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Beauty Within the Monster in “The Ancient Magus’ Bride”

Hello, folks! Can you believe that we, the Otaku Warriors for Liberty & Self-Respect (OWLS), are already on our 7th blog tour? We’re now officially at the latter half of the year, and we are growing stronger by the month. Thank you very much for your support! This July, our topic is “Mirrors”. Please make sure to check out Shay’s take on this topic with a Youtube video on Anime Reviewer Girl.


“Magic mirror, on the wall—who is the fairest one of all?”

When we look in the mirror, what do we see? Do we see ourselves or someone we don’t want to be? For this month’s theme, we will be exploring some of our favorite anime and other pop culture media that redefine individual beauty—inside and out. Some topics we may explore are physical appearances, social expectations on gender, and the importance of self-confidence.

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