DGS 29 Recap: Nakamura Yuuichi Graces You With His Presence Again, You Bastards!

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 29 Recap & Selected Translations by Arria Cross < Episode 28 | Special Interview (by DENGEKI 15×15) > Episode Guide Ep. 29 Title: サードフェイズ…終了 (Saado Feizu…shuuryou / Third Phase…ends) Advertisements

DGS 25 Recap: OnoD to Ono-Muu? Dear Girl Stories Dokkiri?

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 25 Recap & Selected Translations by Arria Cross < Episode 24 | Episode 26 > Episode Guide Ep. 25 Title: だって…やや甘かったんだもん (Datte…yaya amakattan da mon / But…it was a little spoiled)

Making History With Dear Girl ~Stories~ Festival Carnival Matsuri

To all my fellow Dear Girls (& Dear Boys), MOSU!!! On the 23rd of February 2013, our beloved radio show Dear Girl ~Stories~ together with its ever charismatic host duo, Kamiya Hiroshi (神谷浩史) and Ono Daisuke (小野大輔), finally made its mark at the iconic Nippon Budokan.  Gasp!  A first for a radio show.  Round of applause, please. Rating: 😀 […]