Who is Your Favourite Mangaka?

Difficult question.  I have lots of mangaka that I highly respect.  Some of them include (in alphabetical order): Kishimoto Masashi (岸本 斉史) – Naruto Ōba Tsugumi (大場 つぐみ) & Obata Takeshi (小畑 健) – Death Note, Bakuman. Oda Eiichiro (尾田 栄一郎) – ONE PIECE Togashi Yoshihiro (冨樫 義博) – HUNTERxHUNTER,Yū Yū Hakusho  <– I respect you […]

Gon & Killua: Does Friendship Need a REASON?

30-DAY SONG CHALLENGE < Day 11 | Day 13 > Day 12:  A Song That Reminds You  Of Your Best Friend Reason by music duo Yuzu (ゆず) is the 3rd ending theme song of the 2011 anime adaptation of the HUNTERxHUNTER series by Togashi Yoshihiro (冨樫 義博).  It’s also used as the ending theme song of the movie Phantom Rouge. Uploaded by: […]

If HUNTER x HUNTER Was Real. . . .

30-DAY ANIME CHALLENGE < Day 28 | Day 30 > Day 29:  An Anime You Wished Was Real The anime that I wished was real is HUNTER x HUNTER by Togashi Yoshihiro (冨樫 義博). Why?  Because I think it would be über cool if Nen (念) was real.  Don’t you think so, too?

Kurapika’s Chain of Death

30-DAY ANIME CHALLENGE < Day 21 | Day 23 > Day 22:  Favourite Weapon, Gear, or Armour Used in an Anime My favourite anime weapon hasn’t changed since 1999–Kurapika’s Chains.  I’ve been dreaming about his chains since I watched the first anime adaptation of HUNTER x HUNTER.  So cool! I think he has the coolest Nen […]

Killua Zoldyck: From Assassin to Best Friend

30-DAY ANIME CHALLENGE < Day 16 | Day 18 > Day 17:  Favourite Supporting Male Anime Character Who agrees with me when I say that Killua Zoldyck’s characterization is better than HUNTER x HUNTER‘s main protagonist, Gon Freecss?  Like Hisoka, I think that Killua’s character is  more dynamic and interesting compared to Gon’s.  Unlike the honest and […]

Hisoka 101: How to be Cool as an Insane Psychopath

30-DAY ANIME CHALLENGE < Day 8 | Day 10 > Day 9:  Best Anime Villain If it wasn’t for Trafalgar Law (ONE PIECE), Hisoka would be my anime crush.  I know, I know.  I have weird tastes.  I just find myself attracted to these creepy male anime characters.  They’re just so bad-ass! Even during the first […]

Second Departure Departure Towards Our Dreams

  Rating:  😀 😀 😀 🙂 (3 & 1/2 out of 5 grins) Just a continuation of my previous post, “First Departure Towards Our Dreams”, about the theme song of one of my most favourite anime ever, HUNTER x HUNTER.  As I discussed in my previous post, Departure! by rock and heavy metal singer-songwriter Ono Masatoshi (小野正利) is a […]