No Anime That I’m Ashamed of Watching”, […]

HAJIMARI NO KAZE: A Beautiful Song & Story

Rating: 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 (perfect 5 grins) Hajimari no Kaze (始まりの風 / Wind of Beginning) by Hirahara Ayaka-san (平原 綾香) is one of my most favourite songs ever.  It is so beautiful, both music and lyrics, that tears just start to well up in my eyes whenever I listen to it.  Hirahara-san‘s voice is just perfect […]