Break into Awesomeness with BREAK IN2 THE NITE by m.o.v.e.

30-DAY SONG CHALLENGE < Day 25 | Day 27 > Day 26:  A Song by Your Favourite Band I don’t have a favourite band per se, but the closest one is perhaps Japanese electronic band m.o.v.e. which I featured before in a previous post titled “NOIZY TRIBE by m.o.v.e. Makes Answering a Call Cool & Bad-ass”.  I discovered this band […]

NOIZY TRIBE by m.o.v.e. Makes Answering a Call Cool & Bad-ass

30-DAY SONG CHALLENGE < Day 17 | Day 19 > Day 18:  A Song You Have as Your Ringtone/Want to be Your Ringtone Noizy Tribe by Japanese electronic band m.o.v.e. is one of the group’s many songs used as theme songs in the car racing anime Initial D, based on the manga series by Shigeno Shuuichi (しげの 秀一).  In a previous post […]

The Legend of INITIAL D Finally Ends But My Decade-Long Fandom Remains

And so Initial D has finally ended.  Did you hear?  Of course you did.  What?  You have no idea what Initial D is?  Seriously? Initial D (頭文字D) is an anime series based on the manga by Shigeno Shuuichi ( しげの 秀一).  It’s about street racing on mountain passes, which is super illegal (but who cares? It’s anime), with these […]